Keeping Fit When You Have Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have a devastating effect on every aspect of your life. It’s not just the pain itself, which in some cases can be almost unendurable, but there’s the fatigue, headaches, a general feeling of being unwell, and very often depression and feelings of despair. It feels as if all the joy has been sucked out of you, and you exist from day to day rather than living your life as you would wish. Added to the physical and mental symptoms of chronic pain, you may also suffer from side effects due to medication such as strong painkillers, anti-depressants, and muscle relaxants. Very often, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising, but it can be one of the best ways to help with the self-care of chronic pain.

What is chronic pain?

The causes may be varied, but the common characteristic that defines chronic pain is that it is no longer (and in some cases never has been) serving a useful function, or that the feeling of being in pain outlasts the damage that caused it in the first place. Pain serves an essential role in the body because it alerts you to illness and injury, making you take action to prevent further harm to yourself. If you break a bone, it will be agonizing to start with; then as healing begins, the pain will reduce to a more manageable level. Once the bone is healed, the pain should disappear. In some people, for reasons that still aren’t entirely clear, the pain signals continue to transmit to the brain despite the fact they are not performing a useful function anymore.

What causes chronic pain?

It can arise from a variety of conditions, sometimes following injuries, especially those involving nerve damage, or illnesses that are acutely painful. Neuropathic pain develops when nerve endings grow pain receptors instead of ordinary sensors, resulting in hypersensitivity and the perception that stimulus that would normally not cause pain, such as a light touch, is intensely uncomfortable. In conditions such as fibromyalgia, the entire body can be hypersensitive, and the feeling of pain is constantly present to varying degrees. The root cause can’t be isolated to any one factor, or at least research has yet to find any common denominator for chronic pain. Theories that show promise include the role of inflammation, a natural response that helps heal damaged tissue, but that can persist after the repair has been affected. Research is ongoing, but for now, there is no simple cure for chronic pain.

Painkilling drugs

When you first visit your doctor with chronic pain, they may well send you for tests and scans to see if there is any identifiable cause for the pain. If nothing can be found, but the pain persists, then one of the first steps is often the prescription of painkillers. Strong opioids that have similar effects to morphine used to be prescribed quite regularly, but in recent years, it’s been shown that the risk of addiction and abuse of these drugs is very high. It’s now becoming much harder to get a prescription for opioids, but in some respects, this has advanced the efforts to find alternative treatments rather than just disguising the pain without addressing the underlying cause.

The importance of moving and exercising

When you are struggling with chronic pain and its related symptoms, it can be very hard to motivate yourself to take actions that could help. If your back pain is making you miserable, then the idea of attempting yoga poses seems ludicrous and probably impossible without making the pain much worse. It seems counter-intuitive to make your body work when the pain is usually a signal that you should rest, but with chronic pain, the opposite is true. The pain is real, and just as unpleasant as if you were in an acute state of illness or injury, but those signals being sent to your brain are meaningless. You won’t suffer any harm or damage yourself further in any way by moving as freely and normally as possible. In fact, if you remain in a protective posture, or avoid movement and activity, your pain will worsen as other muscles start to feel the strain. Learning to relax your muscles and maintain as normal and correct a posture and gait as you can are the first steps in learning how to live with chronic pain.

Potential treatments for chronic pain

As research gathers data and evidence is found, a better understanding of how chronic pain manifests itself is developing. This has, in turn, led to far more options for treating pain, rather than depending on painkillers, physiotherapy, and rest. Some of the treatments that have shown good results include:

  • Prolotherapy: this involves injecting painful ligaments and tendons with natural compounds such as Xylocaine and Sodium Morrhuate, which increase the production of prostaglandin in the affected tissue. As prostaglandin is a healing substance produced in the body, it works to rebuild tissues much as a scab would cover a skin wound.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma): platelets and white blood cells are used by the body to start the healing process following tissue damage. A PRP device extracts these healing substances from the patient’s blood and concentrates them into an injectable form. This is then directed into the painful areas, stimulating the release of tissue growth factors that accelerate and enhance healing.
  • Spinal cord stimulator: a device that is implanted into the patient, where it interacts directly with the nervous system. The stimulator sends electrical pulses along the spinal column and works by interfering with the transmission of pain signals and how your brain receives them. Practitioners have had good results, particularly with chronic back pain.
  • Stem cell transplant therapy: Stem cells have been hailed as something of a miracle, as they have the ability to transform into any specific cells the body requires. It means they have the potential to regrow body parts that have been damaged or are diseased, although this application is still being studied. For chronic pain treatment, stem cells can be extracted from the patient’s own bone marrow or fatty tissues and concentrated in a centrifuge before being injected into the painful area. This stimulates repair and new tissue growth, and thus reduces pain.

Risks and side effects

Like any other medical procedure or treatment, there is a degree of risk involved with undertaking these therapies. However, they have been shown to be very safe when carried out by experienced therapists who are qualified in carrying out the procedure. Occasionally there may be side effects to treatments, so you should always make sure you’re fully informed and discuss any possible problems such as spinal cord stimulator side effects with your doctor.

Dealing with depression and low mood

Coping with the pain is only half the battle; suffering from depression can be just as hard, if not harder, than dealing with the physical pain. Trying to find the motivation and energy to exercise or undertake any physical activity can often seem impossible when you are low, but again, the act of taking exercise will help with your mental wellbeing in the long run. If you are finding it difficult to cope because of your mood, see if you can get some help from a therapist, and talk to your doctor to find out if anti-depressant medication would be helpful for you.

What kinds of exercise can you do?

You may not feel like a vigorous bout of cross training when you are in the grip of chronic pain, but there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself supple and fit. Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi are all excellent ways to stretch your muscles and loosen joints, while at the same time relaxing and de-stressing. Don’t be put off by thinking you have to contort yourself into bizarre positions like an expert; there are plenty of easy poses, and they can all be adapted to take account of any particular difficulties you may have. Running and other high impact activities may well be too uncomfortable, the concussion alone would make a person living with fibromyalgia weep, but you may find an exercise bike or treadmill that you can set to a gentle pace will keep you toned without overdoing it. Toning tables are another great way to stretch and exercise your body without putting undue strain on it. Perhaps the favorite activity for many chronic pain sufferers is swimming. Just being in the water can relieve the worst of your pain, and swimming is one of the best all-round forms of exercise for anyone.

Chronic pain is not something that can be shrugged off, and there’s no easy way to treat it as yet. If you are unfortunate enough to be living with some form of chronic pain, remember that exercising is one of the primary ways of helping your body to stay strong and cope with your condition, so be good to yourself and find the activity that gets you moving and helps you beat the pain.

How To Be As Happy As Possible

It isn’t truly possible to be happy one hundred percent of the time; there will always be occasions and situations that make us sad, angry or even depressed in some way. However, if we can strive to be as happy as possible for as much of the time as we can, then when those sad moments come, we will be better equipped to get over them more quickly and recover. Here are some things to consider if you want to be as happy as possible.

Sleep Well

Being tired can make us grumpy and argumentative, and it can mean we aren’t thinking straight, so we make mistakes or take things the wrong way. All of this has a detrimental effect on our happiness. Therefore, getting enough sleep is important, and can make a big difference to our lives in general. Sleep is the time when our bodies are able to heal themselves, and that includes giving our brains a rest too. If we don’t get enough sleep, we leave ourselves open to illness and issues.

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to have a specific bedtime that we stick to come what may (although a little flexibility can be granted for special occasions, for example). By having a set bedtime, we can train our bodies to know that sleep is due, and that means more sleep overall. It may take a little while to reach this point, but as with everything, practice will get us there in the end.

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence means being able to stay in control, handle personal relationships well, and generally be sensible and level-headed in any situation. If you have a high level of emotional intelligence, you are sure to be happier in life in general, as there will be fewer issues that you face that you cannot deal with. Luckily, even if you don’t feel as though you have much emotional intelligence right now, it can easily be cultivated. You need to work on your social skills, your motivation, your empathy, your self-regulation, and your self-awareness.

Slow Down

Slowing down in as many aspects of life as you can will make you happier. Firstly, you will be able to appreciate what is around you more, and see the beauty of nature or get to meet new people, for example. Secondly, slowing down will make you a more patient person. Impatient people tend to be unhappy for at least part of the time because nothing ever happens when they want it to. If you are more patient and understand that everything happens in its own time, you won’t become stressed out about waiting, and thus you will be happier.

Slowing down also means you can express more gratitude for your life, and that is an important trait of happy people. Being grateful for even the smallest thing will show you that life is good.

Less Sugar

Cutting out sugar as much as you can will actually make you a happier person. Sugar can make us feel sluggish and irritable when the initial ‘high’ wears off, and that is not a happy state of being. Plus sugar is bad for our health, our skin, our hair, and of course our teeth, and if you’re not feeling well, it is unlikely you will be feeling happy either.

It can be hard to stop eating sugar straight away, so it is often best to start small and reduce your intake until you can stop altogether. That way you won’t fall victim to sugar cravings and undo all the work you had put in to quit. Of course, cutting down on sugar doesn’t mean you can’t indulge on special occasions, for example. But be careful not to have too much and to go back to your healthier diet once you have finished celebrating.

Don’t Stress

Not feeling stressed is sometimes easier said than done, but it is possible. Work out what your triggers are and ensure that you either avoid them altogether or do something about them. If you don’t enjoy working with a certain person, change departments or shifts, so you don’t have to see them. If you are worried about finances, then put specific measures in place to pay off your debts, seek out a doctor with the best medical billing service, talk to an advisor, or get a second job or a better paying first job. There is always something that can be done to reduce your stress levels to a more comfortable place, and to keep your life happier.


Exercise can certainly make you happy as long as it is something you enjoy. Search around to find something that suits you and then start the class or practice. You’ll become fitter (which will make you happier) and healthier (which also makes you happier!). Not only that, but when you exercise, you release the hormone serotonin into your body, and this actually increases your level of relaxation and happiness too. It all stems from finding the exercise routine or class or sport that works best for you. If you’re not enjoying your exercise, it is less likely that you will attend regularly, and that won’t help to get your happiness levels up, and it won’t help to keep you fit and healthy.

Shut Down Technology

It’s all too easy to become addicted to our smartphones and mobile devices, but they can actually make us depressed and unhappy. Reading about other people’s perfect lives (as they are shown on social media) can make us think less of our own. Seeing all the bad things that are happening across the world in the news can make us feel incredibly low. Interacting with ‘trolls’ is also a bad thing. Not only this, but if you are looking at your devices all the time, you are missing what is happening elsewhere, perhaps even right in front of you, and these are things that could make you very happy. When you are not using your mobile device for work or relaxation, leave it somewhere where you can’t get to it and then you will be unable to use it at all. Limit your time on it to specific times during the day, and you will get a lot more done too.

Which is the Best Manuka Honey Available in the USA

Manuka honey is a type of honey which is produced in New Zealand. This honey is produced by the bees which pollinates the manuka bush. This is popularly used for the treatment of different types of wound infections. Manuka honey is believed to have a very high nutritional content and also offers the wide range of health benefits. Not all types of honey created and available for use are equal. Mineral content of honey is measured by how conductive it is and Best Manuka honey is much more conductive then regular flower honey.  Since very long time honey is been used for the treatment of different medical issues and people gain several health benefits with the help of it.

Some of the best manuka honey is listed below

1) Airborne Manuka Honey

The Manuka flowers possess the capability to be used for the treatment of cold and fever. One can get a good amount of antioxidants and vitamins with the wild honey. And this combination of characteristics of manuka flower and honey makes the Manuka honey a perfect solution to deal with different medical conditions. Airbrone is a manuka honey brand which offers the purest form of manuka honey. The packaging of this honey is it’s another attractive feature, it usually comes in a large jar. This honey as very high pollen rating and naturally sweet as well. This can be the perfect honey for the one looking more natural and organic honey blend.

2) Taku Honey UMF 10+ Manuka Honey

Authentic Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand and this place is believed to have the very less polluted environment. The reason why bees thrive here so well because here they get the green environment in abundance and also a number of flowers consisting of medical benefits are available here. This honey is the purest form of Manuka honey and offers different healing properties. It has its own unique taste and famous across the world. It consists of lots of vitamins and health promoting ingredients as well. This honey is suitable to be consumed by different age group people but not for the infants especially those who are less than 1 year old.

3) Wild Cape UMF 15+ East Cape Manuka Honey

There are only few Manuka honey which contains UMF factor. This factor was created by the honey association to measure the amount of rich and active ingredients present in the honey and also know how pure honey is. As with the Wild Cape Manuka honey, you are getting high UMF rating you can be sure that you are getting a pure and safe form of honey which is of high quality. This honey comes in a very sweet and delicious taste which people really like. The best property of this honey is that it helps in treating sore throat and gives effective results to people in treating such health issues.

4) Kiva Certified UMF 20+

For the most powerful, effective and best Manuka honey, this can be the best choice. As this product comes with a very high UMF rating it is capable to offer very good healing benefits. This honey is harvested from the hives present in that area of New Zealand where Manuka scrub is found and grown in a very large scale. This honey is tested first and then it is packed for the sale. The mission of Kiva is to offer people with something which is innovative and tasty, offers a number of health benefits and is of high quality as well. It is a genuine product and available for sale only after it clears the entire test.

5) Manuka Doctor 24+ Bio Active Honey

After a long tiring day, this honey helps people to feel refreshed again. People after consuming it feels refreshed and energetic even if they had worked for long hours and had an intense workout session at the gym. This honey is best suited to be used with external cuts and wounds. Also, it can be used for the treatment of fever and cold. Other than health benefits people also use it as a superfood. It is used as a sweetener with different types of beverages as it consists of its own unique taste and flavors.

6) Wedderspoon’s Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor-16

This honey comes in its most natural form without any processing or addition or removal of any kind of constituents. It is available in the raw form, the company does not pasteurize the honey for selling it. With this honey, a k factor is associated which tells about the health benefits and other uses of this honey. K factors tell the amount of Manuka pollen present in honey. For example, a K-factor 16 suggests that 75% of pollen in the honey of the manuka flowers which makes the honey pure and original. This honey can be used for several different purposes like a beauty treatment, health treatment, home remedies and more.

7) Manuka Honey UMF15+ Eco-Friendly, Raw and Pure By Tahi

This honey is totally safe as Tahi bees are not given any kind of sugar syrups or chemicals. And because of this, these bees do not tend to pick up any kind of toxins which can be harmful to humans. This honey also comes in raw form as this is not pasteurized.  To maintain the characteristics of the honey in its natural form the honey is filtered minimally. The taste of this honey is sweet and has creaminess as well. This honey is a pure and safe to be used as no pollutant is present with it. It also has a good UMF rating.

8) Watson & Son MGO Manuka Honey

This honey is available in raw form also it is unfiltered. A person can get organic and pure honey with this. To ensure that a person’s health is completely safe, great care is taken with the production of this honey. It offers a smooth and delicious taste. The honey is collected by making use of most natural medium and has a lot of health benefits to offer. Though the price of this honey is quite high you can be assured of purity and high quality with this.

Tips to get rid of facial wrinkles

The skin is outstanding to be the main component impacting the human socio-social relationship. How we exteriorly look is vital for self-tolerating and the social life. The surface is the place feelings occur and the statement of well being and health status. The shading, the haziness, and the hydration levels give a flag of the psychophysical state. The wrinkle is a folding on the skin surface. It is because of a dynamic collagen misfortune, causing low flexibility of the tissue and to lower cell multiplication. It shows up amid the typical life course as a marvel known as maturing and you should consider techniques to get rid of facial wrinkles.

Skin maturing is because of internal and outward procedures. The formers are because of the individual hereditary foundation, are unavoidable and not subject to the impact of the human conduct. The latter is because of outside variables brought into the human body, for example, smoking, sun introduction, poor nourishment and unnecessary liquor utilization. As expressed over the skin is the organ that assumes an essential part in social life, and a not regular maturing, the nearness of wrinkles, scars, and blemishes prompt the consistent research of devices to back off the maturing procedure and to keep up a decent tone of the skin.


Indeed, even the most religious sunscreen clients can harm their skin as a result of some basic oversights. Here are a couple of new brilliant principles for honing safe sun:

  1. Wear It Consistently to avoid aging, Even in Winter Since sun harm can happen amid even brief times of sun presentation; it's an incredible plan to make applying it each morning second nature, such as brushing your teeth or brushing your hair. And keeping in mind that the sun may feel its most grounded in July and August, it is conceivable to maintain sun harm lasting through the year, even on overcast days.
  2. Pick Your Ideal Definition A significant number of my patients don't utilize sun insurance since it has influenced them to break out previously. If you have slick as well as blemish-prone skin, run with a sans oil adaptation to keep your sunblock from intensifying your fine lines. Moreover, all skin composes are ideally serviced by utilizing a detailing outfitted particularly to the face instead of the one you use on your body; those defined for the front are less oily and less disturbing.

Battle FREE RADICALS: Stacking UP ON Cancer prevention agents

As vital as wearing sunscreen every day is to the wellbeing and appearance of our skin, contemplates have demonstrated that numerous items may not be 100 percent successful in protecting us from sun harm. Some bright beams can, in any case, infiltrate skin and start the development of dartlike free radicals. Our skin, quick organ that it is, contains compounds and characteristic cell reinforcements that assistance kills and wrinkle treatment.

Cancer prevention agents are substances that keep free radicals from causing oxidative harm, which is the thing that prompts the wearing without end of collagen and elastin. If free radicals resemble little shoots jabbing openings in our collagen and elastin, at that point cancer prevention agents are the imitation focuses on that keep them from hitting their check.


At the point when our skin forms are working ideally, they are in a condition of what is called dynamic harmony—which means our capacity to recover collagen and elastin keeps pace with their characteristic degeneration, by applying the anti-wrinkle cream. As time passes by, we have less and less of an ability to keep up unique harmony, so these proteins start to deteriorate speedier than our body can repair them. What's more, not to be a harbinger of awful news, but somewhat dependable logical research demonstrates that at age thirty, collagen and elastin generation begins to decrease in amount and quality.

Vitamin C, up until now, has ended up being one of the most grounded impetuses of collagen development particularly when it's connected topically. Utilizing items that fuse this supplement, and additionally eating sustenances that contain it, can fundamentally enhance that quality and amount of the collagen we create, which will make skin firmer, more brilliant, and more beneficial looking today, and help keep it looking that way tomorrow.

Also, albeit taking oral vitamin C is vital and stable, applying it topically is the most powerful approach to get its antiaging advantage for your skin. If you crunch the numbers, one would need to eat more than one hundred 250mg vitamin C pills (which is exceptionally lethal!) to get a similar measure of vitamin C to your skin given by just applying a 5 percent vitamin C cream.

Spoil YOUR UNDER-EYE Territory: Fighting O THE FIRST Indications OF Maturing

A significant portion of my Level One patients commences their antiaging regimen by beginning to utilize a saturating under-eye cream or gel. Regularly, that is the initial segment of the face to look somewhat worn out. This is because the skin there is unusually thin thus more inclined to the lines caused by wear and tear and sun harm. While a saturating eye cream will keep the region looking stout and dewy, utilizing one that likewise contains cancer prevention agents, sunscreen, vitamin C, and retinol is a far better approach. Wearing an item with sunscreen and cell reinforcements amid the day will forestall sun harm and free-radical development.

To Saturate or Not to Saturate?

While it has been promoted as the foundation of an anti-aging healthy skin regimen for no less than a century, creams really won't get back to former days; they are merely a robust method to lighten dry skin. So if you have Level One skin and it isn't dry, you needn't bother with a can of cream. (Kindly NOTE If your skin is Level Two or higher, swing to section 4 for your saturating specifics.) Instead, you can discover dynamic anti-aging fixings, for example, vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, in cushions, gels, and serums that won't add extra oil to the skin. In any case, if even in the wake of changing to a milder chemical your skin is as yet dry and flaky, it's an indication that it needs extra dampness.

About the Author:

Emma Stewart is a skincare and health expert. She has dedicated her career to redefining the meaning of beauty and she likes to write articles on skincare and health care so that she can share useful information with the people. Emma has established herself as the go-to Expert for all things in beauty and health.

Arthritis and supplements for prevention and care

Arthritis is the type of a problem that means joint inflammation, but this is a term that is used to describe more than 200 conditions that are related to joints, or the tissues that are connected to joints and other connective tissues. This condition is also known as a rheumatic condition. The most common form of arthritis is known as osteoarthritis. Some of the conditions that are related to arthritis are known as gout, fibromyalgia and many more.

How is arthritis treated?

Treatment for arthritis is done keeping in mind the factors that we have to control pain, minimize joint damage and improve or maintain function or quality of life. The treatment of arthritis involves:

  • Weight loss
  • Surgery, including joint replacement
  • Splints or joints assistive aids
  • Medications and
  • Non-pharmacological therapies.

Some of the joint support supplements for older adults with arthritis are as follows:

  1. T6 Cryotherapy - Natural Joint Support Supplement

This is the type of a supplement that helps to prevent arthritis before it occurs and this is a clinically proven joint supplement that is good for curing arthritis issues. The active ingredient in this supplement is curcumin (obtained from turmeric). This supplement helps to reduce inflammation and increases your bone strength. This is a supplement that also contains Vitamin C palmitate and silica which will help to strengthen your connective tissues and improves the bone density.

  1. Turmeric Strength for Joint

These are the natural supplements that are easy to digest. They have silica content that helps in improving bone density. Turmeric and black pepper help in enhancing the bioavailability of curcumin, it is an anti-inflammatory agent that will reduce your pain, makes your joints healthy. This supplement is also an antidepressant.

  1. Arthro-7 Joint Supplement 

These supplements are the fastest working supplements that will help to relieve the joint pain and also helps in regaining perfect mobility. These supplements are ideal for those people who have dietary restrictions. They are the supplements that have been formulated with nutrients such as Vitamin C, minerals and turmeric that ease inflammation and break calcium buildup.

  1. Glucosamine Sulfate Chondroitin MSM Curcumin

These supplements contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin they will help to reduce the joint pain and the hip pain. This supplement has a unique blend of ingredients that are turmeric and hyaluronic they will help in improving mobility and even joint lubrication.


These are the supplements that have been created by physical therapists. They are the supplements that have been specially formulated with omega 3 that will help you in reducing inflammation, aid in joint pain and as well as promote bone health. They have citric acid and Vitamin C in them that act as an antioxidant and helps in supporting the immune system of your body.

  1. Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine Joint Pain Relief

These are the supplements that are formulated with turmeric curcumin that helps in reducing inflammation, helps in enhancing your immune system, relieves back and joint pains and is a supplement that also works as an antidepressant. The Bioperine in this supplement has antioxidant properties and which helps in increasing the absorption of turmeric. These natural supplements do not contain gluten, preservatives or any antibiotics.

  1. iMove Ultimate Joint Health Supplements

These are the supplements that are formulated with essential amino acids that help in promoting the growth of cartilage and collagen and increase the joint fluid that helps in lubricating the joints and makes the person unable to move easily.  These supplements have the high content of ginger, turmeric, selenium, calcium, and the B-vitamins. These are the supplements that reduce inflammation and help to rebuild the joint tissues.

  1. Organic Turmeric Curcumin w/ Ginger, Boswellia & BioPerine

These are the supplements that are formulated medically by a doctor. IT contains turmeric that helps in reducing the inflammation. It also contains ginger that helps to promote nutrient absorption. Boswellia is a supplement that helps in supporting your joints, muscles, connective tissue, and digestion health. These are the products that come from doctors recipes. So every purchase of this pack is different that helps in relieving inflammation.

  1. Legion Fortify Joint Pain Supplement

These are the supplements that are anti-inflammatory and are ideal for rheumatoid arthritis. It is a supplement that contains a blend of nutrients such as grape seeds extract that helps in protecting the joint cartilage and improves the blood flow in your body. Boswellia is a supplement which has anti-inflammatory properties. This supplement contains all types of nutrients. It is scientifically proven that it is a fast relieving supplement.

  1. Turmeric Curcumin Supplement 19X Stronger

These are supplements that are recommended by the doctor. They contain the perfect blend of turmeric and Bioperine that helps in enhancing the absorption of ingredients. These supplements have anti-inflammatory compounds such as cinnamon, rosemary, ginger and feverfew that help in relieving joint pain, brain function and improving blood circulation.

These are the few supplements for arthritis that can be given to an older adult suffering from arthritis.

From Laboratory to Medicine Cabinet: The Process of Developing Drugs

On any given day, almost everyone deals with medication. It may be a few aspirin for a headache or an antibiotic for a sick child, or countless other products. Whatever the product and whatever the purpose, it has its roots in laboratory and a resulting FDA approval process.

We all know that's how new drugs come about, but what is that process really like? Generally speaking, drugs go through a process of five steps to reach your local pharmacy.

  1. Development

This is the obvious step, where a particular compound is created in order to address a particular health issue. It seems fairly straightforward, but there can be a lot of logistical issues involved due to the long time it takes to get the chemistry of the product to exactly the right composition. The process must be carefully managed during transitions in personnel, situations that have the laboratory moving to a new location, and changes in funding.

  1. Preclinical Testing

Next is the process of verifying that the product does indeed achieve what the researchers are hoping it will achieve. This also involves testing for potential side effects and adverse reactions. It can also encompass testing the products chemically in test tubes as well as in test animals, such as laboratory mice. There must be satisfactory results in terms of both efficacy and safety before the process can proceed to the next step.

  1. Clinical Testing

That next step is actual use in humans. This process takes place over a period of years, and it works its way up from very small groups to much larger populations of test subjects. This allows the researchers to minimize the number of people exposed to the risks associated with a drug that is still largely unproven. As it is proven safer through each step, the number of subjects is increased to see if the health results can be replicated.

  1. FDA Review

At this point, the researcher submits all pertinent applications and data results to the FDA for review. The agency examines these documents and verifies that appropriate standards have been met. There may be a request made for additional data or for clarification of the information provided, but over a period of months, the drug completes the process and is ready to be placed on the market and prescribed by health care providers.

  1. Ongoing FDA Monitoring

Occasionally a drug successfully navigates the first four steps, only to be determined later to have dangerous side effects, undetected allergic properties, or just inadequate performance. The FDA continuously monitors medications, particularly immediately after their release, to ensure that any such unintended outcomes are quickly addressed by the manufacturer, either with recalls, the provision of additional information to patients, or perhaps even through a complete removal from the market.

When we have a medical condition and can quickly address it by simply taking a few pills each day, we can underestimate just how hard it was to get that product to us. This is the reason for the frequent public discontent when a new condition such as HIV emerges and is not immediately addressed with a new pharmaceutical.

While it can be a frustrating process, particularly for those who desperately need treatment, the fact is that the process is extremely important and must be slow and deliberate. Each step contains many layers of review and verification so that when a product finally hits the shelves, patients can have a high level of confidence that it will perform as advertised with minimal risk of detrimental side effects or reactions.

What is a Self-Cleaning Swim Spa?

If you have been thinking about a buying a swim spa, you have most likely heard the term ‘self-cleaning’ but may be unsure of exactly what that means. Self-cleaning swim spas let you spend your time relaxing and enjoying your purchase and not having to constantly worry about cleaning the water, skimming, and vacuuming.

When shopping for a swim spa, remember that not all models are made with the same level of quality for self-cleaning technology. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your model will have these features and make sure to ask your dealer what type of cleaning and maintenance will be involved. As a general rule, high-quality swim spas are easier to maintain than lower-quality models. When considering the overall cost of your swim spa, think about the time that you will save from not having to purchase multiple chemicals and frequently clean.

Is There Any Cleaning I Need to Do?

What is a Self-Cleaning Swim Spa? swimming feet

With self-cleaning systems, you can always rest assured and know that your water will be clean and safe for people to enjoy. While self-cleaning models handle the heavy duty daily cleaning tasks, there is still some maintenance that you will be responsible for to ensure that your swim spa is running optimally. Below, is what is required on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.


  • Top up the chemical dispenser
  • Remove the filter and rinse with a garden hose
  • Add stain and scale controller
  • Remove and clean the skimmer basket
  • Inspect to make sure the proper water level has been maintained
  • Test the water and add shock if needed


Each month, you will have to soak your filter cartridge in a special cleaning solution and allow to completely dry before replacing. If you don’t want to have any downtime in your swim spa, we recommend purchasing a second filter which can be used while you are cleaning the primary one.

How Self-Cleaning Works

Self-cleaning technology creates more time for you to spend enjoying your indoor or outdoor swim spa. Here is a breakdown of the different components of a self-cleaning swim spa system:

Filtration Jets

Filtration jets provide surface filtration by pushing floating dirt towards the swim spas pre-filter, where it is removed.

Pre-Filter and High Flow Skimmer

These components work together to remove floating dirt, oil and debris and increase filtration by sending dirt into the pre-filter and extending the micro-filter cleaning cycles.

Floor Vacuum

The floor vacuum makes sure that water care products are evenly and efficiently distributed and removes heavy dirt and grit from the bottom.

Now that you understand what a self-cleaning swim spa is and how simple it is to maintain, you can start the fun part of finding the model that is perfect for you.

About the Author

What is a Self-Cleaning Swim Spa? author bioScott Bland has been in the leisure industry for nearly 20 years.  As a sales manager in the leisure industry he knows hot tubs inside and out.  Right now he works sales while writing about consumer goods on the side.  If you want to contact him, you can do so at his LinkedIn.

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Let’s do 5 DIY Scalp Detox Recipes to Stimulate Hair Growth [With Easy Alternatives]

Your scalp is the soil on where hair grows. In reality, often this vital ground is completely ignored, yet you want healthy and strong hair!

Have you seen any engineer who wants to build skyscrapers didn’t pay attention to the soil support? Why; because even foundations need a solid foundation.

So it makes sense to pay attention to the scalp (the foundation) at first. If you fail to protect your scalp’s natural mechanism, I bet your dream to get a healthy hair will remain a dream! Consequently, the vitality of our bodies diminishes as we ages and our hair follicles are no different than that. And the telltale sign would be hair loss or pattern baldness or your hair becomes dull and brittle.

The scalp skin is more delicate and has a higher number of different glands and hair follicles, thus it demanded to get more care than our other part of the body’s skin. So it’s crucial to keep it clean-up, free of toxic product build-up, nutrient-rich, moisturized, healthy and hair-productive as much as possible. Besides, today’s urban life subjects us to high levels of pollution that lead to toxin buildups which again cause dandruff, flaking, excess sebum, fungal infections, and dryness.

Seems like this is one heck of a job to keep things natural! Not actually. You don’t need to spend billions of dollars to get some best quality anti-pollution detoxes that are helpful to protect our scalp and scalp concerns. There are different kinds actually. Worry not, I’ve compiled 5 best DIY scalp detox recipes that you already have at hand.

  1. Bentonite Clay And Aloe vera:

Let's do 5 DIY Scalp Detox Recipes to Stimulate Hair Growth [With Easy Alternatives] benzonite

To make this past you’ll need the bellow ingredients.

  • Half cup bentonite clay grind
  • Half cup pure aloe vera gel
  • 4tbsp of apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • One extra cup of apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Instructions to prepare the mixture and how to apply:

  • At first make a mixture of Bentonite clay powder, aloe, and 4tbsp ACV. Just mix all the ingredients together until you get a smoother paste.
  • Once the past is ready; apply it in your scalp and hair with your finger. Start it from forehead to back and knead softly.
  • Let it moisture for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it with ACV (the extra cup you stored).
  • Wait for 2 to 5 minutes and wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

The benefit of this detox:

Bentonite clay works wonders in lifting toxins, extra sebum and getting rid of impurities as Malassezia, and fungus. It also helps to make your scalp inhospitable for forming fungus and protect from infection. The clay contains several minerals that motivate hair growth and add shines to your hair.

Tip: Depending on the scalp’s nature use this paste 1 or 2 times per week. If you want to use it more than twice, just remove the extra cup of SCV while rinsing before wash.

  1. Lemon and Cucumber Shampoothie:

Let's do 5 DIY Scalp Detox Recipes to Stimulate Hair Growth [With Easy Alternatives] green drink

What you’ll need to make this DIY detox Recipe?

  • Have one lemon peeled
  • One cucumber, peeled
  • Olive oil (optional)
  • Rosemary oil (optional)


  • Blend lemon and cucumber well in a blender until well pureed.
  • You can add few drops of oil (optional)
  • Pour the Shampoothie through a metal strainer
  • Store the shampoo in the bottle
  • Apply the serum on wet hair (remember to shake it well before use)
  • Massage well and let it moisture for a few
  • Rinse the hair and wash with warm water

The benefit of this shampoothie:

Cucumber cleanses the scalp by soaking toxic and old waste materials. It contains lots of natural nutritious ingredients like silicon, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium that are crucial for hair growth. Regularly rinsing will give you shiny and silky hair. Cucumber helps to restore the pH balance of hair and helps your hair to get dehydrated.

On the other hand, lemon helps to remove oil, micro dirt and make the scalp clear to smoothening for natural hair production.

Tip: Repeat the process at least twice in every week.

  1. pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe:

Ingredients that you’ll need to make this shampoo:

  • A half cup of coconut milk
  • ¾ cups of Aloe Vera Gel
  • Few drops of any essential oil (for fragrance only)


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk it until you get a smoother look.
  • Add few drops of fragrances and whisk it again
  • Once ready pour it into ice cube trays and put it in the freezer (easier to keep it fresh for long days)
  • Just pop it out the night before you are using and let it melt perhaps in a bowl
  • Apply it in the scalp and move toward the ends of your hair
  • Wait 30 minutes and then rinse properly with warm water

Benefits of this recipe:

Coconut milk is packed with many vitamins and a wide range of essential minerals that are very useful as a scalp tonic for dry, itchy, irritated scalp and restore damaged hair. The natural ingredients promote your hair follicles and motivate to grow new hair. Consequently, your hair will grow longer and thicker. It also works as a hair detangle and natural conditioner.

  1. Honey Scalp Detox:

Let's do 5 DIY Scalp Detox Recipes to Stimulate Hair Growth [With Easy Alternatives] cinnamon

Gather below important ingredients for making this detox.

  • Three to four tbsp or ¼ cup of natural raw honey
  • Any essential oil for adding fragrances (I used lavender oil)
  • A dry container to store


  • Take honey into the jar and add half bottle of water (exactly half size of the container)
  • Shake it ell until honey reached to the watery state
  • Add few drops of essential oil (not mandatory)
  • Use it in your hair and scalp just like a regular hair loss prevention shampoo
  • Repeat it at least times in a week.

The benefit of using this detox:

Honey contains humectant properties that help to regulate and retain dehydrations in hair scalp, keeping it conditioned thus strengthen hair follicles, regenerate hair re-growth from dormant follicles and maintain natural hair production. The rich antioxidant properties maintain proper health. In addition, the antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients remove the risk of scalp infection, dandruff, clean dirt particles of hair and eczema.

  1. Cleansing Baking Soda detox mask:

Let's do 5 DIY Scalp Detox Recipes to Stimulate Hair Growth [With Easy Alternatives]

The things you will need to make this detox at home.

  • ¼ cup of baking soda
  • Two tbsp of cinnamon powder
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp of lavender hydrosol

Direction to make and use:

  • Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together (except lemon juice).
  • Just before applying it on the scalp add lemon juice
  • Scalp might burn a bit especially if you have acne. It’ll be stable within a few minutes
  • Let it moisture for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Rinse it and wash it with warm water.
  • Use this detox at least twice in a week

The benefit of this detox

Baking soda contains alkaline that helps to equilibrium pH and keeps the scalp clean by eliminating any undesirable chemical residue. It boosts natural hair growth and helps to stop it breaks and thin. This detox moisturizes dry hair and diminishes dry flakes on your scalp and makes it softer.

Final thoughts:

Actually, there are lots of toxic free detox recipes but I only tested the above 5 and trust me these worked so effectively that I didn’t need to experiment with others. Moreover, few of my siblings and buddies tried and found very promising results.

How to Make Your Roof More Eco-friendly

If you are a homeowner looking to lessen the impact that your home has on the environment, there are many basic changes you can make! On the inside, putting in new energy efficient appliances and using a low-flow shower head can save you money and help the environment at the same time. But, did you know there are lots of things you can do outside too?

By looking at the roof, your home’s largest footprint, you can make some changes that will positively impact our earth while also making the inside of your house more comfortable and lower your energy costs.

#1 Proper Ventilation & Insulation

Making sure that your roof and crawlspace is properly ventilated and insulated can go far in reducing your environmental impact. With proper insulation, you can lower your heating and cooling costs all throughout the year by having a more sufficient barrier between you and the outside elements.

With proper ventilation, you can help heat and moisture escape, keeping the climate under better control and also improving the structure and safety of your home’s interior by preventing mold and moisture buildup. These steps will ultimately save energy by reducing how often you need to turn on the heater or A/C.

#2 Daylighting

Adding in some solar reflective tubes will brighten up the inside of your home by bringing in more natural daylight into just about any area. Daylighting also means you don’t have to use up power on lamps and overheads during the day when its bright out, which in turn helps you reduce electricity. The natural healthy sunlight that is shining into your home will also boost your mood! Find a roofing contractor to help.

#3 Trim Growth

When you find excess growth around the roof, be sure to trim it down to prevent vegetation from encroaching upon your home’s roofing system. Overgrowth can block air, so by trimming it back, you can promote good air circulation around the roofing system while also reducing wear and tear.

#4 Roof Maintenance

Keeping your roof in proper condition will extend the life of your roof system which reduces material use over time, lowers your environmental impact, and saves you money. This means keeping your gutters clean, your downspouts clear, and debris off the roof’s surface. By participating in regular roof maintenance, you can delay replacement and get decades of life out of your roof.

#5 Water barrels

If you want to lower your environmental impact in a simple and cheap way, investing in some water barrels is a good way to go. Place a water barrel at the bottom of each downspout and the water runoff will be collected. Later, you can use it to water your lawn or garden or even do some outdoor cleaning. Regularly collecting and reusing this water will stop you from turning on the hose every time you need some water outside, and that will also save you money!

Make Moving Easier With These Quick and Easy Hacks

Most of us have to move at least a few times in our lives. Even if you stayed in your childhood home until it came time to be on your own, that’s at least one move that you’ll have to endure. Luckily, these tips and hacks will make the process a bit easier!

#4 Rent A Moving Truck

It may not sound like much of a “hack”, but this is definitely advice that you should take to heart. Far too many people try to move without renting a moving truck and suffice to say, it’s just not worth it. Even if you have a large vehicle or pickup that you plan to pack to the brim, nothing compares to the large, spacious, well-lit, low-to-the-ground, built-in-ramp-included convenience of a moving truck.

#3 Pack Light

If you find yourself reaching for the biggest boxes because they hold so much, think twice. While big boxes are great for pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and other light and large items, you should opt for much smaller boxes (think under 1-2 cubic feet) when packing clothing and household items.

When packing dishes, books, and heavy stuff, a box no larger than 1 cubic foot should be used (that’s 12″ x 12″ x 12″) to ensure that it is able to be carried with ease. When in doubt, take stuff out and pack lighter. Don’t break your back trying to carry around boxes that are far too heavy. They’re hard to stack, hard to carry, and may bust open.

#2 Prioritize

Go through your house and begin packing stuff up the moment you know you’re moving. Start with the stuff you never use and won’t need in the next few weeks. Generally, this includes out-of-season clothes, books, extra blankets and bedding, sit arounds, decor, etc.

Prioritize the other items and only put off packing the stuff you will absolutely need up until you move. Dishes can be the last to go, for instance. Just be sure to label everything so it’s easy to organize once you’re in the new place! Color-coded sticky notes taped onto boxes stand out more than sharpies. Write the room name on each sticky so your helpers know where to put stuff.

#1 Buy Lunch, Get Help

The best way to get people to help you during your move is to do everything you can on your own–which usually entails packing up as many boxes as possible–and then buying lunch. Group text all your friends and family and ask if they’d be willing to help you load and transport to your new place. Make sure to let them know a delicious free lunch will be involved, along with beverages, and most people will be happy to come out and assist.

Now, what happens if you read through all these things and you really don’t want to move at all? Maybe you should consider the possibility to hire a moving company who can do the hardworking for you.