Sunday Errands + Groceries + Biceps Workout + Grilling Burgers – He and She Fitness

In this episode, I run some standard errands such as going to the post office, Walmart for groceries, and my parents house. In addition, Rachael and I perform a cable biceps workout on the Bowflex, and I grill up some hamburgers for dinner! Yum!

- 1lb lean ground beef
- Season Salt to taste
- pepper to taste
- "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray to taste

Nice Drive + Running Errands + Bent Over Barbell Rows + Chicken Salad Dinner – He and She Fitness

I take a nice drive along the river while Rachael has her hair done; then, we go out and about to run some errands. We get a nice walk in (no video on this one today),) perform some bent over barbell rows as a couple, and make a boring chicken salad dinner.

- 1lb chicken breast
- 1 green bell pepper
- 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
- assorted vegetables
- 1 head lettuce

Weekend Prep + Diet Progress + Couples Walk + Chest Flyes + Stir-Fry – He and She Fitness

I discuss our upcoming plans for the weekend as well as the progress of the diet. In addition, Rachael and I get a nice walk in outside and we come back to a Bowflex workout for chest using the cable fly exercise. Finally, I prep up a delicious super-trim stew meat stir-fry for dinner.

Stir-Fry Ingredients:
- 1lb super trim stew beef
- 1lb stir-fry vegetables (frozen)
- 1/4 cup vegetable oil
- 1tsp raw organic honey
- 1tbsp soy sauce
- ginger
- toasted Asian sesame dressing
- salt
- pepper

Up at 5 AM + Web Business + Tricep Extensions + Boca Burger Dinner – He and She Fitness

Today I get up at the crack of dawn to get some publishing, errands, and shipping in the books prior to hitting the road. I also discuss some of our sources of revenue. Finally, Rachael and I hit the triceps for an extension workout together as a couple and then I make a quick and simple dinner of Boca Burgers, Boca Chicken Patties, and salad. Enjoy! 🙂

Sore Body + Dinner Plans + Walking Together + Shrimp Stir-Fry + Bicep Curls – He and She Fitness

I discuss why I took a "rest day" this morning and the importance of controlling cortisol and letting the body heal. In addition, I discuss dinner plans, we go on a nice walk together because it is actually warm outside for once, we make a lovely shrimp stir-fry; and, finally, we do some bicep curls together as a couple!

Shrimp Stir-Fry Ingredients:
- 12 ounce bag of shrimp (cooked, deveined, and tail-off)
- 16 ounce bag of stir-fry vegetables
- ginger
- minced garlic
- olive oil
- brown sugar
- soy sauce
- Asian sesame dressing
- sesame seeds
- lemon juice
- honey
- salt
- pepper
- anything I may have missed!

Baby Boomers say they feel fitter & healthier than Millennials

Millennial is the buzzword right now – they’re the ones we see on the covers of magazines or, more likely, on the front page of Instagram. So would it surprise you to know that the generation of Baby Boomers (those who were born between 1946 and 1964) feel fitter and healthier than Millennials, despite us not seeing these people represented in the fitness media?

busy millennials fitness survey

It’s true, according to a survey run by NRS Healthcare. They asked 3 groups of people: Millennials (18-35), Generation X (35-55) and Baby Boomers (55+). The survey showed that, overall, 86% of Baby Boomers would define their overall fitness as “average or above” whereas 72% of Generation X and a paltry 69% of Millennials gave the same answer, the rest answering that it was below average. The same group also spends the most time exercising a week – 43% exercise most days compared to 21% of Millennials and 24% of Generation X.

busy millennials fitness survey

The survey also asked how people felt about their diet – the super fit Baby Boomers also answered that their diets were healthy, in fact 100% of them said so! This compares to 79% of Generation X and Millennials saying that they tend to eat healthily. It does seem that many don’t necessarily regard breakfast as being an important part of a healthy diet however as only 72% of Baby Boomers eat breakfast every day, 77% of Generation X however find it more important, and only 54% of Millennials. Those Baby Boomers also feel that vitamins aren’t necessary to maintaining a healthy diet – only 28% of them take supplements to help give their body extra nutrients, whereas 45% of Generation X and Millennials do so.

It seems that Millennials are feeling self-conscious and under pressure to do something about their health or that the older generations are either simply more likely to find it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle or that they no longer feel pressured to live in a certain way. This is no more apparent than in their choices of diet:

busy millennials fitness survey

The most popular diet for Millennials was the newly popular 5:2; for Generation X, it was the traditional Slimming World; and for Baby Boomers, it was the old hat Atkins diet. However Millennials have tried far more diets than any other generation, despite respondents in this group all being under the age of 35 – 22 separate diets featured in their answers, the vast majority of which can only be classed as “fad” diets – juice cleanses, teatoxes, low carbs, Lean in 15 and raw food only diets were popular. In contrast, Generation X reported 10 different diets and Baby Boomers only 5.

Is the world a difficult place for a Millennial to navigate in terms of health and fitness, or are Baby Boomers simply more secure in their bodies? The rest of the survey results can be found on NRS Healthcare’s blog here.

Diet Ramblings + Couples Leg Presses + Ham and Zucchini Prep – He and She Fitness

I elaborate a bit more about the diet we are currently on as well as how intermittent fasting plays into it. In addition, we do leg presses as a couple with the Bowflex equipment and Rachael gets some wall squats in (no thanks for me!). Finally, I make some ham and zucchini and show you how to prepare it and give you the recipe while Rachael finishes off the evening with some Insanity from Beachbody.

Rest Day + Fasting + Dumbbell Chest Press + Stuffed Bell Peppers Prep – He and She Fitness

Today I decided NOT to workout in the AM: no shoulder overhead press with the dumbbells because of the three weight training sessions that I had yesterday. I am perfectly OKAY with resting today and fell much more balanced hormonally because of it. In addition, I discuss intermittent fasting and feeling full and perform a working set of dumbbell chest press. Finally, I do a little dinner prep with stuffed bell peppers baked in the oven for a healthy dinner treat!

Ingredients for stuffed bell peppers:
- 1 pound lean ground beef
- 1/2 can refried beans
- 2 whole bell peppers (green, red, yellow, or orange)
- 1/2 cup shredded cheese
- 1 cup chunky salsa
- 1 tbsp. light sour cream
- salt
- pepper
- taco seasoning
- salsa for topping (optional)
- green onions for topping (optional)

Lat Pulldowns with Bowflex + Sunday Food Prep + Couples Lateral Raises – He and She Fitness

A little bit of a short Sunday clip today: I had a busy morning eating and cleaning up around the house. I walk you through a lat pulldown movement with the Bowflex, show you some food prep that we do with fruit and salads, and we perform some lateral raises together with dumbbells as a couple.