Are you a senior citizen? Here are 4 amazing ways to stay healthy

As you advance in age, there are many different changes that occur in your life, some positive and others negative. When it comes to health, this is one area where senior citizens tend to experience more challenges compared to their younger counterparts. According to the National Council on Aging, about 80% of older adults suffer from at least one chronic disease, and 77% suffer from at least two. This clearly shows that there is a need for you as a senior citizen to safeguard your health and well-being in every possible way. So, since you are aware of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, how are you supposed to go about it? Here are 4 tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle as a senior citizen:

   1. Natural supplements

 Have you been experiencing persistent pain and discomfort in your body? Do you suffer from sluggishness and fatigue? All these are common problems that senior citizens often experience. Pain and discomfort can be a hindrance to enjoying life with your family and friends. However, you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution. By visiting you will be able to receive a wide variety of excellent and effective supplements. They are made using the finest natural ingredients including CBD which is proven to have amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

   2. Diet

Eating a balanced diet plays a key role in improving your overall health as a senior citizen. Even if you have spent many years eating unhealthy foods, be encouraged because it is not too late to change your diet. By introducing more fresh fruits and vegetables, you will see a great change in your energy levels and overall immunity. You can start with the fruits and vegetables that you really enjoy. Increase them in your diet. In turn, they will motivate you to try out others. Furthermore, you can look for recipes that prepare delicious, healthy meals. Eating healthy doesn’t automatically mean bland and boring food. In addition, don’t forget to drink plenty of water since this helps to keep your cells properly hydrated at all times.

   3. Mental Health

Many times, people care for their physical health while neglecting their mental health. This is a terrible mistake since your emotional well-being often affects your physical well-being. Senior citizens are especially prone to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. In order to avoid this, you should safeguard your mental health by having a solid support system and also seeking the help of a professional therapist if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

   4. Exercises

Many lifestyle diseases are caused by a lack of exercise. In order to avoid this, you should do your best to promote healthy living by doing regular exercise. There are many different ways to keep fit, you can choose to begin playing a sport or even join a local gym. Before beginning any exercise program, ensure that your doctor has approved of it in order to avoid injuries.

Can Taking Care Of Your Elderly Parents Harm Your Relationships With Family?

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Can Taking Care Of Your Elderly Parents Harm Your Relationships With Family?

Every day approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers are reaching the age of 65 and becoming senior citizens. Many of the Baby Boomer’s parents are still alive, living into their 80s, 90s and beyond. By the age of 80 years old and older, most elderly men and women require some type of help. Will this help be provided by their senior citizen children or will it be provided by a home health care service? All across the country, Baby Boomers are trying to physically and financially care for their parents. Some folks are prepared for this task, while others have not prepared to care for themselves as well as their aging parents. With the advances in geriatric medicine, people are living longer, which places a burden on their children to care for them and ensure their safety. Nowadays, senior citizens are trying to care for their parents.

No Longer Able To Care For Themselves

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Some seniors dread the physical burden of caring for parents who are no longer able to take care of themselves. Caring for your parent requires dedication and commitment. You may need to cut back on the hours you work or even quit your job to care for your elderly parent. In addition to this, you may have children still at home that requires your attention. After the age of 65, Baby Boomers may also be required to care for their impaired sibling while trying to care for an aging parent and children who still live it at home.

Countless family members step up and try to do what is needed. However, not everyone is physically or financially able to care for their parents and siblings. In the beginning, caring for your elderly parent may be easy. It may involve helping with a few tasks that mom or dad can no longer handle a few days a week. However, over time, your loved one’s health may begin to decline and you are left trying to do more tasks, increasing your burden.

If your parent has properly prepared, they may be able to pay someone to help out. Alternatively, if your parent has not prepared financially for their senior years, you may need to step up and care for your parent. If you are unable to properly care for your parent, you may be left with a financial burden of seeking out home care workers or other assistant care services. This can cause resentment, issues between siblings and even hostility between parents and their children or between siblings. Is this preventable? In most cases, there are other options available.

Assisting Hands Home Care As An Option

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The first thing that should be done when you realize the extra care may be required is to sit down and have a meeting with your siblings to determine what can and cannot be done. Consolidating your parents account into one bank and allowing online access to oversee your parents’ finances and paying bills can be handled by one family member through a Durable Power of attorney. Before one person has an unequal burden, it is important to determine how the care of your parents will be handled both physically and financially.

Family meetings every few months will help to keep everyone apprised of the current situation. Many sibling arguments occur because of assumptions rather than facts. A sibling may accuse another sibling of mismanagement of funds or the care provided because they are not kept up to date on the current situation. This lack of information can cause discord between family members. By staying in touch through emails, texts or phone calls, each family member can stay up to date on their parent and their parent’s care. If one sibling lives closer or is handling the day to day responsibilities of caring for their elderly parent, the sibling should ask for help when it is needed and realize that each sibling may have limitations on what he or she can do physically and financially.

Contact Assisting Hands Home Care

At Assisting Hands Home Care, we are here to help your parents, yourself and your siblings enjoy the twilight years. Our dedicated staff will work with you to develop a care plan based on your parent’s unique physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs. Contact us today to learn about the different programs that are available and how you can allow your parents to remain in their home safely.

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Can Taking Care Of Your Elderly Parents Harm Your Relationships With Family? smilingSince her childhood days, Angela has already admired those people who give primary care to the oldies. Because of her passion towards elders, she decided to take Physical Therapy in college which specializes rehabilitation for the elders. During her free time, she writes in her journal about the different moments she had with the elders that she loves most.

How to Minimize and Defeat Painful Arthritis

Arthritis can be painful; and it can flare up at ages you wouldn't expect. Although most people associate arthritis with getting old and frail, it can occur in teens and younger adults as well from certain usage of the hands. Although living with arthritis can be difficult, there are areas you can explore that can help.

You do not have to live with the painful effects of arthritis unnecessarily. It may be difficult to completely alleviate all symptoms and pain associated with the illness, but it can be improved and you can be everything in your power to minimize and defeat painful arthritis over time.

Here is what you can do that is in your control to lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

1. Eat right and supplement right

There are certain supplements you can take over the counter to keep your joints lubricated and your cartilage soft and pliable. Eating a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids containing high levels of EPA and DHA (mostly found in fish) can help to reduce inflammation and lessen the effects of arthritis. Similarly, glucosamine chondroitin can keep the cartilage more spongy and easier to work with without all the pain and swelling.

2. Exercise on a daily basis

Exercising has more of an effect than simply just keeping the weight under control. Daily exercise can also help to increase your blood flow and therefore circulate nutrients into the blood. It can also keep your blood pressure under control and relieve tension in your joints: there keeping your pain under control and not allowing it to flare up out of control.

3. Try other therapies to ease pain

As fluffy as it may seem, alternative therapies to get rid of pain and discomfort can sometimes help to ease the pain associated with arthritis. Therapies such as yoga, massage therapy, meditation, and anything that keeps you mobile and helps you relax can be key to relieving the tension. Relieving tensions and reducing stress in the body can contribute to positive effects of controlling arthritis and overall pain in the body in general.

4. Try out new types of clothing

Try out some arthritis pain relief gloves for added swelling support in the hands. These gloves help to increase compression in the hands and the wrists to allow for better blood flow and better nutrient circulation; in addition, the gloves provide added support to the fingers and allow for better mobility with additional support in order to prevent additional damage done to the hands and the fingers. I highly recommend trying out a pair for your pain. In addition, please read up on what a thrombocyte is by clicking the link in the text.


Hopefully these tips to defeat and even prevent painful arthritis are helpful, valuable, and useful to you in your day to day life. Whether you currently struggle with arthritis, have so in the past, or have yet to struggle with it in the future, my hope is that these areas of advice will help you or a loved one through it in a time of pain.

Have some additions to the list or have areas to contribute or constructively add to? Leave your comments and your thoughts below and we will be sure to have some interesting conversion around what you have to say!

Make Your Home Accessible with these Tips

Looking to make your home more accessible due to injury, aging, or a loved one who needs assistance? You are not alone as there are times in life where many people are in need of a little help to either get around the house or get in or out of certain places within the home.

In this case, we will take a look at some areas of the home that can be made accessible for either handicapped individuals or those that are elderly (even by using specific mobility devices). Even if in question of whether or not to put in some of these features, it is a good idea to begin to think about it as the days could come where their need will be fully utilized.

Here are the accessibility areas to look at:

1. Entrance to the home

It may be obvious for some, but one of the first areas to look at for accessibility is at the entrances of the home. Whether it is the front porch or the entryway coming from the garage, wheelchairs may be needed to get in. If this is the case, a ramp should be made either in addition to or replacement of the stairs. There needs to be enough length and width for the ramp as well as handrails to ensure a safe voyage up. Look into ramps for wheelchair accessibility

2. Bathing areas

When considering the tub and shower area of the home, the bathing areas should be considered for improved accessibility. Whether it is assistive equipment for bathing , or stairway swivel stair types of grips for getting on and off of the toilet, these features can be a great help to avoid slips and falls in the bathroom areas.

3. Flooring options

If you think about navigating a home from a wheelchair, carpet sometimes is not the greatest option. A hard flooring such as hardwood, laminate, or nylon should be used for maximum mobility when on wheels. In addition, keeping doorway thresholds low and flush to the ground and avoid different types of transition pieces is also essential to ensure fewer bumps and no bruises from falling out of a wheelchair when navigating the home.

4. Height options

All around the house will be options for lowering the height of areas to ensure accessibility from either a standing or a sitting position. For example, lower counter-tops in the kitchen and in the bathrooms can allow for individuals in wheelchairs to be able to reach anything on the counters without having to get up from out of their chair or ask someone else to reach for them. Outlets, sinks, and toilets can also be lowered (or raised if necessary) to ensure that individuals who had mobility needs can reach any area of the home. Consider these height options when making your home more accessible for everyone.


Although very few people ever plan on needing assistance with their mobility in the home someday, the reality is that as we age and get older, we may need options to help us out and let us access all areas of the home.

Using these tips for accessibility in the home can be helpful to serve certain family members who have needs and even yourself someday as you may enter a period where the need for options are there.

Hopefully these tips were helpful, and we would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.