Your Guide to Healthy Living in the Outdoors

Urban living is great for many reasons. It offers us convenience and options galore. We can see modern art, enjoy architecture, spend a day in public spaces, visit art galleries, have dinner, go shopping; the list of things to do is endless. Living in the wilderness, however, offers serenity and calmness that can be hard to find anywhere else. Simple living should never be underestimated for your health and happiness.

Of course, not everyone can make the leap to live out in the wilderness. Great jobs are often only found in cities, and even then the convenience of urban living can be difficult for many to give up. The compromise to this situation, of course, is simple – get out more! Whether you love mountain biking or hiking, just spending some time in the great outdoors can do wonders for your health.

You have the fresh air that you won’t be able to find in the city, the wide open skies, the quiet, the beauty, and the ability to disconnect. If you wanted a wellness retreat that pushed you to your limits and gave you the most back, there is no better place to look. Our brains crave challenge, and when we opt to go on a multi-day hike across stunning landscapes instead of being pampered at a spa, we give it that challenge. This, in turn, can do more for your mental health and to help you shake away the stress at work. You have new things to experience, new challenges to face, and the satisfaction of overcoming all adversity.

That being said, you don’t want to do anything too strenuous. Pushing yourself too far physically when you are in the wilderness is dangerous, which is why you need to follow this guide to help you train your body and prepare for multiple days outdoors:

Healthy Diet

Before you start getting into shape, you will need to update your diet. Healthy eating is important for many reasons, but when you start working out, it can be crucial to help you gain muscle and feel the benefits of exercise. There are several ways to do this, of course, but rather than dieting in order to slim down all you need to do is exchange your unhealthy foods for healthier options. Go through your fridge and pantry and get rid of all the processed foods. These foods are often made either with chemicals that make the nutrients that they do have hard to absorb, or they contain foods high in fat, sugar, or salt.

Once that food is gone, fill your home with whole food that contains high nutrients. If you truly wanted to turn your life around, of course, you will first want to read up on the nutrients that our bodies need and, more importantly, which foods we can find these nutrients in. By knowing a few basics about nutrition, we can make the most out of our diet and do more for our health.

Note: A healthy diet does not mean dieting. You can eat as much as you did before, but with healthier foods, you might find that you will experience natural weight loss all the same.

Getting into Shape

Once you have changed your diet around, your body will be ready to start getting into shape. You don’t have to go through too much effort to do this, either. Jogging in the morning or even going around for an hour or two after work walking can do a lot of good towards preparing you. The more you focus on activities that increase your stamina, the better. Hiking for days and even biking through rough terrain requires a lot of endurance, and you need to train yourself to be able to handle it.

Naturally, of course, there is no better way to train than doing what you love. Opt for shorter courses and hikes, however, so that you can build up towards a camping trip.

Know Key Survival Tips

Once you have trained yourself and are ready to go, it’s time to brush up on your camping knowledge. Things like leaving your food on the ground is a huge mistake, for instance. Not only can scavengers come in the night and steal it, but food can also attract bears. You will want to string it up and leave it in the tree before you go to bed. Similarly, knowing which plants are poisonous or cause an allergic reaction is also good information to have.

The more survival tips you know for making it through a few days of camping, the better! It can also be beneficial to know which species are common on the route you are going through so that you can be better prepared and know what to watch out for.

Get the Right Equipment

Hiking requires you to carry all of your belongings with you. The same applies if you are mountain biking for a day or several. That is why you want professional equipment that is lightweight and strong from Sportsman’s Life Sporting Goods. Sports equipment, after all, needs to go through a lot of strain every time you use them, and getting anything other than quality will only mean you need to keep buying it again and again.

Be Safe

Once you are trained, have the right equipment, and have a few key survival tips under your belt it is time to get your friends together and head off. If someone is experienced in these long trips, even better. Do note, of course, that some national parks will not allow you to trek through them without a guide. See this as an extra security measure and a new friend to make, and you will be fine. If you are allowed to hike on your own, have a clear itinerary set out and check in with the local camp. They should know when to expect you to come back. That way, if you are late coming home, they will send out a search party for you. Be prepared, be safe, and you will have a great time on whatever outdoor adventure strikes your fancy.

7 Health Benefits of Hunting

Hunting is the most ancient-sport combining mental and physical health. It helps you get physical fitness as well as nutrition. It helps to be more fit, more concentrate and more energetic. A hunter can calculate 90% faster. Here, I am going to describe 7 health benefits; you’ll amaze to know.

So, are you deciding to go on the next trip with friends for hunting? Get ready with your hunting backpack. Check if you don’t have a hunting pack and good quality sunglasses.

7 Health Benefits of Hunting with scope

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness, a dream for many ones, hunting is a great way. Hunting helps you to gain abdominal muscle. On the bright side, additional pressure revives the weak parts of the body by pressing continuous pressure. On the other hand, walking helps to maintain regular exercise.

Nutrition Fact

How will you compare between wild meat and raised meat? Obviously, wild meat contains lower fat which is helpful for every meat lover. A wild animal tastes a wide variety of food which ultimately increases the taste of the meat. For example, venison is tastier than a raised animal meat.

Mental Strength

A statistic from Statista says that hunting helps to increase concentration 45% more than any other game. The ancient game hunting is a mind game. You have to concentrate on your mark until the right time comes.

You have to calculate risk management, opportunity analysis, and time management to win a combat. For this reason, hunting doesn’t lose the appeal till the date.

Essential Adrenaline Boost

When you are on hunting, make sure that you have enough energy to continue in the jungle. Adrenaline, an essential element of the human body, helps to produce the swing of energy.

So, how does adrenaline work? It helps to break down glycogen which is a pivotal element to provide glucose into the muscle. And, hunting helps to produce adrenaline more than any other work.

7 Health Benefits of Hunting with a dog


You need refreshment both in mind and body after a busy week. Hunting gives the best refreshment which takes you near to nature. You will see yourself more productive after leaving the modern world, full of chaos and anxiety.

Though, a little probability of being bitten if you aren’t conscious, but more enjoyment can make you forget everything. After all, first aid kits in your haunting backpack are more than enough to protect in such situation.

Fresh Meals

I bet, you never forget the taste of a fresh meat collecting from hunting. Even you can’t compare it with your day to day life meals. A wide variety of herbs can enhance the sapor of the tongue. Scientists have also proved the rich vitamins and mineral essence in wild herbs.

Know thyself

Knowing thyself is the hardest job in the world. But you can do it easily be giving time yourself. Hunting helps to know the actual inner you and teach you how to survive successfully in the competitive world. It helps you to find out what are the weak points and what are the strong points. In addition, a good boot knife will do you good while stuck out in the great wilderness.

Final word

Though, there are many debates on hunting. The environmentalists are also arising their best against killing wild animals. But, still, hunting gives much amusement despite having modern games. So, are you ready for next trip?