5 Tricks That Will Help You to Lose Weight Easier

Regardless of how much of it you want to lose, trimming your weight is never an easy task. From those biscuits that scream at you every time you open the cupboard to that cold bottle of beer that has been chilling in the fridge all day, there are temptations to be found everywhere. Being busy in life doesn’t help when it comes to sourcing and preparing healthy meals, either. All in all, losing weight is just an incredibly difficult thing to do.

You can make this all-important task an easier one to undertake, though, by simply trying out the five tricks listed below.

Eat slowly

It might sound silly but it’s true, eating slowly can help you lose weight. This doesn’t mean spending hours or drawing out the eating process to the point where your food goes cold. It just means refraining from getting your food finished in 10 minutes, and eating it over a period of 20-30 minutes instead. By doing so, you could save 70 calories per serving.

Ditch the top slice

Bread is a great accompaniment to most dinners — whether it is used to create a makeshift sandwich or whether it’s used for dipping and mopping up sauces, it always does a good job. To make your weight loss easier, though, you should ditch that top slice. Have one slice per meal, and you’ll instantly erase 100 calories.

Use smaller plates

Over the years serving sizes have increased, and plates sizes have followed suit. This means that you could dish up for yourself a perfectly normal and healthy portion, only for it to look small due to the plate it is dished up upon. This could then force you to put more food on your plate which, of course, leads to the consumption of more calories. To combat this easy mistake, simply use smaller platers. With regards to soup, as silly as it may sound, this should entail you opting for a cereal bowl rather than a soup bowl.

Increase fiber intake

Upping your intake of fiber will go a long way in helping you to prevent weight gain. This means doing all you can to add the following to your daily diet:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Whole grains

Have your meals prepared for you

Not knowing what to cook or not actually having the time to cook could be a major contributor to your inability to lose weight. For this reason, you should seriously consider having your meals prepared for you. By using a service such as Result Plan, you would be able to have nutritional meals that are tailored to your weight-loss needs sent straight to your door. If this sounds like the missing piece in your bid to lose weight easier, head to www.resultplan.com to find out more about the different programs on offer.

In your bid to lose weight, you should make everything as simple and as easy as possible. By doing that, you’ll find yourself consuming fewer calories per day and you’ll eventually feel much better as a result.

How to Deal with Cravings When Drinking Meal Replacement Shakes

When changing our diet in any way, we are bound to have cravings. This is because we are suddenly taking away foods that the body is used to consuming and it can take a while for our body to come around to the idea of a change in diet, even if it is for the better. Drinking meal replacement shakes is one effective way to lose weight, but with it comes cravings. There are ways to deal with these so that you do not feel hungry and you do not ruin your diet. Follow these top tips if your cravings are driving you crazy.

Take the Best Meal Replacement Shakes

Taking meal replacement shakes that really work is a good way to both suppress your appetite and aid you in your weight loss journey. If you are considering a ketogenic diet, use this for making keto shakes. As KetoLogic make their shakes with the perfect ratio of protein to fat, they will leave you feeling fuller for a lot longer than less superior protein shakes that contain no fat at all. Too much protein intake when trying to lose weight ends up being broken down into carbs. This can knock you out of ketosis, as well as preventing weight loss and increasing your hunger between shakes.

Drink Enough Water

Often, we do not stay hydrated enough when taking meal replacement shakes; one reason being that we think we are consuming more liquid than usual when taking shakes instead of food. Drinking water has many health benefits and is an inexpensive and easy way to keep us feeling fuller.

If you begin to feel hungry, the first thing you should do is drink a glass of water. You should also drink water before meals, as it can leave you feeling a lot fuller from smaller portions. Next time you are having a craving, reach for the tap before reaching for the fridge.


Cravings are inevitable when changing our diet and if you haven’t got the best will power, distraction is a great tool to forget about those pesky cravings. If you have a busy life, it is easier to ignore the cravings, as you don’t have time to go out and buy those doughnuts you want. If you have a desk job or work from home, it is much easier to give in to those cravings.

If possible, go for a brisk walk or take a bath and read a book. Anything that can distract your mind from the craving until it passes is a good way to not give in. Many people find chewing gum an effective way of reducing appetite and distracting your mind from wandering thoughts of food.

Don’t Let Yourself Go Hungry

One of the biggest reasons we crave foods is because we are hungry. Meal replacement shakes are a way of losing weight and gaining what we need in the form of shake, but they should be adequately filling you up so that you do not feel hungry. Many meal replacement shakes still allow for at least one regular meal throughout the day, plus snacks.

Healthy snacks will not hurt your weight loss journey and they are better than succumbing to cravings because your body is starving. Be prepared for cravings by having healthy snacks in work or at home to eat if you do feel hungry.

Reduce Stress Levels

This is easier said than done, but if you are under a lot of stress, taking meal replacement shakes may need to wait until the stress has been lifted. Stress has a big impact on cravings and eating the wrong type of foods. Especially with women, studies have shown that the higher the stress level, the more calories consumed within a day and the higher the cravings. This also comes to light when women are at a certain point in their menstrual cycle.

Stress not only induces cravings, but it can also cause you to release a hormone known as cortisol, which can cause you to gain weight, on the stomach area especially. Minimizing any stress you are under and finding a way to relax and de-stress can help with any cravings you may be having. If you are under a significant amount of stress from something such as a work deadline, waiting for this to be over may be the best time to start taking your meal replacement shakes to ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure.

Drinking the right meal replacement shakes can ultimately lead to fewer cravings as they should be keeping you full between meal times. If you do experience cravings, try drinking water to ensure you are not confusing hunger for thirst and if this doesn’t work, distract yourself. As your body becomes more used to your new diet, your cravings will decrease.

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Metabolic obesity – the unseen problem

With over two-thirds of UK adults classified as overweight or obese, it is no surprise that a substantial proportion of clients that come for personal training fit into this category. Initially, they’ll want to lose weight and improve their fitness; two easily achievable goals if they stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

While fitness professionals will invest most of their time working with these clients, they should actively keep an eye out for a group of individuals who are often overlooked by health and fitness professionals. These are the “skinny fats”; men and women who look fit and healthy on the outside, but who may have serious health problems brewing from within.

Weighing in

Typically, skinny fats – medically known as metabolically obese normal weight (MONW) individuals – partake in little or no exercise, eat a diet high in sugary, processed foods and have very little muscle definition. But because they aren’t classified as overweight, no-one questions their health and many people envy their fast metabolisms and tiny frames.

In the UK, overweight and obesity is a major public concern – it is thought that by 2025, 47% or males and 36% of females will be obese. People who fall into this category are more likely to develop health problems later in life, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers. To be classified as overweight or obese, you need to have a body mass index (BMI) of over 25 or 30, respectively. This is calculated using a person’s weight and height and is commonly used in the medical profession for assessing current and future health risk.

Anyone with a BMI of 18.5 to 25 is considered healthy by many medical professionals. Their risk for developing metabolic diseases is also thought to be lower. While there are many individuals who fall into this category that are healthy, research suggests that solely using BMI as an indicator of health could be misleading.

How much fat?

One useful measure of body composition is a person’s body fat percentage. Quite simply, this is the percentage of the body made up of fat. Athletes or individuals who have a lot of muscle mass will often have a falsely high BMI, but a low body fat percentage. This is because BMI doesn’t account for their increased weight due to the composition of their muscles.

By contrast, individuals with a normal BMI may be found to have an unusually high body fat percentage. These are the MONW individuals, and this is a straightforward way to scientifically detect them. They have little of what we consider to be good for you (muscle mass and bone density) and lots of what we consider to be bad (visceral fat).

Is “skinny fat” really that bad?

Despite looking slim and healthy, MONW individuals are often deficient in certain vitamins due to a poor diet, which can cause fatigue and low concentration levels. They also show traits typically seen in diabetics, such as high blood sugar levels, low cholesterol, inflammation, and high blood pressure. Worryingly, researchers have found that people who develop diabetes who are MONW have a higher mortality rate than obese diabetics. However, because these individuals are thin, their symptoms often go undetected until it is too late.

How to spot a metabolically obese normal weight individual

For fitness professionals, MONW individuals are often hard to spot. This is because, typically, they avoid the gym or any kind of physical activity. While this is an obvious problem for us, it is still important to know the trademarks of a MONW person.

Easily identifiable signs include:

  • An aversion for any kind of physical exercise
  • A diet high in sugary or processed foods
  • Constant sugar highs and lows
  • Bouts of fatigue, low energy, and difficulty concentrating or focusing for extended periods of time
  • Avoiding food high in protein (not necessarily on purpose)
  • A belly that is slightly bigger and out of proportion with the rest of the body

Prescribing a cure

Thankfully, being metabolically obese but normal weight isn’t a disease and isn’t a permanent state. It can easily be altered with a few simple lifestyle changes, and this is where we as fitness professionals come in. Unlike many clients, MONW individuals don’t need to lose weight. Their goal is to change their body composition through safe, effective exercise and alterations in their current diet. This can be achieved through a mix of aerobic and resistance training.

For some, starting out in a gym can be daunting and they will likely make a beeline for the cardio equipment, avoiding the weights section altogether. While aerobic activity should play a small part in their training programme, encouraging the use of resistance machines and weights is essential for building muscle mass. The first few sessions will be the most important. They will need reassurance, guidance and ultimately your knowledge and support. Make sure they understand the importance of supporting an active lifestyle with a balanced diet and the effects that highly processed foods can have on their body.

As fitness professionals, we play a key role in helping fight obesity in this country. Although it has taken a while for the dangers associated with being metabolically obese but normal weight to be recognized, the phenomenon is gaining more attention and the dangers of metabolic obesity are becoming apparent. Hopefully, we’ll see more work being done to promote health from the inside out in the future.

About the author

Josh Douglas-Walton is a health and fitness writer for HFE, a leading provider of personal training courses and fitness qualifications.

5 Dietary Approaches That Are Used To Prevent and Manage Obesity

The number of calories that we eat or drink directly impacts our weight. If we consume a constant number of calories, the weight remains stable. When we consume more calories than the body can burn up, we gain weight and vice versa. Research has shown that some dietary approaches make it easy to keep calories in check. Anyone who’s looking to control their weight should eat fewer calories and exercise more.

Different dietary strategies can be used to effectively reduce weight. Those that feature appropriate diet plans such as the Diet To Go tend to produce longer lasting effects. All the benefits of dieting can only be realized when they’re followed strictly. The key to successful weight management is sustained adherence to a diet.

What is Obesity?

Obese people have too much fat in the body and weigh much more compared to what’s considered healthy for their height. This happens over time when they eat more calories than their bodies can burn up.

Obesity increases one’s risk of heart disease, chronic back pain, diabetes, hypertension, depression, and stroke. The main causes of obesity are overeating, the genetic makeup, eating junk food, and lack of exercise.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the diet strategies that help with weight management and obesity prevention.

Dietary Approaches to Treat, Prevent, and Manage Obesity

Energy balance is the cornerstone of obesity management. Overweight individuals are always in search of the best diet that promises them a large weight loss over a short period of time. The various dietary approaches to weight loss are:

  1. Low-fat Diets

A low-fat diet not only helps manage weight but also promotes health and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Diets between 20-35% are considered as low-fat.

Low-fat diets are the key to good health and weight control.

  1. Very Low-Fat Diets

For optimal health, the recommended fat intake should be equal or less than 20%. Very low-fat diets provide about 10-20% fat.

Such diets are generally plant-based and discourage the consumption of foods containing high amounts of refined carbs.

  1. Moderate-fat Diets

Moderate-fat diets contain anywhere between 35-45% fat.

These diets are often equated with Mediterranean diets which usually contain a similar amount of fat content.

  1. High-Protein Diets

Protein intakes that are more than 25% of the total energy or 1.6g/kg per day of body weight are considered high. A good example of the high-protein diet is the Zone diet that contains 30% protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 30% fat.

High-protein diets have shown to perform really well and offer numerous advantages for weight loss.

Eating a high percentage of calories from proteins helps with weight control since it offers more satiety and people tend to feel fuller. It also requires more energy to break down and store proteins compare to all the other macronutrients. This increases the energy that is used up on a single day.

  1. Low-Carbohydrate Diet

This is the most common dietary approach that is used for weight loss. There are many different versions of the low-carbohydrate diet with most of them comprising of between 20-50g/day

Low-carbohydrate dietary approaches eliminate the intake of refined carbohydrates.

Dietary Patterns, Meal Frequency, Portion Size, and Obesity

The food that we eat falls into different eating patterns. One of the major contributors to the obesity epidemic is the drastic increase in portion size which, as a result, leads to the consumption of a greater percentage of calories.

  • Dietary Patterns and Weight

Dietary patterns often feature whole grains, vegetables, fruits, refined carbohydrates, drinks, sweets, and processed meats. The first three items on the list seem to protect against weight gain while the others have been linked to obesity and increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Most people who follow a diet that is rich in fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish, nuts, and beans have a lower rate of obesity.

  • Meal Frequency and Snacking

Skipping meals only increases the risk of obesity.

These days it has become quite common for people to snack on sweet and sugary snacks, dessert, salted snacks, and candy. Snacking and eating frequently are associated with weight gain

  • Portion Size

Over the last couple of years, portion sizes have increased for food that is eaten at home and that which is eaten away from home; for both children and adults.

When people serve larger portions, they tend to eat more compared to when they serve smaller portions. Also, people who order larger beverages, they tend to drink significantly more.


In the prevention and management of obesity, the quality of the macronutrients matters more than their quantity in the diet. People get more benefits from a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, and low-fat approach.

Healthy dietary approaches can prevent weight gain and obesity. There is substantial evidence showing that diet patterns help to prevent and manage obesity. You are advised to limit sugared beverages, processed meat, and refined grains. Healthy means should comprise of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

3 Ways to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

If you’re eying a goal of burning fat while gaining muscle, you’re in for a lot of hard work and diet monitoring. It’s not going to be an easy trek, but if you’re set on achieving the body of your dreams, it can be done. Even if you’re spending an hour each day in the gym, what you do outside of a training facility has just as much of an impact on your body as your workout regimen. If you’re looking to shred fat and amp up your muscle growth, here are some excellent tips to get you started.

Turn Up the Intensity

Unless you’ve been actively avoiding any fitness publications, you’ve likely heart of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). High-intensity interval training consists of cardio sessions that are arranged as quick bursts of incredibly hard work. Though each set usually only lasts 20 to 90 seconds, you shouldn’t focus on conserving your energy the way you would with a longer session. To get the most out of HIIT, you’re going to want to really push your body during each and every workout.

High-intensity interval training is scientifically proven to be more effective in shredding your body as it helps boost endurance and metabolism while working to chip away at body fat. If it sounds difficult, that’s because it is. If you look at your workouts as though they were on a scale of one to ten, a HIIT session should be around a nine each and every time. However, don’t forget to rest between each set, or you could overexert yourself and cause some real damage to your body. While high-intensity interval training takes some practice to get used to, it’s an powerful way to reach your body goals.

Try Out a Supplement

Supplements are an excellent way to make sure you’re getting the most out of each and every workout. Since there are so many options available on the market, do some research to find the right product for your specific goals. For instance, if you want a spike of energy, increased stamina, and a boost in your libido, you may want to consider a supplement like GHT male, which provides a concentrated way to naturally boost testosterone.

If you’re looking to burn fat, you may want to investigate products that boost your body’s rate of thermogenesis. You could also test out boosters that help your body reach a state of ketosis, which is when, instead of relying on carbohydrates for energy, your body relies on its own fat stores. Many fitness enthusiasts rave about the benefits of trying a ketogenetic diet, and it may be a great way for you to drop unwanted weight.

Ditch the Booze

One of the biggest reasons your body tends to hold onto fat? Your drinking habits. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional drink or two on the weekend, alcohol is jam-packed with empty calories and carbohydrates that are of no nutritional value. There’s a reason the term “beer belly” exists, after all.

If you’re looking to build muscle and burn fat, say, “No,” to the bottle for 30 days. You’ll begin to experience better sleep cycles, increased protein synthesis for muscle repair (the key to building muscle), and a decrease in cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that boosts your cravings for comfort foods and promotes a tendency to overeat. Doesn’t sound like a good fit for a diet program, does it? If you go 30 days without alcohol, you’re likely to see such fantastic results that you’ll want to go even longer without a drink.

A Personalized Plan

No matter what diet and exercise tactics you decide on, if you want to achieve that perfect body, you need to commit to your regimen. Monitor your food intake, make yourself go to the gym, and don’t make excuses for not following through with your plans. While it’s okay to have a cheat day here and there, don’t make it a habit, either. Burning fat and building muscle are hard enough as is, but if you’re driven, the results you see when you look in the mirror will be worth it.

Is Dietary Supplements Are Good For Weight Loss

Dietary supplements are generally denoted as healthy supplements that assist you in maintaining your daily diet and supporting the organ by providing all the necessary nutrients. However, the question often arises whether dietary supplements are safe for weight loss as dietary pills come in different forms. Dietary supplements are generally divided into three segments where weight loss takes one section.

Many people in the world take dietary supplements for weight loss treatment because it often acts as a fat burner, but it doesn’t disrupt natural metabolism process. Traditional fat burners for weight loss creates a lot of side effects but this pills smoothly curbs down the weight and supplies the necessary items in the different organ of the body.

People often believe that everyone can burn their weight through exercise or by regulating their food diet but in reality it is not always possible Dietary supplements serves as a two in one capsule which rejuvenates the body and curbs down excess fat at the same time. This pill serves as good source of minerals and vitamin that are necessary to maintain a healthy body. Diet pills are considered as effective weight loss supplement because it has many benefits associated with it. It carries all the attributes that a weight loss pill should carry to maintain the health of the body without causing any other damages.

Is Dietary Supplements Are Good For Weight Loss pills

However many professors believe that some company often endorse that their dietary supplement helps in reducing weight but in reality, they don’t. As all the production of the supplement is not monitored by the government, so it is not possible which dietary supplement will good for weight loss.

Although it has been seen many reputed dietetic products are also intended for weight loss, and they have chemically backed up that fact. So we have deduced that dietetic supplements are good for weight loss, but you should opt for the reputed ones. Here we have listed why this supplement is good for weight loss and serves as a better alternative than normal pills.

Properly Balanced Metabolism

Dietary pills help in maintaining a balanced metabolism rate that assists in preventing excess growth of fats and other elements that cause the increase of weight. Metabolism is the process that is incorporated into our body to convert the food you eat to energy. It is a complicated biochemical process where all the nutrients, vitamins and calories are extracted for the production of energy. It has been seen that slow metabolism rate leads to excessive weight gain but dietary pills help in curbing down the effect by maintaining a proper metabolism rate.

Is Dietary Supplements Are Good For Weight Loss chart

Our body gains weight when the breaking process of the body is slow rendering to deposit of calorie and fat in the body. But a balanced metabolism helps in burning calorie and fats which curbs down the weight by a good margin. Dietary supplement only carries necessary nutrients needed by the body, and they give less quantity of calorie and fat.

Suppresses the Appetite

Most of the foods you eat contain a good amount of calorie which adds to your weight and people who doesn’t exercise a lot fails to burn those calories along with fat. But when you want to lose weight, you need control this calorie intake but still, fill up your stomach with basic foods that will provide the necessary energy to the body.

Dietary pills that are intended for lowering the body weight provides the necessary vitamins and other nutrients to the body without giving any kind of calorie which will lead to increase in weight. There are some supplements that carry items like caffeine which is a potent agent that reduces the appetite.

Is Dietary Supplements Are Good For Weight Loss no food

We often take a large amount of food just to fill up our appetite but controlling the hunger assist in curbing down the weight. The ingredients present in these supplements keep the hunger at bay for good amount of time.

Providing More Energy for Expenditure

Dietary supplements provide the necessary nutrients and vitamin to the body which assist you to achieve a good amount of energy to perform a different task. So acts as an encouragement that gives you the energy to exercise and burn calories in your body.

Another good thing about these supplements that it also allows to burn calorie while you are resting which is a good attribute as it is not possible for you to perform the exercise. The dietary supplement is a source of energy that the body can’t meet when they are needed, so external sources are used for the production of those energies.

Is Dietary Supplements Are Good For Weight Loss gut

So with energy, it provides the ability to do work or exercise which helps you loses the excess fat and calorie. It is important that the calories and extra fats should be burned in any way otherwise it will add to the weight of the body.

Effect of Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a derivative of linoleic acid, and CLA is found in reputed dietary products which assist the user in losing weight. CLA can’t be produced by the body alone, and it needs an external source to meet the need so having dietary supplement with CLA is a healthy way to reduce weight.

CLA conducts a series of biochemical reactions that notches up the basal metabolic rate. This increase in basal metabolic rate indicates better conversation of energy from food than the previous rate. The fat tissue in the body is regulated as CLA are associated with a lot of metabolic reactions.

According to experts, CLA doesn’t reduce the body weight directly, but it converts the body fat so that energy expenditure gets boosted, and muscles are toned. Some studies have also shown that it acts as a potent agent which reduces the fat mass in the body.

Is Dietary Supplements Are Good For Weight Loss cla

 This proves that dietary supplements are good for weight loss and it doesn’t hamper the health state of the body.

Santanu Majumdar is a part-time blogger and currently blogs at DailyFitnesstips4u.com. He is also a health and fitness lover who loves to share his ideas on health, fitness, and beauty. You can check him out on Twitter and Facebook

Leptin Diet: Complete Guide for Weight Loss

Image Source: Pixabay

As its name might suggest, the leptin diet is focused on leptin, the human body’s satiety-triggering hormone. First discovered in 1994, leptin basically prompts us to stop eating once we’re full. Through this, it also controls metabolism and can support weight loss. When it moves through the nervous system, it stimulates calorie burning.

According to DefendYourHealthcare.us, it was created by a man named Byron J. Richard, who was both a respected and board-certified nutritionist, as well as a businessman. Through his approach, he proposed a way to retrain neurotransmitter signals. Unfortunately, many of the pesky extra pounds that bother us are caused by an improper hormone to brain connection.

The main negative consequence of this consists in overeating. A leptin buildup in the bloodstream is mainly responsible for this. The hormone travels through the circulatory system to reach the brain’s appetite center, and when problems arise due to stress or obesity, they become visible once you hop on the scale.

The 5 Simple Rules

Just like many other trendy diets, the leptin diet is all about eating clean, organic food made with the help of the freshest ingredients. What sets it apart from other similar meal plans is the fact that it is based on five straightforward rules that have created quite a few particular recipes you can use. Here they are explained and in no particular order.

1.      Prepare a Protein-Rich Breakfast

The leptin diet is one that emphasizes greatly the importance of breakfast. After all, it is truly the most important meal of the day. Its guidelines recommend ingesting between 20 and 30 grams of protein in the morning after a 12-hour break. This boosts your metabolism by as much as 30%, which is beneficial for weight loss because it accelerates the burning of fat.

2.      Consume Three Meals Per Day

Another important principle of the leptin diet is that of no more and no less than three meals per day. Studies show that this is the ideal amount we need to stay nourished and fully functional. And because an excess of nutrients is what causes leptin buildup, ensuring that you abide by this simple rule is essential. Also, keep in mind that snacking is not allowed.

3.      Don’t Eat Anything After Dinner

If you want to approach this weight loss program the right way, it’s important to be aware of the importance of dinner. You must have this meal exactly 12 hours prior breakfast, and three before your bedtime. If you eat anything past this point, it will be stored directly as fat. So, to give your metabolism a boost in the right direction, stick to the schedule religiously.

4.      Focus on Portion Control

To retrain the neurotransmitter activated by leptin, you need to control your portions carefully during the diet. Therefore, you shouldn’t aim to eat until you feel full, as this can be misleading. Instead, ingest just enough food to keep you nourished. If you have trouble measuring this amount, there are special plates available on the market to help you with it.

5.      Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

The final rule of the leptin diet you should respect has to do with carb intake reduction. You need to rely on triglycerides to fuel your body. Of course, you shouldn’t ban them entirely from your diet, as they are an essential nutrient. Just be careful not to go overboard on the bread and pasta if you want to see results.

How to Prepare the Meals

To ensure that you get all the necessary protein for breakfast, there’s nothing better than eggs and steak. However, if you feel like this is too heavy for the first meal of the day, enjoy some oatmeal with Greek yogurt and fruit. You can simply add protein powder to it for that extra boost recommended by the leptin diet.

As far as lunch is concerned, salad is the perfect dish. The varieties recommended by author Byron J. Richard are roasted beet and goat cheese salad, crab salad, quinoa and lentil salad, and cranberry spinach quinoa salad. Any one of these will provide you with just the right amount of nutrients so that you can stay energized until dinner.

Come dinner time, you must focus on lean protein. Salmon, seafood, turkey, and chicken are all accepted varieties of meat to integrate into your menu. Accompany them by a healthy side of steamed non-starchy vegetables, such as asparagus, green beans, peppers, mushrooms, or eggplant. Salmon taco, chicken cutlets with cherry salsa, or turkey burgers are all great options.

Final Thoughts

If you have been considering the leptin diet, you need to first ask yourself if it is something you can adhere to in the long run. Various meal plans cater to the needs of various individuals, and if it doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t blame yourself. After all, there isn’t a universal approach for anyone. And when you’re unsure whether or not the leptin diet is for you, always consult with your doctor.

The Top 15 Biggest Weight Loss Myths Revealed

You have 15 weight loss myths below that you need to be careful to watch. There are a lot of people who are trying to lose weight, but they get caught up on these myths while they are trying to change their lifestyle. Be certain that you have really thought about this, and remember that each of these 15 will cause you problems.

1. Eat Less

You cannot lose weight just by eating less. You could actually start gaining weight if you are eating the wrong things.

2. No Fat

You cannot stop eating fat. You have to be certain that you have the right fat to eat every day that is not bad for you.

3. No Carbs

You can eat carbs, but you need to eat carbs to fuel up for workouts and activity. There are a lot of people who are eating empty carbs, and that causes problems.

4. No Alcohol

Red wine is actually really good for you, and having a glass of red wine every day could be very good for your heart.

5. Go To the Gym

You do not have to go to the gym to lose weight. You can exercise in a lot of places or take classes that will help you lose weight and get in shape.

6. Lift Weights

You do not have to lift weights to get in shape. There are a lot of things that you can do to build muscle and look your best without lifting weights.

7. Flat Stomachs

You cannot get a flat stomach because you have internal organs pressing up against your abdomen. You could build muscle there, but it will not be perfectly flat.

8. Work Out Every Day

You could work out every other day or a few days a week. You need to have a plan that gives you a break, and you need to take those breaks liberally so that you will be in the best condition and not be in danger of hurting yourself. There are a lot of people who get hurt because they never take breaks, and that makes it harder for them to lose weight. This means that you will have a plan that does not include just working out constantly.

9. Play A Sport

You do not have to play a sport to be in shape. This might be something that you like to do, but you do not have to do these things to get in shape. You could get in shape just because you want to.

10. There Is No Farm Strong

People who work on farms and in fields will find that they have a lot of functional muscle, and you could actually lose weight by working a job like that. You might not be chiseled, but you will still look good and feel good about yourself while losing weight.

11. Weigh Yourself All The Time

Getting fixated on the scale is a bad idea, and it will cause a lot of problems for you because you start to feel like your only focus is your weight. You do not want to be that person, and this could actually make you sick because you will feel like the only thing you do is worry about your weight.

12. Count Calories

You should stop counting calories in a way that makes it hard for you to focus on your food,. You still get to enjoy food, but you need to be careful with it. Planning your diet carefully is better than counting calories all the time.

13. It Happens Fast

There is no fast weight loss plan. You can shed a lot of weight early on because you will lose all your water weight and bloating, but you cannot do a fast plan that will get you to your goal weight in such a short period of time that you look like you came out of a commercial.

14. This Will Never End

Your diet cycle will always end, and you can get into maintenance for your body that is different from the traditional diet and exercise plan.

15. No Supplements

You can use supplements to lose weight, and you will feel as though you have a way to help make losing weight easier if you are using supplements. There are a lot of people who are going to like using supplements because it gives them a big boost that they need while working out and eating right.

Check weight loss supplement reviews online so that you know which one works best for you. You might come across something that you really want to use, and also need to be certain that you have chatted with people online who might help you make the right selection. It is pretty simple for you to change the way that you handle your diet and weight loss, and you must remember that there are many myths that are just not true. You can take supplements, change your life, and lose a lot of life.

Simple and Proven Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

Looking for a simple and quick way to lose weight? Want to know the secrets behind getting trimmed immediately and staying that way? Well, I have news for you: there are none! Well, that is sort of a true statement in the sense that there are no shortcuts or overnight ways to lose weight (beyond a weight loss surgery) procedure; however, there are simply and proven ways of losing weight fairly quickly that you can learn and benefit from ready about.

Sure, there is no magic diet pill and there is no way you can run for one hundred miles straight to lose all your fat immediately; but there are ways to speed up the process and optimize weight loss for you if you know your body, your basal metabolic rate, and the amount of exercise and calories you need to lose weight fast and keep it off for good.

So pay attention to these simple and proven tips to lose weight quickly if you truly want to make a lifestyle change for the better!

1) Eat fewer calories than you need

No; this one is not a joke. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is simply by consuming fewer calories than you are in need of on a daily basis. In fact, 250-500 calories under your daily needs will land you a weight loss of around a pound per week…and if you take it nice and easy (and slow and steady), then you are sure to lose more weight in pounds of fat than you are in pounds of muscle. So, head over to Google and search BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator, calculate your daily caloric needs based on your weight, height, and activity, add in any additional activity (in terms of calories burned), and set your mark for your daily maintenance calories. Once there, you HAVE to track your calories through a food scale and nutrition labels for at least a couple weeks to get a sense of your intake. Most people mess up here because they THINK they know how many calories they are consuming until they realize that they are sorely off-pace. Get down and dirty and truly understand your intake, subtract 250-500 calories per day from that, and watch the weight slowly come off…it’s science!

2) Walk as much as you can

This is another simply yet tried and true method, but it typically works assuming you are obeying the laws of caloric intake and not overeating as stated in point number three. For instance, after you eat dinner in the evening, simply take the dog for a walk or go with your spouse in order to get the metabolism back up, the blood sugar balanced, and the additional calories burned off. Although walking may not be the primary way for you to burn fat, it indeed does burn calories and helps to stabilize the blood sugar after a meal, so walking when you can will only help the pounds come off. In addition, whenever you have a choice to walk or take a cab, to take the stairs or the elevator, or to walk instead of send an electronic message, always choose the former method over the latter assuming you have the time in your day to do so. Walking rocks; and the more you get of it, the better in almost any circumstance possible…it WILL help you lose weight and avoid additional caloric build-up over time.

3) Vary your intake of carbohydrates from day to day

This one may be a little less known than the other two methods and even a bit advanced; but I wanted to throw in something a little less basic here to give even the more intermediate dieter a bit more to chew on. If you cut down your calories and cut down your carbs, you are bound to lose weight because of waning glycogen stores and the signal from your body to use something for fuel since it is out of the glucose that is being stored in your muscles and in your liver. This is typically fat and rarely muscle assuming you are not over-doing your cardiovascular exercise and you are getting enough protein throughout the day. However, if you are low-carb all day and all the time, your body may being to detect signs of slow metabolism  and slow down a bit since your leptin (hormone that signals to blunt hunger) will begin to kick in and grehlin (hormone that signals hunger) will subside. This will blunt insulin response until absolutely necessary (which is good since it will make your insulin more sensitive and useful to transport glucose in the form of sugars); however, it may also slow down the production of the T3 in the form of thyroxine and make your thyroid a bit under-active. This is the time to give your body some carbs: get in a bit more carbs every few days without compromising your caloric goals, and your leptin will balance back out and signal to the body that you are no longer on a diet and that it can regulate and burn calories at a more standard pace again. Cycle and vary your carbs!


Paying attention to this simple and proven tips to lose weight quickly will help you to shed pounds and improve your quality of life.

There are is magic button for you to lose weight fast, but there are these methods that if executed correctly, WILL make you lose weight and get you back on track to the body that you have always wanted. Of course, there are these little things called hormones that sometimes run us more off course and sabotage all efforts despite our willpower (women tend to have more hormonal difficulties while losing weight because of child-birth and menopause…sorry, ladies!). However, taking hold to these tips will give you the best fighting chance to lose weight. If you want to know the secrets behind getting fit and staying that way, these are the closest methods to do so.

Of course, there are more tips and trick to add to these to lose weight; but I would like the readership to chime in and add more of the tips to this list via the comments section. So, have a question, comment, or concern? Want to share your experiences? Please comment below! Just keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor and do NOT claim to endorse what is right for every body, so always speak to your doctor and nutritionist prior to doing anything too drastic. Thanks and comment away!

7 Ways to Shred Weight Fast to Shape Up Quickly

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight then you may also know that there are thousands of reasons for this because when it comes to losing weight then simply eating better or doing some kind of workouts won’t help you. You need to modify your physical activities and meal to increase your chances to lose weight faster than ever.

Implement these 7 simple tips in your daily life to add a lot to shape up quickly.

Eat More Protein

To lose your weight fast, eat more protein. Always aim for 0.7 grams for each pound for the weight of your body. So, based on your body weight, multiply 0.7 with X pounds of your body weight and estimate how much protein you actually need in a day. It will speed up the metabolic rate of your body as it requires comparatively more calories than carbohydrates. You can consume high quality protein from these sources:

  • Fish
  • Chicken Breast
  • Lentils and Beans
  • Greek Yogurt

Replace Soft Drinks with Plenty of Water

With soft drinks, you can easily consume more calories in addition to regular diet. The fact is that, more calories you’ll consume, more weight you’ll gain which also increase your food craving. So, drink plenty of water! It will help you keep full and flush out waste from your body which is a key way to detox your body.

To know exactly how much water you need each day, just divide your body weight by 2. It will help you to determine the ounces of water you need.

Proper Supplementation

You know that there are thousands of ways to help you lose weight but you can’t deny the importance of supplementation in achieving your weight loss goals. Supplements aid in losing the weight in a healthy way and keep your appetite in check.

There are thousands of supplements available in the market which promise to lose weight fast without exercise and following a strict diet plan but while reading the Ultra Omega Burn review I came to know that it’s one of the effective supplements which helps in shredding the weight faster in a short duration of 3 months. It converts the fat cells into energy which boosts the metabolism and burn fat faster.

Don’t Eat After Dinner

Late night snacking while watching TV or Netflix can be the major problem in achieving your weight loss goal when it’s done in a wrong way. When you eat something after dinner then your body works primarily in digesting the food instead of burning the fat while you sleep.

So, avoid eating the sack after the dinner is a key to lose weight fast.

Eat Meal 3 Times in a Day

I’ve seen many people who try to lose weight fast but they don’t stop eating except to sleep. Focus on eating the meal 3 times in a day, it’s a good source of protein and keeps your diet in balance. So, always eat a satisfying meal and don’t eat until your next meal.

Maximize Your Muscles

Muscles are important fat-burning furnace so make sure you get enough resistance training and maintains them. Building the new muscles boosts the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which promotes the fat burning.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important in your daily life and becomes most important when it comes to losing the weight fast. Not enough sleep leads to craving and overconsumption of calories which in turn increases your body weight. The reason behind is that lack of sleepness disturbs the hormonal balance and slows your body metabolism.

So, always aim for the sleep of 7 to 8 hours to speed up your metabolism and avoid craving for food.

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