6 Principles of Functional Medicine That You Need to Know

Functional medicine is known to be an effective method when it comes to treating patients, especially the ones suffering from chronic health conditions. A few principles define this type of medicine. These include:

  • The approach is tailored to different individuals

Functional medicine does not work on the belief that one size fits all. The plan is applied to different patients individually. Just because say two patients have the same disease does not mean that a similar functional treatment would be sufficient for both of them.

For this reason and also because each patient has health circumstances that are unique, functional medicine shines to restore the health and function of the body of individuals.

  • Functional medicine is personalised

This system views all people as individuals even if they have a similar health condition. Okay, the disease might be the same but what has caused it? It could be because of different toxic and environmental exposures, different lifestyles and several underlying factors that may lead to poor health.

The system does not mainly major on the symptoms of a particular disease but primarily focuses on identifying the underlying causes of the symptoms. The whole individual is taken into account to determine a unique approach that would enable an individual to regain full body function.

  • It is based on science

Functional medicine is entirely steeped in science. The subject is fully explored when assessing aspects such as energy reserves, metabolic functions of the body hormone variations and the psychological health of an individual.

Science is used to show that a chronic health attack in the body is not just one malfunction, but rather a problem that has affected the functionality of other networks in the system.

  • The human body is a self-regulating system

You might be having the belief that your body is programmed to suffer from diseases and dysfunctions. Well, that is not the case. You see, your body is brilliant and can heal itself with the use of active edge Columbus chiropractors to address the imbalances in the body. Your body needs to be provided with what it needs for it to do its job.

  • It mainly focuses on the ‘why’ 

Standard systems of medication would concentrate on slowing down the symptoms of a disease and probably dealing with the damage that has been done to the body. On the other hand, functional medicine focuses its attention on finding the causes of the body imbalances that are brought about by the symptoms that you have instead of focusing on treating a certain symptom.

  • You are not limited to one option of treatment

Functional medicine employs the use of several advanced holistic and conventional methods of treatment to prevent diseases and to stop chronic conditions from advancing further. It is not a matter of you having to decide to go with only one option since functional medicine applies all its useful options to create a conducive environment in your body to enhance the healing process.

How Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Migraines

Are you too suffering from Migraines? According to a study published by Migraine Research Foundation, one in every four American house has a migraine patient in it. A migraine is a very frustrating disease which, no matter what you do, never seems to be going away, ever. If you have already tried all the other alternatives like avoiding the triggers, following specific sleep patterns etc. it is about time you should seek chiropractic care.

Yes, it is right; many studies suggest that small misalignment or subluxation cause migraines in the spin.  As all know chiropractic care focuses on the spin area solely. So, know why chiropractic care is the third most popular reason behind Americans visiting a chiropractor.

Reduces the severity of headaches

Chiropractic care or adjustments are known to tame the severity as well as the frequency of migraine headache attacks. The chiropractic care adjustments can serve a person with common migraines miraculously. The chiropractic adjustments can also help you straighten your postural issues and muscle tensions which may trigger a migraine attack.

Instant relief

People suffering from severe common migraines, after seeking chiropractic help make claims that the adjustments helped in shutting calming down the intensity of headaches, as low as 90%. Most of the people who have never before tried a chiropractic adjustment may feel a bit tired after the first adjustment. The best way to compliment the adjustment is to rest a lot, drink plenty of water and to get an eight-hour sleep per day.

If you have more whats and hows related chiropractics in your mind, you can always a repudiated site like Echiro Practor for further, more detailed information on the subject.

Stretching not stuffing medicines

Everyone knows the side effects of western, modern day medication. People are rejecting the medication of the west more than ever. In such times chiropractic adjustments can step up as a real hero. The reason behind more and more people is choosing chiropractics over western medication are that it focuses on muscle relaxing and stretching of muscles. The prescription of western medication has very less to do in this case, hence, no bad after effects.

Home therapy

The best thing about chiropractic adjustments is that it works for a long time and you, yourself is very much involved in it. The patient is assigned specific follow-up tasks to do at home for the better results. These tasks usually include heat treatment and cold therapy, mild stretching exercises, massages, strengthening exercises etc.

Special diets

Just like any other medical practice, a patient is required to follow a strict diet during and after a few months of the healing process. Some foods are known for increasing various types of muscle tensions, so your chiropractor will assign you a particular diet which you must follow strictly for better results.

Ending words

Chiropractics have helped many people fight off the migraine monkey off their backs, in last many years. It is an utterly perfect natural and scientifically proven way of reducing pain, releasing tension from the human body. So, why suffer, when there is a cure? If you need more information on migraines and healthcare and taking care of yourself in general, visit http://cpoe.org/ to find out more details and get your health back in order.

Learning to be Happy: is it Easy to Combat Your Depression?

Start setting goals. You may start by defining some very easy-to-achieve short-term targets. Creating long lists of global tasks can be, on the other hand, a very bad idea as failure to cope with any position in this list can worsen your condition even further.

Completing simple goals will increase your self-esteem and will become that small victory you need to get inspired for further accomplishments.

Make friends with your problems. Strange as this advice may seem, simply stop to think whether something that is now troubling you is as serious as you think of it. Try to remember that every problem is just a part of our experience, which may turn out to be quite useful in future. If there were no bad things in this world, we would never learn to appreciate the good ones.

Eat healthily. Unfortunately, there are no special magical diets to help you combat the state of depression. Nevertheless, healthy food can still make you feel better. Check your daily menu – maybe you should add more fruits and vegs to it – lack of vitamins can be among the causes of fatigue. Relax when you eat – try to avoid watching TV or playing games on your mobile phone, or reading news on your laptop. If you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea then treat yourself with your favorite candy.

Walk outside. Try to find some time for physical exercise or simply walking in the fresh air. There is no need to work hard in a gym, while even a slow walk can refill your energy supply. And if you own any pets, try bringing them together with you and notice how your endorphin level gets increased even faster.

Think positive. At least for a moment try to forget your worries and troubles and try to concentrate on something rather more interesting. Pay a visit to a local library or a community center, watch the new movie series, or simply play now at Stakers to dive into the world of positive emotions and captivating games.

Try Meditation. Relax and meditate, imagine yourself feeling better, at peace with the world and everybody around you. Believe in yourself and this will shortly transpire in how you feel.

Find enough time for good night’s sleep. There is no better way to replenish your energy than good healthy sleep. Make a habit of going to bed at the same time each day. Leave all your gadgets aside an hour before you go to sleep. Take a warm shower, let in some fresh air, and try not to think about the tomorrow’s problems while you fall to sleep.

Try something new. Take a couple of days to visit someplace you’ve never been to before. Relax on the beach, read a new book while lying in a hammock, go down the mountain river, play in an online casino or go to a club. New impressions will replace the bad memories.

Talk to those you love. The love of those who are dear to us can miracles happen. Don’t withdraw, allow your friends and relatives to play a part in your life. Visit your friends, go to the dates, and return a smile when somebody is smiling at you.

Don’t ignore serious symptoms. Fighting depression on your own can be successful on its early stages, however, should you feel that the problem has gone too far, i.e. you are constantly thinking how worthless your life is, then it is necessary to seek medical advice.

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Top 6 Benefits of Using CBD for Treating Chronic Pain

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychotropic chemical compound extracted from marijuana. CBD offers many emotional and physical benefits for individuals suffering from chronic pain. Cannabidiol is an ideal solution for individuals who want to function effectively throughout the day. CBD can deliver the medicinal effects of marijuana without resulting in a high when it is infused in alcohol tincture, honey, oil, or glycerin. Here are the benefits of CBD for chronic pain.


Inflammation causes pain and when it is chronic, it can result in tissue damage. Long-term use of NSAIDs and other over-the-counter pain relievers can affect the kidney, stomach, and liver. CBD can be used for long-term use because it is highly effective and helpful for managing chronic pain and inflammation. The only major side-effect that you will have to endure is the sleepiness resulting from excessive use. Therefore, you need to find the right dosage for you.

Relaxes the muscles

High levels of pain can make stretching the body, movement, and even breathing extremely challenging. With the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, your body muscles will relax and you can enjoy painless body movements and exercise. When you are in pain, yoga and other forms of exercises are crucial for your body. When you use CBD, you will feel less pain and will move with ease.

Regain your sleep

Chronic pain negatively affects your nerves because it triggers a flight or fight response in the nervous system. This body reaction is usually reserved for dangerous situations. However, since pain is a continuous internal trigger, your body feels threatened at all times. This imbalance can greatly affect your sleep and your body cannot rest peacefully because it feels like it is always in danger. The use of CBD Creams For Pain LLC offers a calming and neuroprotective effect that will help you regain the sleep that you need so much.

Anxiety relief    

Chronic and continuous pain can result in a frizzled nervous system causing anxiety. You will feel tired and constantly be on high alert. Furthermore, any interruption of your peace can affect you immensely. Using CBD as your pain reliever can soothe the nervous system and will effectively eliminate anxiety.

Eliminates fear of touch

For many people suffering from chronic pain, a simple hug or touch can turn into a nightmare. The therapeutic, loving, and comforting gesture can result in immense pain all over your body. The use of CBD can help to eliminate all these pain-related issues and you can enjoy loving hugs without any problem.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Chronic pain leaves patients in a continuous state of fear. Most people are constantly stressed about how and when this pain affects their daily life from the time they wake up until when they go to sleep. CBD will work to calm the flight or fight response that is felt by most people suffering from PSTD, particularly when triggered by chronic pain.

The use of CBD has immense benefits to individuals suffering from chronic pain. The use of CBD does not feel like medicine. Carrying around a bottle of prescription pills will easily show that the individual is suffering from a medical condition. However, CBD creams do not feel much like medicine and are a healthy addition to your daily routine.

Cleaning Blood Spills: Safe And Proper Blood And Biohazard Cleanup After A Workplace Accident

Most people think that proper and safe blood spill cleaning is as simple as using a mop and water mixed with some bleach. But honestly speaking, blood cleanup is not as easy or simple as you may think. Ask any biohazard cleanup specialist and they will tell you that spilled blood can be infectious and is also very hard to clean as it has the ability to attach itself tightly to fabrics and penetrate porous materials. Because of this, a blood stain may look clean, but may still hold dangerous bacteria hiding beneath the surface. Harm/infections brought about by blood are what led the OSHA or Occupational Health and Safety Administration to publish the BPS or Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. The standard is a set of guidelines designed to protect workers from health hazards presented by bloodborne pathogens.

OSHA Standard

The BPS pushes for employers to comply with Occupational Health and Safety Administration guidelines and encourages them to come up with Exposure Control Plans if it’s highly likely that their employees and workers will come into contact with blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids while performing their daily duties at work. While most employees and workers, like those working in financial institutions and banks don’t perform duties which may bring them into contact with blood, employers still need to have the right knowledge and to set up the necessary biohazard cleanup measures to mitigate exposure in the event of bloody accidents.

The Employer’s Imperative

If you run a business, it’s advisable that you adhere to the regulations and guidelines made by ‘the OSHA in regards to biohazard waste. Complying to government regulations that place importance on the safety and health of everyone is one way of being a law-abiding citizen. Essential Items Needed to Manage Minor Spills: Before starting any biohazard cleanup process, it is vital you have the following items or materials:

  • Registered disinfectant products that have a broad pathogen elimination spectrum
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Biohazard labels
  • Biohazard bags
  • Dustpan, tongs or forceps and a brush
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Leak-proof sharps containers

Bio Hazard Cleanup Tips: Here is how to clean up a blood spill on a surface


Cleaning Blood Spills: Safe And Proper Blood And Biohazard Cleanup After A Workplace Accident

Source: https://bit.ly/2yLouGi

It’s vital that you equip yourself with the right protective materials, such as gowns, protective eyewear, gloves, and masks to protect yourself from splashes. Make sure that the protective gear you are wearing fits well and doesn’t have any perforations to ensure that no pathogens find their way to your body.


Cleaning Blood Spills: Safe And Proper Blood And Biohazard Cleanup After A Workplace Accident

Source: https://bit.ly/2GBY9uN

Use the recommended materials like dustpans, tongs or forceps and a brush to remove any sharp shards of broken glass that could cut through protective gear. Make sure that you place the pieces in a leak-proof sharps container. Don’t remove any broken glass with your hands.

First Cleaning

Cover the area with the blood spill with a cloth towel(s) to absorb the blood. Remember that the disinfectant won’t work if there is blood still covering the surface. Once the towels have absorbed as much blood as possible, throw them in a biohazard bag.

Second Cleaning

Before proceeding to the second round of cleaning, ensure that there’s proper ventilation in the room the spill happened. Once you’ve done that, pour the disinfectant on the surface and let it sit there for 10-minutes. When cleaning, scrub the spill from the outside as you go towards the center with cloth towels. Once done, discard the cloth towels in a biohazard bag.

Third Cleaning

Place another set of towels and pour the disinfectant on the surface where the blood spill was. When done, dispose of the towels by putting them in a biohazard bag and let the surface dry.


Cleaning Blood Spills: Safe And Proper Blood And Biohazard Cleanup After A Workplace Accident disposal

Source: https://bit.ly/2IyjafD

It is vital that you dispose of all the protective equipment and gear in a biohazard bag too. Seal it and place it in a second container and make sure to label it. Contact your local health department and have them handle the waste properly.


It’s advisable that you only use registered disinfectant to disinfect any reusable materials like buckets, dustpans, and brooms. Scrub the equipment thoroughly before rinsing them with water.


A final check is crucial to ensure that you are not contaminated. Check if there is any drop of blood or any other fluid splashed on your feet or shirt.

Wash Your Hands

Cleaning Blood Spills: Safe And Proper Blood And Biohazard Cleanup After A Workplace Accident sanitizer

Source: https://bit.ly/2GZvsfy

Thoroughly and carefully wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water. You could use disinfectant wipes too!


It’s important that you complete and submit an incident report. Always do this after any cleanup. Documentation is necessary in the event of any incident.

Author’s Bio:

Cleaning Blood Spills: Safe And Proper Blood And Biohazard Cleanup After A Workplace Accident authorStephanie is a Ph.D. graduate in Biology. Aside from being passionate about providing care to those who need it, she also loves sharing her knowledge about biohazard cleanup through writing in some blogs. She helps to spread awareness on the health risk of blood and body fluids.

12 Tips For Migraine Relief

A migraine is more than just a headache. It’s an extreme pain that throbs, usually on one side of the head, and it tends to be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and light. Sufferers may even have visual disturbances too including a blind spot, auras around light sources, and flashes or splotches in their vision. The studies into why migraines occur are still ongoing, but the research into how to help reduce their symptoms have yielded some results. Here are some of the best ways to help yourself when you are suffering from a migraine.

Watch Out For Triggers

One of the best ways (although perhaps one of the more difficult as well) to reduce the chances of having a migraine in the first place is to watch out for the triggers that you know cause your migraines. Everyone has their own trigger, and if you pay attention to what you have been doing in the lead up to your migraine, you should be able to work out what it is.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Take alcohol, for example. If you find that you develop what you might think is a hangover after just one glass, you might be mistaken; that headache and pain you feel could, in fact, be a migraine instead. If that is the case, you will need to avoid the alcohol that makes you feel like that. It does tend to be just one type of alcohol, so if you can drink something else and not have the same one drink hangover effect, you will know what causes your pain.

Increase Your Estrogen Levels

Women can find that a drop in estrogen levels brings on their migraine. Just before menstruating, a woman’s estrogen levels drop, and that can bring on a migraine. If you are a woman and you experience migraines every month at around the same time, this could be the cause. Speak to your doctor if this is the case because he or she may be able to prescribe some low doses of contraceptive containing estrogen.

Don’t Miss Meals

When you skip meals, your blood sugar can fluctuate wildly, and this can often be a catalyst for your migraine to begin. Try to eat every three hours, just small meals if possible, if you tend to develop migraines as this will keep your blood sugar at a steady level. If you know you are going to be out and unable to have a meal at your regular time make sure you have some kind of energy bar or some nuts that will keep you going until you can eat properly.

Limit Your Caffeine

When you usually drink a lot of caffeine, you can quickly go into withdrawal when you stop for any reason. This withdrawal manifests itself in terrible headaches that can stimulate the migraine center in your brain and soon escalate into migraines. If you can limit your caffeine intake to around 200mg a day, or one 8 ounce cup, then if you do stop, you won’t run the risk of withdrawal causing you debilitating pain.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is the cause of many physical (and some emotional and mental) problems including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even type 2 diabetes. It can also trigger migraines in those who are susceptible to them. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night. Your body will have the chance to repair itself ready for the next day, and you’ll be a lot less likely to suffer from migraines as a result.

Use Ice Packs

If you are suffering from a migraine, then an ice pack can lessen the symptoms and allow you to at least move around more comfortably. Cold is always better than heat for a migraine as it is an anti-inflammatory and this helps because the pain may be caused as your blood vessels become inflamed and enlarged, with too much blood pumping through them at one time, putting pressure on the brain and skull.

Take Supplements

Taking supplements is a good idea for your general health, especially if your diet isn’t a particularly varied or healthy one. When it comes to treating migraines, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) seems to work best, and you can buy it in pill form over the counter. If you would rather add vitamin B2 naturally to your diet, you will need to consume beef liver, lamb, milk, mushrooms, spinach, or almonds amongst other things.

Prescription Cannabis

If your state has legal cannabis dispensaries, then your doctor could well prescribe medical cannabis to help your migraines. The research seems to suggest that the combination of the relaxing effect of the cannabis along with the natural plant extracts within it has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. If you’re looking for advice, check out Leafbuyer for further information.

Get Relaxed

Being more relaxed will help with many physical and even some mental ailments and migraines are no different. A massage, for example, will relax the entire body, but it will also ease the neck and shoulder muscles, making the area less tense and therefore less prone to developing a migraine. Tai chi is another excellent way to relax. This practice makes you more aware of your body, and that means you can more easily spot when a migraine is about to happen.


Not everyone enjoys the idea of having pins stuck in them, but this is the wrong view of acupuncture, and when you look more deeply into it and it is really about, the idea suddenly seems a lot less worrying and a lot more helpful. A number of different studies have shown that acupuncture done by a qualified professional can have many of the same long-term results as medicated drugs would have, only with no chance of any side effects.


Probably the last thing you would think of when trying to come up with ways to reduce the symptoms of a migraine, Botox really can help. In fact, Botox injections were approved by the FDA in 2010 as a form of pain relief for migraines. You will need shots every 12 weeks or so, but the results so far are extremely encouraging.

Why Most Healthy Families Have Home Drug Tests

Substance abusers are most likely to begin using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco when they are teenagers because of peer pressure, easy accessibility, and the need to experience new things. Teens also experience significant pressure to perform well in school and fit in with classmates.

Many of the people who later abused drugs initially believed it was OK recreationally, but they did not think about the long-term consequences of their actions. According to medical findings, the brain continues to develop until age 25, which leaves teenagers susceptible to drug abuse.

Adults process by use of the prefrontal cortex and teens tend to rely on the amygdala. While drugs will seem exciting, it is the emotional response to them via the amygdala that youth find so appealing about experimentation. A teen’s genetic predisposition, geographic location, family dysfunction, and community infrastructure often influences poor impulse control.

Finally, some people think that drugs will not lead them on a path of addiction because they believe that some drugs are less harmful than others. Globally, more adults sought medical attention for methamphetamine and cannabis than any other drug.

Frightening Statistics Regarding Drug Abuse

  Why Most Healthy Families Have Home Drug Tests child

➤ Americans consume more than 80 percent of the global supply of painkillers.

➤ Statistically, opioid users are 40 percent more likely to use heroin.

➤ More than 1.27 million emergency visits in 2017 were related to opioid use.

➤ Two out of 10 students will use prescription drugs by the 12th grade.

What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse?

Why Most Healthy Families Have Home Drug Tests drugs

➤ People who use marijuana will have glassy and reddened eyes. You may smell a burnt odor.   There will be a lack of motivation, changes in weight, and sleepiness.

➤ Those who use heroin will have needle marks, unusual sleep patterns, and contracted pupils that do not respond to light. Heroin users also tend to vomit, cough, and sweat.

➤ Teens who use barbiturates will appear to be drunk but will not smell like it. They will also experience clumsiness, slurred speech patterns, and contracted pupils.

➤ Anyone under the influence of stimulants like cocaine, methamphetamines, and crack cocaine will appear hyperactive, mood swings, depressed, irritable, unusual sleep patterns, dilated pupils, and have dry mouths.

➤ People who use inhalants will have watery eyes, loss of memory or thought process, nose or mouth rashes, nausea, headaches, drowsiness, and reduced responsive.

Reasons to Buy a Home Drug Test Kit

Why Most Healthy Families Have Home Drug Tests test

Parents hold the most significant responsibility for their children. You also stand as their most recognizable role models, which is why you have a far-reaching effect on how your children respond to the consequences of their actions. Educating your children is the best approach to counterbalance the pressure that teens find themselves in when offered it. Reasons to buy and use a home drug-testing kit are:

  1. To self-educate on drug testing
  2. To teach your children
  3. As a method to show consequences of drug use
  4. To educate about work-related drug testing

When you buy a home drug test kit, it serves as a means of educating the family on ways that drugs affect others in society. Learning about social use serves a higher purpose which is why most families purchase home drug tests.

How to Shop for CBD Oil on the Internet

CBD oil has proven to be one of the most remarkable products you can use to treat many health issues. The product has been found to be effective in treating eating disorders, anxiety, depression, cancer, bacterial infections and many more health issues. If you are ready to try this product, you need to understand that buying the product from the conventional shops will not be easy. The best way forward is to make use of the online shops. But how do you go about it? Here are some of the important things you need to do when shopping for CBD from an online store.

Research popular brands

The first thing you ought to do is to research the available brands. There are so many companies that offer the CBD products. The problem is that all these products are not made the same way. Some brands have superior products than others. Your job before you start shopping has to be researching the various brands that are available on the market. Pay attention to the ingredients and what customers are saying about these products. Too many negative reviews are a red flag. You also need to make sure that the product is designed to treat the condition that you want to treat.

Find a reputable dealer

Now that you know which brand to purchase, the next step is to find a reputable shop. You will be amazed by the large number of dealers that sell CBD online. The dealer you select must stock the brand that you are looking for. In addition to that, their prices have to be competitive. Take some time to read customer reviews. What are people saying about the dealer? The last thing you want is to place an order with an online shop that has a reputation for not delivering quality products. If you need more information on CBD or want to purchase the product, you can visit https://farma.health/can-buy-cbd-oil-online/.

Understand the terms and conditions

You should not stop at finding the right dealer. The next step is to take time to read through the terms and conditions. You might find the dealer with the product that you want but their terms of service may push you away. Be wary of dealers who offer free trials. It is common for such dealers to charge expensively for shipping and handling. Pay close attention to the extra costs. Don’t just look at the cost of the product. How much is the shipping cost? How is the return policy?

Make use of promo codes

Last but not least, you have to understand that CBD is not cheap. You have to make use of every option available to bring the cost down. One of the best ways of doing this is to make use of the promo codes. Most online dealers offer these to lure customers in. You should also check for discounts.

As you may have guessed, shopping for CBD is not something you should do without due diligence. You have to learn more before making a purchase. The above tips will get you started on the right path.

How to get back in shape as you withdraw from cocaine

It is surprising what some people will do just to get rid of some few pounds off a weighing scale. Other than giving you pleasure, studies have shown that cocaine use makes you lose some weight. It is believed to reduce your appetite as you smoke it or snort it through your nose. You may be enjoying your new look caused by overdependence of the drug, but is this effect worth the many risks?

Statistics show that at least 18% of people with anorexia abuse drugs such as cocaine. Researchers from Britain indicate that you may have lost substantial weight while abusing the drug but once you start cocaine withdrawal it restores back your weight. As you try to stay clean, your suppressed appetite that was caused by cocaine abuse will soon elevate. Further studies reveal that cocaine does not reduce your food intake but slightly delays it.

What brings back the weight when you withdraw from cocaine?

High consumption of certain nutrients

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms need you to eat foods that contain fats and carbohydrates. These nutrients give extra energy to your body so that the signs don't worsen your situation. These nutrients contribute the significant weight gain during the process. Craving particular foods to replace your cocaine urge makes you gain weight back.

Adjustments in eating patterns

The period when you abuse cocaine may leave you with less appetite taking in fewer foods and more drugs. With withdrawal, however, your eating patterns may change from having two meals a day to replacing them with three to four meals. Without the proper nutrition guide, eating habits may make you gain back weight because it is hard to control what you eat at this stage. Vomiting may be regular due to much food consumption all at once.


You may be substituting your cocaine addiction with food. Lack of balanced calorie intake makes you gain weight faster than when you were dependent on the drug. Some users have been found to replace this drug with alcohol. This increases their cholesterol level while withdrawing causing them to gain weight due to high sugar levels in liquor.

Body composition

People are different when it comes to their body composition. Users gain different amounts of weight with others gaining too much while others insignificant amounts. Your genes affect your body composition. Too much body weight while withdrawing may make you relapse because you end up stressing about this body change as it affects your physical and psychological state.

Increase in body fat

When using cocaine, the substance alters you metabolism that minimizes how your body stores fat. Withdrawing from the drug forces your body to fight going back to its healthy metabolism by increasing body fat thus causing weight gain.

Leptin level

High leptin levels seem to affect weight gain than low leptin levels. Withdrawing from cocaine makes you acquire high levels of leptin that is responsible for your increased appetite. Leptin counteracts a feeding stimulant known as anandamide thus making you gain excess weight when not using cocaine. The chances of developing obesity and high blood pressure are more when your leptin levels are high.

Your brain

The period of cocaine abuse makes your mind go into a state of starvation. This is what makes most ladies try cocaine to lose weight. When they finally realize its effects and withdraw, the brain recognizes that the fasting is over and triggers you to consume more with the fear of going back to the starvation mode.

Appetite stimulants

Your doctor may recommend appetite stimulants when you are not eating during cocaine abuse. This helps you prevent further weight loss by boosting your appetite for food. The stimulants may cause you to gain weight when you withdraw from cocaine. Get rid of the stimulants when you decide to get clean so that you don't gain while eating overeating.

What should you do?

How to get back in shape as you withdraw from cocaine grapefruit

Healthy eating

Surround yourself with healthy foods that contain low calories and healthier nutrients. Lots of fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates will prevent you from becoming obese even when you are overeating. They also give you the energy to fight symptoms so that you can maintain healthy body organs and counteract possible infections.

Prevent dehydration by taking lots of water as you take your meals to help fight weight. Ensure that your meals are regularly scheduled to avoid impulse eating after every five minutes. A constant routine keeps you disciplined so that you don't replace your craving with food.

Fat loss programs

As you prevent yourself from a relapse, enroll in a fat loss plan such as NHS so that you can quickly monitor your weight progress. Such programs facilitate your healing process from cocaine addiction as they work on restoring your body shape. They prevent your mind from staying idle by providing you with numerous activities to help you stay busy.


Working out will keep your body in check as it balances metabolism to prevent too much weight gain. It also helps you fight cravings as you spend most of the time in the gym rather than being influenced by cocaine addicts. Make friends at the gym who you can take work out classes with so that you remain focused as you ditch your drug buddies.

Cocaine detox

Eliminating the substances in your system, helps you balance your weight. It works towards normalizing your appetite by regulating your leptin levels so that you don't starve yourself or feed excessively. The length of detox varies with each individual depending on how deep your situation is. Doctors carry out tests to determine what you need as a way of preventing allergies on certain medications.

They recommend healthy supplements and minerals that fight toxins and excess fat in your body so that you can control your weight as you abstain from the substance. Vitamins A and C help you in the recovery process. Nurses ensure that you take the right amount of calories to balance your weight.


Taking recommended hours of sleep help your body functions improve with enough rest. Meditation and therapy also help you relax to manage stress that may be caused by weight changes. Therapy sessions help you find better ways of dealing with withdrawal symptoms, and also helps you keep track of your behavioral changes.

Final thoughts

Most anorexics have been found to abuse cocaine as a way of reducing weight. This habit should not be an alternative to lose weight because the weight loss is temporary and you risk becoming dependent to cocaine. Use the tips above as you withdraw to keep your weight at bay.

Understanding All about Chiropractic Treatment and the Benefits of Using It

What is chiropractic treatment?

This is treatment as well as prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system plus all the effects of these disorders on the nervous system and on general health.  Chiropractic adjustments work by helping place your body in the right position allowing it to heal itself. This kind of treatment reduces the body’s stress that is placed on the immune system, freeing up the energy to be used in disease prevention.

Chiropractors pride themselves on using a natural drugless approach in helping their patients reach and maintain their health goals.  This treatment is based on the principle upon which the entire body has an innate ability to heal itself when kept under the right conditions.

It is the chiropractor’s job to help create the right environment that facilitates inner healing while ensuring safety.  Did you know that the nervous system controls every organ and cell in your body? Therefore, chiropractors focus on the health of the spine being properly aligned.  If they realize it has shifted out of its proper place, adjustments are used to help bring it back to the right position.

Why should you get a chiropractic adjustment?

If you ask chiropractors like the Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic San Angelo, they will tell you that the spine is the most important part of the body that needs to be taken good care of.  You will need chiropractic help if:

  • A vertebra has gone out of place because of a fall or a slip.
  • There are tight back muscles or trigger points that may pull the vertebrae out of place.
  • There is any sign of joint swelling that is caused by damage to the intervertebral joint.
  • The entire joint is misaligned due to poor posture.
  • There is an inflammatory response that is caused by poor diet, lack of pure water or psychological stress.
  • You have been suffering from osteoporosis or any degenerative changes of the spine or the intervertebral discs.

Why is it important to have good posture?

Good posture is everything to your body.  The natural habit of sitting down the entire day does a lot of damage to your spine and posture more than when you move around.  After a whole day sitting down, very few people will take the time to stretch properly, fix their posture or engage in any physical activity.

The hunched over lifestyle that is also very popular in today’s lifestyle causes straining on the neck due to the forward head posture.  Did you know that in this kind of stretch, your neck bears an extra 10 pounds of stress?

Chiropractors have observed that many of their patients regularly carry their heads two or three inches forward which means they are putting an extra 20-30 pounds of pressure on their neck.  This is dangerous for the overall health of your spine because the strain spills over to many other parts of the body.

What are the benefits of using chiropractic treatment?

To understand chiropractic treatment, it would be ideal to see the benefits of using it in order to make an informed decision.  Here are some of the benefits of using this kind of treatment for your spine.

  1. Brings relief and healing to your back – Compared to most medical treatment, the chiropractic adjustments are the most reliable. The European Spine Journal has published findings from their clinical trials exploring how chiropractic treatment resulted in 72% success rate in treating Sciatica.  Physical therapy on the other hand only had a 20% success rate in treating this condition.  Patients who suffer from sciatica and use chiropractic adjustment experience less days of severe pain compared to other types of treatment given.
  2. Treats lower back pain and neck pain – Most patients who have had neck pain or the lower back pain have indicated their satisfaction with the chiropractic care that they have received. This method eases the pain faster and eliminates the tension that the rest of the body is experiencing from the pain.  Neck pain and lower back is known to result from poor posture from the daily life you go through.  If left untreated from long, it turns into chronic pain that stresses other body organs.  It is important to understand that chiropractic adjustment gives faster relief and healing from sore neck muscles that have been left untreated for long.  This treatment method does not just heal but it also puts the muscles and the spine back in their proper position.
  3. Treats and heals migraines and headaches that are a caused by tension – Tension headaches and migraines are some of the most common conditions that most people face especially in the 21st These are easily managed by chiropractors and the results so far have been amazing.  These headaches are not just cured, but their recurrence is reduced up to 0%. Compared to medical treatments that require use of lots of medication and pain relievers, the chiropractic treatment has lasting results.
  4. Treats colic acid reflux and ear infections in children – Does that mean that chiropractic treatment can also be used on children? Yes, chiropractic care is a viable alternative to the care given to children suffering from colic and congruent problems.  The chiropractic adjustments treat these problems and provide a lasting solution.  When it comes to ear infections, a few visits to the chiropractor relives the pain and significantly improves the condition.  Notable improvement can be seen within two to three visits, with total resolution of the symptoms within three to four months of care.
  5. Aligns the nerves located in the gut and brain – These nerves experience a lot of sensitivity to any neurological insult that may be caused by vertebral subluxations. When the chiropractor realigns the spine and reduces pressure that is placed on certain nerves, the gut brain connection is greatly improved.  A healthy happy gut at any age, whether in children or adults, boosts the immune function and reduces inflammation as well as pain in many other parts of the body.
  6. Treats neurological conditions – The 21st Century medical world has exciting research being conducted through MRI scans that shows how the upper cervical adjustments are affecting various other brain conditions. The MRI scans are revealing the cerebral palsy spinal fluid and improved blood flow after a chiropractic treatment.  There is proof that the use of chiropractic treatment to help correct the vertebral subluxation that leads to seizures and epilepsy is possible in today’s world.  The conclusion made from this study shows that chiropractic care represents a successful non-pharmaceutical healthcare approach for pediatric epileptic patients.
  7. Stabilizes the blood pressure – It has been noted that there is a clear relation between hypertension and upper cervical chiropractic adjustment. This treatment has the ability to stabilize the blood pressure just like the hypertension drugs.  The more exciting news is that the effects of just one chiropractic treatment lasted over 6 months.  This is exciting news because the body is able to create a homeostatic balanced atmosphere when the vertebral subluxations are all eliminated.
  8. Prevents surgeries – Ask anyone who chose this treatment, especially before going for any surgery, and they will tell you their recovery was much better than their operated counterparts. Chiropractic treatment has been long accepted as a natural solution to many health problems and a natural way to prevent back surgery. The American Medical Association recently published information about lower back pain guidelines and suggested that people should try a chiropractor first before resorting to surgery.
  9. Repairs frozen shoulder – Pain and discomfort are the two very disturbing problems when it comes to a frozen shoulder. Many people do not know how to ease these two without using the many drugs that are prescribed to them.  Chiropractic treatment brings in a 90% of improvement within a short period of time, something that the normal medicine has not been able to do given the same amount of time.
  10. Encourages athletic performance – Most informed athletes will only visit a chiropractor instead of a normal doctor when hurt. This is because this treatment is highly effective in setting the muscles back to the right position without harming any other part of the body.  It also eliminates any other stress caused by the pain or sore muscles.  Chiropractic also addresses sports injuries in areas like the lower back, shoulder, hips and more.  This treatment helps reduce inflammation, enhance joint function and reduce pain.  It also helps improve range of motion, minimizing recovery time and maximizing the athletic performance.

Now that you have learned the benefits of using this kind of treatment, it is wise to visit a chiropractor and ask any questions you may have before you start the treatment.  Remember to ask direct questions that concern your problem rather than general questions. The clearer you are with your chiropractor, the better services you receive.  Even if you have an old problem with your back and you have had it checked by the doctor before, you can still take it to the chiropractor for treatment.

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