Orthodontic Treatments That Will Give You a Confident and Sparkling Smile

Orthodontics is one of the many special fields in dentistry. It is a dental specialty that focuses on aligning improperly positioned teeth and straitening crooked teeth to give the patients a more confident smile and improved appearance in general. Apart from the beauty of it, orthodontic treatment is also a good specialty for general oral health and functionality.

Let’s face it, having crooked, crowded or improperly aligned teeth can be very detrimental to a person’s confidence, especially for the younger generation. And every day, the orthodontic facilities come across several such cases. Fortunately, there is an effective solution to this problem and patients can now afford to wear a smile.

Orthodontic treatment options like use of permanent or removable braces is one of the most sought after treatments these days. The braces are meant to realign your teeth in the right position and make it easier for you to bite. Moreover, the more aligned your teeth look with braces, the more your overall look will be enhanced.

But even as braces give you a sigh of relief from your previous struggle, oral hygiene is something that you must take seriously. If truth be told, taking care of your teeth, especially if you have braces, requires extra effort. In fact, you might not wear that happy and healthy smile for long if you do not take extra care of your teeth.

With that said, what are some of the best options that a top orthodontist in Edmonton would give when it comes to taking care of your braces? Keep reading…

  • Always brush and floss your teeth – If you were not used to brushing your teeth on a daily basis before you got the braces, now is the time to up your game. However, when brushing or flossing, you will have to be gentle and careful not to damage the wires and brackets that hold the braces together. You should also consider using a softer toothbrush and a gentle toothpaste.

In addition to this, you will have to brush your teeth after every meal (if possible). The more you brush after meals, the more you take care of your braces and the more you increase your chances of wearing that beautiful and healthy smile for a long time.

  • Avoid candy and foods or snacks that are hard to chew – Your orthodontist will give you a list of foods and snacks to skip. For example, candy and chocolates that tend to be too sticky are a big NO for someone with braces. Hard-to-chew and crunchy snacks like popcorns are also a big no.

Basically, your orthodontist will tell you to stay away from foods or snacks that might get stuck in your braces. Having food or snacks lodged in the braces might cause them to snap or get damaged when you take a bite. On the other hand, they may fail to come out even after brushing, which is not a good dental hygiene sign.

  • Lastly, if you are an active sports person or your child is, a mouth guard would be ideal to protect your braces and teeth while you are in the field.

At the end of the day, having braces in your teeth means more aligned teeth but it also means that you have to pay more attention to your oral hygiene so that you can have not just straight teeth but also healthy ones to show.

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5 Pain Relief Tips for Patients Dealing with Arthritis

Arthritis is a medical term used to define the physical health conditions that affect a person’s joints and muscles. Patients suffering from arthritis usually complain of sever joint and muscle cramps, joint inflammation, redness, soreness and swelling, stiffness and some burning sensation. And if the symptoms continue for a prolonged amount of time, they may cause damaged tissue and severe health issues later in life.

In this post, I will be highlighting5 therapeutic pain relief strategies that you can use to reduce the pain, the prickly needles, the swelling and the soreness. Arthritis is said to limit a patient’s movement and activities. But with these arthritis pain management do’s, you can get your strength back and be able to do several activities without pain striking your joints. So, keep reading…

  • Maintaining a good posture – Let’s face it; we find ourselves in an inappropriate posture on several occasions. And as we all know, bad posture causes tension in different areas of our bodies and this will be worse for anyone suffering from arthritis. Your physical therapist will then teach you proper body posture when carrying on with daily activities, which at the end of the day will help relieve your pain and improve function.
  • Use of walkers and cranes – Arthritis is a condition that causes joints to be weak and painful. Therefore, it is almost impossible to walk on your own once you have been diagnosed with arthritis. Looking on the brighter side, your physical therapist will recommend the use of walkers and cranes to give you that extra support and ensure that you do not strain your joints. With the walkers, you will be able to reduce your pain to some degree and you will be able to walk even if it’s just a few steps.
  • Squeezing stress balls – With arthritis affecting the joints and muscle tendons, you are more likely to feel some pain and numbness in your hands and not just the legs. When you experience numbness in your arms, hands or fingers, you can gently squeeze stress balls as they are the most effective tool for stretching and flexing the hands, the fingers and the wrist. The more you squeeze on the little malleable balls, the more you stretch your wrist and hands and the more you drive the pain away.
  • Get frequent massages –Since time immemorial, massage therapy has been the most common option for tackling the pain that comes with arthritis. Reflexology and deep tissue massage are the best type of massages that physical therapists recommend for their arthritis patients. Therefore, if you are suffering from arthritis as well, why not pay a visit to a professional masseuse and explain to him or her your condition? With their knowledge in the field, they will find just the right massage therapy for you.

In conclusion, arthritis is a serious condition as it may render you immobile. Therefore, consult your medical expert immediately you experience some arthritis-related symptoms. The earlier you catch it, the better your chances of recovery.


Tom Messer is a recovering arthritis patient. He is also a blogger with his main focus being life after arthritis. You can get more information about arthritis pain management by visiting his blog here.

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10 Signs of a Thyroid Problem

Hypothyroidism affects as many as 25 million Americans, and many of them have no idea they are living with the condition. 90% of all thyroid imbalances are related to an under-active thyroid, if your thyroid is not functioning correctly, you will experience a multitude of adverse health effects.

The thyroid is a gland situated in the center of your neck. This butterfly-shaped master gland controls many metabolic functions in the body. Here are ten common signs of hypothyroidism that you may be experiencing.

10 Symptoms of Thyroid Problems:

#1 The inability to manage your weight. People suffering from hypothyroidism find it challenging to lose weight, while others may experience a rapid increase in their Body Mass Index (BMI).

#2 Extreme fatigue, even after receiving a full night’s rest. People with hypothyroidism tend to need naps during the day as a result of a slowed metabolism. This fatigue can be mistaken for a blood sugar imbalance, if you feel fatigued regularly, then it may as a result of an under-active thyroid.

#3 The inability to manage your emotions. If you are finding it hard to control your mood and experience wild swings in the state of your mental health, you may have a thyroid imbalance. Other emotional and psychological cues to watch for are an increase in anxiety and frequent bouts of depression.

#4 Estrogen, testosterone, prolactin, and progesterone are all types of hormones that can be affected by an under-active thyroid. A hormone imbalance may lead to a weakened sex drive, depression, and anxiety.

#5 Low thyroid activity can also affect the muscular and skeletal system causing joint pain, tendonitis, or other advanced conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

#6 If you are experiencing a loss of cognitive function that may include symptoms such as foggy thinking, low concentration and reduced levels of focus, then you may have hypothyroidism to thank for this low level of brain function.

#7 People living with hypothyroidism may also have issues regulating their body temperature above 98.5. This lowered body temperature results in the feeling of coldness in their extremities. An underactive thyroid can leave your fingertips, nose, and toes feeling cold or numb.

#8 Hypothyroidism also affects the skin, hair, and nails. In severe cases, hypothyroidism may result in cracked skin or eczema, hair loss, and brittle nails.

#9 Hypothyroidism affects the digestive system, and you may find that you are frequently constipated as your gut loses the ability to assimilate and metabolize your food efficiently.

#10 Since the thyroid is situated in the neck; you may discover that the gland is swollen, resulting in a hoarse voice and pain in the throat.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, then it will be best for you to visit a medical practitioner for testing. Your doctor will order a battery of blood tests, including a full hormone panel, to determine whether or not your thyroid is functioning correctly. Your lab work will include the following tests (at a minimum). Check out dysport for amazing rejuvenating effects.

  • Free T4
  • TSH
  • Free T3
  • Reverse T3
  • TgAb – Thyroglobulin Antibodies
  • TPOAb – Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

Your doctor will be able to draw a blood sample from you and send it to the local pathology lab for testing. Your results may take anywhere up to a week to return to the doctor’s office. If there is an issue, your doctor will arrange a follow-up consultation with you to discuss the treatment of the under-active thyroid with lifestyle changes and medication from the Thyroid Pharmacist.

Here are seven ideas you can use to improve your thyroid function and ensure that you do not develop hypothyroidism.

#1 Use a tyrosine supplement, it assists the body with converting FT4 to FT3.

#2 Take a high-quality, chelated multi-vitamin with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

#3 Check your gut health. Your gut biomes are responsible for assimilating the energy and nutrients from your food. Healing your gut will enhance your metabolism and improve your energy.

#4 Remove any fluoride, bromide or chlorine from your diet or environment.

#5 Sleep is an essential recovery tool you can use for your thyroid. Make sure that you are getting at least eight to ten hours of sleep every night.

#6 Reduce stress wherever you can. Try drinking some chamomile tea when you feel stressed and use a GABA supplement before you sleep to relax your mind.

#7 There has been some evidence in nutritional studies that show a link between gluten consumption and hypothyroidism. Try going gluten free by avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugar. Replace them with quality, low-GI carbohydrate sources such as sprouts and whole-grains.

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4 Secrets to Ensure Your Kids Remain Perfectly Healthy in All Aspects of Life

It is clearly undebatable that every parent’s impulse is to take great care of their children and watch them grow up healthy and strong. From birth to adulthood, children are exposed to uncountable risks and situations that could render them sick or adversely affected in various other ways. Now that you are a responsible parent, here are some of the measures you need to put in place to ensure all the dreams you have for your children definitely come true!

1) Instill in them healthy habits
It’s very important for your child to get adequate sleep. Sleep is known to improve brain capacity and development. Ensure your children develop a habit of sleeping early enough from when they are young. To do this, limit the time they spend playing video games and watching TV, especially at night. Additionally, despite the fact that children are mostly inclined towards junk food, see to it that they always have a balanced diet in all their meals. Cut down on junk food as much as possible. While at this, you wouldn’t want to forget the importance of them drinking adequate clean water every day. As a precaution, treat your water with effective purifiers to remove all hazardous chemicals and contaminants that may be present in tap water. Chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, which is mostly contained in well water and in some municipal water supply, is notorious for causing stains on clothes and a foul smell. You can get more information on the effects of hydrogen sulfide and advice on how to tackle this issue by visiting www.aquaoxfilters.com/hydrogen-sulfide-rotten-egg-smell/.

2) Prevent what is preventable
Susceptibility to various diseases varies depending on your region, age of your children and the climate. Ensure your children dress appropriately for every season while avoiding germ-infested places. You should also get them vaccinated periodically and have regular checkups with their pediatrician. Alcohol and drug abuse can be a common temptation for adolescents and older children. Drug addiction has been seen to destroy the dreams of many bright kids. To avoid this situation, instill a culture of sobriety in them by educating them on the negative effects of substance abuse, and keep them away from bad influences.

3) Engage them physically
Involve them in your morning runs and even trips to the gym. If possible, find a sport that they fancy, then develop a routine of playing with them as often as you can. Allow your kids to play with other children outdoors. This will help to develop their muscles, bones and also their teamwork skills. Cultivating an active lifestyle will also reduce their risk of developing hypertension and other lifestyle diseases later on in life.

4) Develop their mental and emotional health
Spend as much time as you can bonding with your children, ensuring that they are aware of your love, constant presence and support. Engage them in mental activities that boost their IQ development. You can do this by starting conversations with them and asking questions that challenge them to think deeper. You should also be cautious about what they watch on TV as it can greatly affect their mental and emotional development.

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The Best Nootropics for Boosting Memory

From academics, to work and basically everything you do, the benefits of having a good memory cannot be emphasized more. Memory is central to the development of knowledge, interpretation of facts, and finding meaning to objects among other functions of the brain. You need to readily retrieve information whenever you need it besides processing and storing it. And if there is any way you can improve this ability, you should consider it.

Nootropic supplements have been used to improve and boost memory. They work by enhancing your brain’s ability to not only process and store information but also retrieve it when needed, both from short and long-term memory. The following are some of the best nootropics you can count on to boost your memory.


Noopept is one of those nootropics you can use for a number of functions and enhancing memory is one of them. It is recommended for anyone looking to either begin using these supplements or seasoned users. The good thing about this nootropic is that it works well in almost all the areas it is involved in. Besides working to improve memory, Noopept is also used to reduce anxiety and stress, and to promote cognitive capabilities. Such properties, as well as a reasonably affordable price, make it one of the most popular nootropics.


Another nootropic supplement you can get on BestNootropicsNow to use for improving the functioning and performance of your brain is the Modafinil. It is also an ideal stimulant to help you stay awake. As such, you need to have this supplement if you want to stay focused, with your memory at its best for the tasks that use a lot of mental power. The effectiveness of this nootropic makes it a favorite among professionals and students.


This amino acid is ideal and essential for the proper working of the brain. It works by stimulating a number of systems in the brain, thereby making it suitable for tackling various issues affecting the brain. For instance, it can be used to improve focus and the cognitive abilities of the individual as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Furthermore, Phenylalanine can be used for relieving pain and is easy to stack.


This synthetic supplement is useful in keeping an individual alert and awake, especially during a task that requires total concentration. The nootropic supplements that make this compound famous among many professionals and students is its ability to improve memory and focus. Its working is almost similar to that of Modafinil in providing long-lasting results.


Phosphatidylserine is used for keeping the functioning of the cells in the body, including the brain cells, in check. It is categorized as a phospholipid compound and has positive effects not only on your memory but also on your mood. Also, this nootropic is used in the long-term maintenance of your brain health. Among the things that make it tick for use include the fact that it is safe for use and can work well with just about all other supplements in boosting your memory.

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How to Sleep Well When You Have Body Ache at Night

The chances of getting a good night’s rest diminish significantly when your body aches. An aching body equals lack of sleep which often leads to depression, anxiety and other health complications in the long-term. Over the years, scientists have been trying to understand the relationship between sleep and body aches. Which of the two affects the other? Continue reading “How to Sleep Well When You Have Body Ache at Night”

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Three High-Paying, Necessary Jobs That Can Be Stressful

Everybody has to work. While there’s a huge difference between a job and a career, everybody is familiar with the ins and outs of daily work. Depending on whether your occupation is one you enjoy or merely tolerate, the burdens of stress can affect you profoundly.

Overall health is impacted by the type of work we do daily. While some people love their jobs, others can’t stand being there. Whether it is stress on a physical or mental level, these problems ultimately add up and can cause plenty of illness and health difficulties over the long-term.

In many cases, high-paying careers may help pay the bills, but they can also rob their occupants of their peace of mind. Today, we’ll discuss three high-paying jobs that can be difficult to handle if you’re not careful.

Healthcare Professionals

Arguably the biggest industry employing workers, the healthcare industry can be stressful on those who help others. Ironic in a sense, considering that this line of work is about making people healthier, healthcare professionals often deal with long hours, dangerous conditions and ample stress.

At the lower rungs of the scale, nurses must deal with a variety of conditions such as exposure to bio-waste and radiation, communicable diseases and long hours. Many healthcare workers clock 60 hours per week or more, meaning lots of standing on their feet and dealing with emotionally and physically demanding situations.

For those who opt to help others by pursuing an MHA degree and work in healthcare administration, the stress of balancing budgets and peoples’ lives can be difficult to handle. This is why top-tier universities offer preparedness online MHA degree courses for those who want to help others, giving them the tools to cope with these situations and pursue their passions successfully.

End-of-Life Tradespeople

Those in the business of end-of-life services will tell you that the job is not easy. For those who work in funeral homes, crematoriums, coroner’s offices and morgues, the mental stress of these careers quickly takes its toll on people.

In many cases, end-of-life businesses are under-staffed, again requiring long hours from those who choose this line of work. While the pay is often well above the national average, the constant exposure to death can slowly eat away at those who are not prepared to handle it.

Many funeral homes and crematoriums have difficulty keeping employees for this very reason, which makes it a difficult high-paying job for many to handle.

Natural Resource Employees

Last but not least, the natural resources industries employ hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country in a variety of high-paying jobs. Many of those who work on oil rigs and refineries routinely earn six-figure incomes for blue-collar work. With great pay, however, comes great risk.

The injury rate in the natural resources sector is much higher than the national occupational average. In addition to that, exposure to harmful chemicals and hazardous conditions makes the job even more dangerous. Not only does this take an obvious physical toll on the body (many workers in this industry pull 12-hour shifts), but the daily grind takes a mental toll as well.

Ultimately, not everybody experiences substantial stress on the job. If you enjoy what you do and follow the rules, there is a good chance that you can avoid much of what life throws at you while at work. However, some jobs naturally present their employees with more stress than others – and in many cases, the pay is greater because of it. Whether you’re studying an online MHA program or preparing to work in the oil and gas business, remember that there are always trade-offs in life.

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Virectin Reviews: Regain Your Lost Mojo With Virectin

Sexual dysfunctions can develop at any time, even amongst younger men who have not yet reached the age of 40. When these problems develop, a man may feel depressed and less worthy, since masculinity is often highly dependent on a man’s abilities in the bedroom. In today’s modern world, it is well-known that these problems do not have to pose a threat to a man’s self-worth anymore, since numerous options have been developed to help men overcome the most prevalent types of sexual disorders. Whether a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, a low libido or even ejaculating too quickly during sex, different solutions now exist to treat these problems.

How Sexual Dysfunctions Affect A Man’s Life

The development of sexual dysfunctions can affect a man’s life in different ways, often depending on what type of sexual dysfunctions he is affected by. In many cases, these conditions will have an effect on his mental health. Performance anxiety, being that the man might be afraid of participating in sexual activities as he is not sure he would be able to perform during sex, is very common. Depression may also develop due to sexual dysfunctions.

When it comes to a man’s relationship with his partner, married or not, these problems can lead to arguments, dissatisfaction and misunderstandings developing in the relationship he has. Huffington Post reports that, unattended, sexual dysfunctions can lead to a problematic relationship and, in some cases, even result in divorce.

How Virectin Can Benefit A Man

There are a significant amount of benefits that a man can gain from utilizing Virectin as a natural solution to addressing some problems they might be experiencing in their sex lives. The product contains a broad spectrum of natural ingredients that offer a solution to naturally treating various sexual dysfunctions in men. According to Virectin reviews on the internet, it seems like the product is most effective in treating the following sexual problems in men:

  • Erectile dysfunction, a condition that causes the man’s erectile function to become impaired. The man may be completely unable to have an erection, his erection may not be rigid enough for intercourse or he may not be able to maintain his erection during sex.
  • Ejaculatory disorders, including premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and inhibited ejaculation.
  • Low sex drive, which means the man will not be interested in participating in sexual activities as much as he used to be.
  • Other problems may include low endurance, which means the man may run out of energy in the middle of sex. This could lead to sex ending too soon, leaving both partners unsatisfied.

The Virectin Formula

Virectin offers a scientifically-proven formula that only includes ingredients found in nature, including vitamins, minerals and certain herbs that can provide several benefits to the human body, which, in turn, helps to improve particular aspects of a man’s sexual wellbeing. The ingredients utilized in this formula include niacin, selenium, tribulus terrestris, l-arginine, zinc, fenugreek, herbaepimedium, cnidium monnieri, ashwagandha, avena sativa and mucuna pruriens.

One of the most noticeable ingredients listed above would be l-arginine. This is a specific type of amino acid that is extremely useful for improving the function of the blood circulatory system. Inside the human body, l-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which, in turn, causes blood vessels to open wider so that more blood can flow through the body ‑ including towards the penis, causing better erections.

The Good And The Bad About Virectin

It is important to look at both the good facts and the bad facts about Virectin before deciding to buy the product. By considering these particular aspects, a man that is interested in using the product may be able to better determine how appropriate Virectin is for them and the particular issues they are facing.

Let’s start by considering the positive facts about Virectin:

  • Virectin is completely natural and does not cause any serious side-effects that may cause harm to the user’s wellbeing. When compared to the use of a drug like Cialis or Viagra and the side-effects these drugs often causes, this would most likely be the top rated benefit that an interested man should consider when they are trying to figure out whether or not to buy this supplement.
  • Many similar supplements only focuses on one particular aspect of sexual health, but Virectin rather focuses on providing a multi-action solution that addresses multiple issues, including erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory issues, a low sex drive and low stamina.
  • Virectin is affordable and can be ordered by any person, from anywhere. All that is needed is a valid payment method and a valid shipping address. The product can be purchased for under $45 per bottle.

Now that we discussed the positive facts about the supplement, let’s also discuss some of the negative aspects about this supplement:

  • Although no serious side-effects are listed, some men may still experience a slight sensitivity toward some ingredients or even an allergic reaction. Analyzing the ingredients prior to use could help avoid such a problem.
  • Free shipping is only offered on orders that exceed a total value of $60. This means buying one single bottle of Virectin will incur additional costs for shipping.
  • Virectin has not been developed to offer instant results, but rather to act upon particle issues gradually. Even though this is actually a benefit that the product offers, some men may be looking for faster results.

How Virectin Compares

Thousands of products have been launched in the male enhancement supplement industry. Some are effective and others are simply a waste of money. Identifying the good from the bad in this industry can be difficult. Virectin is one of the more effective supplements that men can take, and is often preferred over some of the other supplements that are available on the market.

Final Verdict

Virectin offers a 100% natural way for men to restore their erectile function and help them perform better in the bedroom. The supplement is an affordable  erectile dysfunction natural treatment, and can also assist with eliminating symptoms related to other common sexual problems in men, and does not pose a threat to their wellbeing as the supplement has not been associated with any serious adverse reactions.






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What causes varicocele and what are the risk factors?

What is varicocele?

Varicocele is certainly similar in looks to a varicose vein, but it occurs only in men, and it appears in the region of the testicles, usually above the left testicle. However, its consequences can affect both testicles. Varicocele is quite common and occurs in more than 10% of men, often appearing in adolescence or early adulthood. (15 to 25 years old).

Is it an illness?

Having varicocele is considered a very frequent and progressive illness, it certainly affects mostly teenagers, but can also be found even in adults. It can cause testicular pain. This pain varies. Some patients experience mild, plain pain or even only a slight feeling of heaviness, that increases when sitting on chairs or tables, any hard surface in general, standing for long periods of time or simply, after performing physical exercise, especially for long periods of time. It can worsen over the course of the day and can be relieved when the patient lies on his back.

What are some of the symptoms of varicocele?

Varicocele Symptoms include:

-Enlarged and twisted veins in the scrotum.

-Painless testicular tumor, inflammation of the scrotum or protuberance within the scrotum.

-Possible problems with infertility or decreased sperm count.

What are some of the consequences of varicocele?

Varicoceles can also cause infertility, for that reason, it is necessary to diagnose them in its early stages. Varicocele is an enlargement of one of the veins that are located inside the scrotum. The scrotum is the skin bag that protects and holds the testicles in place. A varicocele is similar to the varicose veins known to appear on the legs of people with known blood circulation problems. Varicoceles are known to deter normal blood flow through the scrotum and damage sperm production in the long run.

They may also worsen in the long run but fortunately are easily treatable. If the symptoms are causing noticeable consequences, they can be treated with surgery. The problem is that a patient accumulates them; it may be painful and affect the reproductive health of the patient. Varicoceles can damage sperm due to the heat that they produce surrounding the testicles, on the spermatic cord, which is responsible for the transportation of blood to and from the testicles. It should be remembered that these organs need to be especially colder than the rest of the body to store sperm without damaging it.

What causes varicocele?

There are not scientifically verified causes of varicoceles, but some experts that have studied them believe that they form when the spermatic cord’s veins have their valves collapsed and caused bad functioning of the expected blood flow. Varicoceles occur when there are abnormalities in the veins of the testicles and can cause the decrease in the quantity and quality of sperm, in addition to reducing the size of the testicles (atrophy). The dilation that occurs can cause a backup in the veins, and they dilate. This then can damage the testicle and impair its correct functioning, later causing infertility.

When should you see a doctor?

The fact that it does not cause severe symptoms, varicocele treatment is often delayed. They can often be found during a fertility evaluation or a routine physical exam.

However, if you experience pain or swelling in the scrotum or discover a mass in the scrotum, contact your doctor. A series of conditions can cause a scrotal mass or testicular pain, some of which can require immediate treatment.

Are there particular risk factors?

It does not seem to have severe risk factors for the development of a varicocele in particular; however, some research suggests that being overweight can increase your risk of developing this illness.

How is it treated?

Varicocele treatment may include the following:

-Bed rest. Depending on the severity of your discomfort, you may want to stay in bed for a day or two.

-Raise your scrotum. While lying down, place a folded towel under the scrotum.

-Apply cold compresses on the scrotum. Wrap the package in a thin towel and remove the cold pack every 30 minutes or so to avoid damaging the skin. Ice should not be applied directly to the skin, as it can cause frostbite.

-Analgesics and anti-inflammatories. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, and paracetamol can help with pain.

-Refrain from having sex and avoid lifting heavy objects.

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Improving your Health and Dealing with a Runny Nose

Staying healthy is vital for a happy, long and fulfilling life. There are various components of physical and mental health that can make it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health can be improved in different ways but attempting to make numerous changes at the same time can be overwhelming.

Making small significant changes that you are able to commit to is the best way to enhance overall wellbeing. You can add changes over time by focusing on a few areas that will enable you to experience gradual and positive effects on your health.

Balanced Diet

Consume a balanced diet that consists of low salt, low sugar, healthy fats and high fiber. Eating a healthy diet increases your energy and improves your outlook on life. A diet that is rich in fiber enables regular bowel movements and reduces your risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Healthy fats are found in foods like avocados, nuts and fish. Eat plenty of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and kale that are full of essential nutrients and vitamins.

Food Journal

  • A food journal will make it easier for you to keep track of what you eat each day.
  • Writing down what you eat is a simple way to prevent you from making unhealthy food choices. When you keep a log of all the food you eat, you also become aware of the changes you need to make to your diet. Assess your consumption regularly and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Download food apps that provide nutritional information and can help you with your tracking.


Exercise as often as recommended and include both moderate and vigorous activity on a regular basis. This is important for your health as you get older and can positively influence your mood, focus and brain function. From brisk walks to weight lifting, an actively lifestyle is healthy and rejuvenating. Find solutions for the common causes of a runny nose here.

Running Nose- Reasons and Remedies

Running noses are typically frustrating, distracting and inconvenient. If you are afflicted by a runny nose, there are different remedies worth considering.

  • If the cause of your runny nose is a cold, you can try a steam treatment or taking a soothing decongestant.
  • Breathing in steam as you take a hot shower can provide relief. For runny noses that result from allergies, an antihistamine will help to ease the symptoms.
  • Regardless of what may be causing your runny nose, gently massaging the area between your eyes, your earlobes and nose can help to ease sinus pressure.


Treating Underlying Causes

  • An important step towards effectively dealing with a runny nose is to establish the reason your nose is running.
  • Being aware of why you have a leaky nose will enable you to identify the right treatment solution. Some of the basic and potential runny nose causes include allergies, clogging, illness, lifestyle choices and stress.
  • Antihistamines, steam, decongestants, clearing the irritant and getting enough rest are among the recommended cures for a runny nose.
  • Clean your nose regularly by gently blowing it to get rid of the excess fluid. Nasal irrigation products can be used to clear out your nasal passages.

Cold Weather- Preventing a Running Nose

Running noses are common occurrences. This is due to the nasal passages attempting to warm air before it goes to the lungs and additional fluid is produced. You can prevent a running nose during cold weather by moistening and warming air before it goes into your nose.

Moistening and Warming Air

  • Use a wool scarf to wrap your mouth and nose when outdoors. While you breathe through the scarf, the space between the scarf and your face will warm up. Exhaling moisture into this space also moistens the air. Moistening and warming the space reduces the need for your sinuses to produce moisture and prevents your nose from running.
  • Although the air indoors may be warm, it can be excessively dry and trigger a running nose. You can run a room or whole-house humidifier.
  • Saline nasal sprays work by moistening the nasal passages. This provides a remedy that keeps the passages moist restrains over-production of fluid.


  • Your nose may run due to illness that is usually accompanied by other types of symptoms like a cough or sore throat.
  • Crying leads to excess fluid being drained through the nose.
  • Nasal passages heat air before it reaches the lungs. This is facilitated by the nose producing extra fluid during cold weather.

While you may be tempted to breathe through your mouth, you should avoid this because you will end up exposing your throat to dry and cold air that can lead to a cough, dry mouth and sore throat. The body typically breathes through the nose and prevents such symptoms.

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