All you need to know about Qlu Health’s recent launch in the UK

The founder of Smart Cells International LTD, Mr. Shamshad Ahmed, recently launched the UK’s first private stem cell banking company. The name of this company is Qlu Health and it works with many leading researchers and laboratories across the globe. They cumulatively contribute to genetic testing health reports and discover more possibilities every day.

Qlu Health primarily aims to offer better genetic testing than what prevails right now. The existing condition in terms of genetic testing is quite a concern to people. Many tests don’t have genetic utility and record poor client data policies. There are brokering or selling of samples and data with incomplete testing. Many places don’t follow up after such tests too.

Qlu Health offers an easy and confidential way of genetic testing. There is a high quality in the level of clinical utility. They implement proper scientific methods and continue to give clinical support. They also guarantee that client data will never be exposed or sold.

Qlu Health also offers affordable services that start with £250 for a personalized report. These are easily understandable results and give you a unique experience. Their tests are done by their skilled clinical staff that keeps in touch with you after the test is done. They offer health plans, follow up on improvement, and so on. Qlu Health is currently offering different types of genetic health testing options. Areas like nutrition, gut health, cancer and cardiac issues are all handled by them.

How can Qlu Health help you?

As per WHO, 80% of people can prevent heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke by changing their lifestyles. Only 5-10% of cancer is hereditary and 42% of cancer in the UK is preventable. Fitness and nutrition testing makes a huge impact. NutriQlu by Qlu Health testing gives you an insight into your fitness level and help you lose weight 5.3% more than others do.

Genetic analysis by Qlu Health reports about metabolism, weight management, food intolerance, body composition, and so on. They analyze 32 markers related to types of cancer. 6 out of 9 of these risk factors relates to cardio health, while gut microbiota relates to conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and so on.

Why you need genetic testing?

Genetic testing is one of the effective ways of diagnosing diseases and allergies. It gives you an insight if you have higher risks as well. It provides an incentive to make lives healthier with better lifestyle choices. You know what you should eat, how much to exercise, why to take out time for relaxation, and so on. You also know if there are chances of disease that you can prevent before it hits you.

Some women discover that they have BRCA1 or BRCA2 cancer gene mutation. They can choose a surgery to get their breasts or ovaries removes, and that reduces the risk of cancer. Some diseases respond better to specific treatments. For example, if you have cancer due to a genetic link or the risk to have cancer, you can prevent it by an effective treatment if you know the reason behind it.

Types of tests done by Qlu Health

  1. NutriQlu

If you want to understand the level of nutrition your body gets and how to improve, try NutriQlu. It is a test that detects your nutrition intake and helps the doctor give you better suggestions. You know about the overall health, body composition, ways to perform better, and so on. The reports you’d get include diet, nutrient deficiencies, and exercises that can help you the most.

2. GutQlu

Unlike genetic tests, GutQlu helps you monitor your digestive tract. It uses a stool swab test to get the right reports. The doctors will be able to impact on your lifestyle and the changes you need to make for a healthier digestive system.  You get the idea suggestions that can prevent conditions that range from constipation to diabetes.

3. CancerQlu

People who detect cancer at the first stage have more chances of survival. It also reduces the cost of expenses that go higher in other stages. CancerQlu helps identify cancer at a treatable stage and not when it is critical. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the UK and the risks are critical. When you know that there are mutation possibilities, it helps doctors create personalized screening plans. It increases chances of quick detection of cancer and quicker treatment.

4. CardiacQlu

The test for CardiacQlu can be designed for anybody. It offers personalized information on several health-related issues. It gives you a sheer chance to improve the condition and avoid preventable problems. Many times, people opt for NutriQlu and CardiacQlu together to understand the condition of their health and lifestyle in an overall.

Qlu Health is one of the effective healthcare places to turn to in the UK right now. They can help you prevent and cure diseases before matters worsen or get deadly.

How to Find a Cancer Treatment Facility

Cancer requires specialized treatment. That is why it is paramount to find the treatment center that will meet your specific needs. In the search for a good cancer clinic, people use many methods. Some find an oncologist then choose the center at which the oncologist works. Other people find a treatment center that treats the type of cancer that they have then find a doctor that works in the center. Regardless of the approach you use, it is important to note that the staff at the center will become part of your care team. This will include the physician assistants, nurses, technicians and social workers. When searching for a good treatment center, here are some of the things you need to consider.


Cancer treatment is pretty expensive. It is not something you want to pay from your pocket. The main factor that affects your choice of treatment clinic should therefore be your insurance. Before you start your search, it is good to contact your insurance company first. They will provide you with a list of approved facilities. This way, your search will be confined to the list.

Type of cancer 

Another very important consideration you will have to make is the type of cancer that you have. Not all facilities treat all cancer types. A good number of facilities today specialize. Some clinics are also known for treating certain types of cancer more than others. If you have skin cancer, you will have to look for a skin cancer clinic. Your doctor can help you find the right clinic for you based on the type of cancer you have and the treatment you will need.


The two first points are unavoidable when searching for a good cancer clinic. The next step is a matter of narrowing down your search. Start by talking to friends, family and patients who know a thing or two about the clinic you are considering. You have to take time to ask around. Don’t ignore your doctor. He will be able to point you in the right direction.


You also need to make sure that the clinic you are going for is located nearby. Although it is possible to use specialized centers in another country or a different part of the country, that is not possible for everyone. Convenience has to be something you pay close attention to. This is more so when considering that after radiation or chemotherapy, you will most probably not feel your best. The closer the clinic is to you the better.

Availability of social support 

It is good to pick a clinic that offers education or social support for persons going through the cancer treatment. Social support will help you and your family a lot throughout the treatment.

Clinical trials

Last but not least, check if clinical trials are offered in the center. Clinical trials are the engine through which advances are made in treatment. You want to benefit from them.

Choosing a cancer clinic is very important. Once the treatment starts, the last thing you want is to have to go through the motions of finding a different clinic. It is good to remain with one treatment center for all your treatment needs.