6 Great Benefits You Get From Teeth Cleaning

Brushing your teeth alone isn’t enough to maintain a gorgeous smile. It is also important that you undergo regular dental cleanings and let a professional deal with hard-to-reach areas.

The good news is that the benefits you can get from dental cleaning have positive implications for your dental hygiene, as well as your mental state and even your overall health.

Trusted dentists offering professional teeth cleaning in Fort Lauderdale share these six great benefits of investing in dental cleanings:

1. Dental issues are detected early

Dental cleanings don’t only involve cleaning your teeth. The dentist will also check your mouth, teeth, and tongue for any initial signs of dental problems. This allows the dentist to tackle an emerging condition before it gets worse.

2. You save money

Investing in dental cleanings may not initially appear to save you money, but if you look at the bigger picture, leaving your teeth and gums unchecked puts you at risk of racking up various expenses by way of all the treatments you would need to correct future dental issues.

When it comes to oral health, prevention is better than cure, and that also works for your budget.

For instance, filling in a cavity will cost you and will require repeat consultations. Paying constant visits to the dentist to have your dental issues treated will disrupt your regular working hours, which means you also lose money.

Dental problems, especially once that have been neglected, can become more difficult and expensive to treat. But with regular dental cleanings, many dental issues can be prevented, which means you can save money.

3. Cavities, plaque, and discoloration are prevented

Your smile serves as your calling card and is one of the things people first notice about you when you first meet or interact with each other. It’s crucial that you preserve that beautiful smile to make great first impressions, aside from preserving your overall health.

Love to drink coffee, tea, and wine? These beverages can actually stain your teeth. If your teeth have become anything but pearly white because of the food you eat, dentists specializing in teeth whitening in Fort Lauderdale can help you solve that problem.

Plaque is the whitish film that builds up on your teeth and is also the leading cause of tooth decay. If left unattended, plaque, with its acidic substance, eats away at tooth enamel, and this leads to the formation of cavities. Through regular brushing, flossing, and cleanings, you can prevent plaque from ruining your teeth.

4. Teeth cleaning prevents tooth loss

If you truly treasure your teeth, you should be vigilant about caring for them. You can do that by preventing gum disease, which starts with the built-up plaque. When gum disease advances, plaque will move further down your tooth. It then destroys the bone support in your jaw, which causes your teeth to loosen and fall out.

To reduce the chances of tooth loss, get regular dental cleanings and make sure to observe good oral hygiene habits.

5. It helps boost overall health

It’s a given fact that dental health is connected to your overall health. For instance, oral hygiene is a contributing factor for stroke.

When gum disease isn’t diagnosed and treated, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and form plaque inside blood vessels, and this can lead to blood clots, or worse, heart attacks.

Your dentist can spot certain diseases in their early stages if you get regular dental cleanings. It’s important that you have your teeth cleaned so you can stay on top of your health needs and avoid complications later on.

6. You learn more about proper dental care

Learning how to maintain good personal oral health is a continuous process. Each time you visit your dentist for teeth cleanings, you can pick up new and helpful oral health information unique to your needs.

For example, you may be brushing your teeth the wrong way or damaging your gums with over-flossing. Your dentist can help show you the correct method so you can achieve the best results and preserve your dental health.

Visits to get dental cleanings can lead you to insights about proper oral hygiene processes that you didn’t know before. These are lessons that you carry with you long after your dental cleaning session.

Preserve Your Smile

Making a great first impression matters, so it’s important to keep your teeth healthy and looking good. Committing to regular teeth cleanings by your trusted dentist is essential, and the good news is that you can walk away from the session with so much more than just a beautiful smile. You can also learn the best ways to improve your oral health as well as preserve your overall health and well-being.

Show off your Hollywood smile – tips on proper dental health

Oral health is sadly often neglected by the regular individual and besides the usual teeth brush, not many people look after their teeth the way they should. If you have ever experienced a dental emerging, you probably know by now how painful issues of this kind can get, so instead of being faced with another unpleasant situation of this sort, improving the way you are caring about your teeth is advised. But what exactly are the recommended things to do here? What practices should you prioritize when it comes to oral health? The following pointers will help you understand how to keep your smile Hollywood-worthy, so keep reading:

Learn how to brush correctly

Start by understanding the importance of knowing how to brush your teeth correctly. If you aren’t using your toothbrush the way you should, it can be almost as bad as not using it at all. The toothbrush should be moved in circular motions for the proper removal of plaque. You should also be gentle to not cause any damage to your gums. Unremoved plaque caused by improper brushing can trigger various issues, it can build up and lead to gingivitis, for example, which is certainly something you would want to avoid. Make sure you have a high-quality toothbrush at your disposal, brush your teeth at least twice a day and be attentive of your moves.

Prioritize regular check-ups

Often, a tooth problem may not show any signs until it aggravates itself, leading to pain and a long process of treatment and repair. To spot potential issues early, you are recommended to visit your dental care provider on a regular basis for basic check-ups. When a serious dental problem is spotted early, the entire treatment will be easier, faster, less painful and certainly less expensive.  An expert will also be able to provide you with tips on how to maintain sensitive teeth or gums in-check if this is something you are dealing with. Also, visiting a dental clinic will be just another step in prevention. Through standard procedures such as a professional brush of your teeth, for example, you will be improving your dental health, and decrease the odds of being faced with a cavity, decay or another similar issue. Find yourself a good clinic and a reliable specialist, and set as a priority to go in for a check-up on a regular basis. West House Dental Clinic suggests its patients come in for a standard check-up at least once in six months, so make sure to do the same.

Don’t skip on mouthwash

Mouthwash is seen by many as a product they use when they are dealing with bad breath and want to benefit from a touch of freshness. Although this product does have that effect, it is also useful for dental health in general. Mouthwash will clean those areas around the gums that can be hard to reach using a toothbrush, it will also re-mineralize your teeth and a reduction in mouth acid will also be noticed. Using this type of product regularly can certainly contribute to your general dental health, and if you have troubles choosing the right option (you might have sensitive teeth for example) ask your dentist for a recommendation.

Show off your Hollywood smile – tips on proper dental health

Your toothpaste should contain fluorine

Considering the wide variety of toothpaste the market now has available, it can seem difficult to decide on one, so you might just purchase the first one you come across or from a brand you have seen in an ad somewhere. Well, what you should know is that instead of focusing on the taste of the product or on its advertising whitening characteristics, as many people are tempted to do, you need to make sure the toothpaste contains fluorine. This is the substance that will protect you against tooth decay by fighting the germs that cause this problem, so regardless of what brand you buy, look at the ingredient list first.

Flossing is a must

It will be pointed out to you by any dental specialist that flossing is almost as important as brushing itself. There are many benefits provided if you if start treating this dental care process as relevant as brushing. You will be avoiding plaque buildup, which is quite a common problem, you can stimulate your gums, as well as reduce any inflammation in certain areas. remember that this isn’t something you need to do just when you have a piece of food stuck in your teeth, so get enough dental floss in your bathroom cabinet, and try to use it at least once a day – the difference will be noticeable.

Show off your Hollywood smile – tips on proper dental health smiling

Watch what you eat and drink

Last but not least, probably the most difficult thing you will need to do is being more careful with the drinks and foods you consume. What you choose to eat and drink can have a negative impact on your genre oral health and on your teeth’s appearance. It can be hard to give up on the treats you love, and you don’t have to entirely, but moderation is still advised. Sugary treats for example, as well as acid foods, might erode your teeth’s enamel, leading to cavities. Tea and coffee can also have the same negative effect, and these drinks will also affect the color of your teeth. Try to be more careful with what you eat and drink and how often. Crunch and fresh produce, on the other hand, will impact your oral health in a positive way, so switch to these option from time to time, instead of your usual ready to eat meals.

While brushing your teeth might be part of your usual morning and evening routine, there are other relevant things that need to be done as well, if you want to keep your dental health in-check for a long period of time. The tips in this article clearly explain how you should be looking after your teeth and what practices should not be neglected. Considering how unpleasant and painful a dental problem can actually be, prevention is always the better alternative. Take these suggestions into account, and you can pride yourself with a Hollywood smile.

What Makes A Good Dental Practice?

Most dentists receive a very good education, even then, they continue further technical training whilst in practice; this ensures that dentists practice their profession at a high professional level at all times. But what makes an excellent dental practice special? There are some features that every patient can quickly check.

Good Practice Organization

Professionals know this: special appointments in the evening meet the needs of patients. But flexible hours do not say anything about the quality of a dental practice. Long waiting times for an appointment or long waiting times in practice are often an indication of a bad practice organization. No patient should have to wait longer than 30 minutes for a fixed appointment. In the case of pain, it should always be possible to receive an appointment in a timely manner.

How Discreet Is The Service?

Whether in the waiting room or treatment room – not all conversations between patients and the dentist or the practice team should be able to hear third parties. Both the dentist and the practice team, therefore, pay attention to discretion in good practice.

Good Practice Team

A good practice team is friendly, creates a pleasant atmosphere, and helps make you feel good in practice. But above all, employees should take their time with you, for example, if you have questions about billing formalities or oral hygiene. For purely medical information, however, the dentist is responsible.

Can Handle Anxious Patients Effectively

Fear of dentists is a big thing for many people. Some patients already feel sick days before a visit to the dentist. As a rule, own bad experiences or those of acquaintances are to blame. Talk to a specialist dentist to discuss your concerns and why you have them. A good dentist will respond to this and try to examine with special treatment methods more pleasant, or even to take the fear at best.

Can Handle Young Patients

Many children are afraid of dentists. This is because they may not understand how important regular dental visits are to them. Even long sitting still is difficult for most people, let alone children. Some dentists have specialized in the needs of children and created a practice only for the small patients. But good “general dentists” are also adapting to the special target group and are patient when their little patients need more attention than most of the big ones.

Beware of Alleged Specialists

Dentists are highly competitive. With bold terms that promise experience and competence, new patients are often recruited. Other than in the other doctor groups, there are only a few specialist titles in the dental field.

These include the specialist dentists for periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery. Terms like “Implantologist” are not protected and therefore do not offer any quality mark.

Patients should pay attention to whether the title is linked to the further education of a professional society and their qualifications are similar to those that are nationally accepted, such as those found on The Ultimate Medical Academy.

Competent Initial Discussion And Examination

When patients present themselves in a new practice, the dentist should conduct a detailed initial consultation. They will ask about existing diseases such as tooth decay, or other underlying diseases, as well as possible therapy wishes. It is also vital to have a thorough initial examination so that the dentist can make their own picture of the health of the teeth and the gums. This sometimes includes an X-ray of the teeth.

Good Advice

Good dental advice is important especially for pregnant women who are more susceptible to infections. If a specific treatment is required, the doctor must advise the patient in understandable language. The handing over of written information never replaces the obligatory conversation. The advice should not take place lying down, but be sitting and at eye level with the doctor. Not the practice staff, but the doctor advises the patient comprehensively on the course of the therapy and its risks and offers alternatives.

A dentist, who is not only interested in the patient’s money, will name free alternatives of the health insurance and offer additional offers with additional private costs as such. Differences in price and quality must be clearly understandable for the patient.

Keen On Oral Care At Home

A good dentist acts according to the motto, prevention is better than cure, and he puts great emphasis on oral care at home such as professional teeth cleaning to prevent dental problems as we age. They also take the time to explain to their patients what effective dental care looks like. A good dentist will actively involve the patient in dental care and is not primarily concerned with regularly selling him expensive products or services.

Beware Of Review Portals

Doctor reviews portals, where patients can also find reviews on dentists, are now enjoying great popularity. However, patients should be aware that distortion and manipulation are possible.

On the one hand, doctors can buy so-called “Premium Entries” on some rating portals so that they appear at the top of the hit list or are highlighted in color. This ranking is then not due to positive reviews. Patients should therefore also ask friends, acquaintances, and colleagues for advice.

What Are The Hygiene Conditions?

A dentist’s office should make a clean, well-kept impression since a lack of cleanliness does not just speak for sufficient hygiene in the medical treatment. You should take a close look at the therapy room, including the equipment and the dentist’s set. That must be hygienic.

Dentists wear their mouthguard and gloves just like their practice team in the treatment chair. Clean instruments and a new, clean mug at the pool are self-evident anyway.

Offers Professional Tooth Cleaning

Scaler removal is by no means sufficient for optimum prevention of dental diseases. Every good practice, therefore, offers professional teeth cleaning. In the process, coverings above and below the gum line are removed, discoloration is eliminated, and the tooth surfaces are polished.


Even a conscientious dentist may experience problems after treatment. If you are not satisfied, say so. The dentist checks if there are any deficiencies and fixes them free of charge. They will always try to find a solution that will satisfy you. This is when you know you have a good dentist that cares and is willing to solve your problems.