Fitness tips to swear by in 2019

As lives are getting more hectic by the day and times are getting tougher, fitness is one positive thing to swear by. Previously, most people had a way to stay active in their lives. From playing at a park to taking your kids to the park – we were always on our foot. In our automated lives right now, we need to do more of brainwork than physical movements. For these reasons, fitness needs more individualistic attention and time.

Our lives have become sedentary and we have too many excuses to skip fitness routines. Rather than taking out 2 hours for the gym, check out some alternatives that can keep you active through the day. Here, we will help you figure out a few easy steps that can keep you fit and active like people used to before. These are minor lifestyle changes for a healthier body and mind.

Tips to stay fit in the millennial era

Check out some tips that you can consciously follow all through your day rather than hitting the gym:

1. Wake up earlier to walk

Can you go back to the ‘early to bed and early to rise’ theory? If you usually wake up at 8 am and leave for work at 9 am, you are missing out on the early rays of sunshine. The early hours of the day can boost your positivity, give you the right dose of vitamin D, and let you explore another world that’s awake at those hours.

You can at least wake up an hour before to go for a run, jog, or simply to walk. Even sparing 30 minutes of your day to walk brisk can exercises your legs and you don’t need a treadmill for it.

2. Take the stairs

If you need to climb up five or six floors, you can simply take the stairs. It is a minor change that makes a lot of difference. If you need to move from one department to other in your office, you can choose to take the stairs every time. It saves time that you’d have spent doing the mountain climber exercise at home.

3. Have a target

Suppose you want to save petrol to buy a new car and get rid of the old one you have. You can choose to cycle to your office till you save sufficient money to buy a new one. Creating goals like this can primarily bring in a huge change, but you can do it without spending additional time.

4. Eat healthily

Start with two meals a day and make sure that they are healthier than the other two. Try to cut down on carbs that come from unhealthy food or junk. If you stick to a hearty breakfast and a light dinner, you can have something you like for lunch. Start small and you’d see that it makes a big impact. Make sure you add nutrition to your meals and don’t just eat without acknowledging them.

5. Stay hydrated

To keep yourself ticking through a rough day, your body needs lots of water. Women need to drink 11 glasses and men need to drink 16 glasses of water every day. If it is too tough for you to remember you can set alarms or timers to remind when to repeat. Most of us forget to drink water until we feel a dry throat.

6. Cook at home

Spare at least one hour of your day to make quick meals. Office goers, especially singles who live alone, have a tendency to order food or eat outside. You can do it for a couple of times a week, but not every day. Eating outside can lead you onto several health disorders and the most common one is finding gallstones in your bladder.

7. Take breaks

If you have a sitting job, you must consciously take breaks every hour. Walk around a passage, stretch a little, and then head back. Your eyes and back need to rest once a while to keep away from harmful side effects. Most millennials start having back problems in their 30s and it is tough to fight it away.

8. Do as you like

Your fitness mantras have to come from you because you’d know the best for yourself. We can give you tips but you’d ultimately do the ones that suit you. According to your lifestyle and schedule, choose what you think can keep you active and healthy. It might mean swimming, cycling, yoga, or literally hitting the gym. When you do as you like, you don’t feel compelled and getting fit becomes easy.

Along with these tips, try to maintain good skin and hair quality by adding the right nutrition to your diet. Keep yourself hydrated, clean, and moisturized to make the most of your inner and outer glow!

10 Expert Fitness Tips and Strategies Everyone Should Know

Perhaps you have been longing to have a healthy and fit body, and you thus have decided to be aware of your diet, do workouts, and get enough sleep. However, you are not sure if these things alone will bear you the fruits you expect. Here are some expert fitness tips and strategies that you should know:

  1.      Never skip a post workout meal

The recovery meal after your workout is crucial,soyou should never skip it. The notion that eating this meal will undo the calories you have burned is totally wrong. Consuming 10-20 grams of protein and 20-30 grams of carbs up to 30 minutes after your workout helps to refuel your muscles, foster recovery, spike your energy, and develop the leaner physique that you so much desire.

  1.      Avoid being too specific with your fitness goals

Working toward losing an exact number of pounds is not only a lofty goal, but it is also often an unachievable one. Instead, working with a range, such as losing 5 to 8 pounds in 4 weeks, could result in a more successful outcome than if you aim to lose exactly 5 pounds in 4 weeks.

  1.      Finding a fitness partner will help you achieve your goals

Having a workout buddy not only keeps you accountable, but they can also help you stay longer at the gym and thus torch more fat. You are more likely to achieve your goals with rather than without a partner.

  1.      Stick to a workout for two weeks

If you are worried about motivation, change your workout routine every two weeks. According to a study by the University of Florida, trainees who changed their workout after 2 weeks were more likely to adhere to their routine than those who switched whenever they wanted.It emerged that people simply enjoyed variety, while boredom was not the issue.

  1.      Go 2-for-1

While doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), follow a work-to-rest ratio of 2:1, for example sprint for one minute and rest for 30 seconds. Several recent studies, including that of the Bowling Green State University,have confirmed that this formula increases the chances of better workout results. You could also improve your chances of getting outstanding results by using reliable steroids that you can buy from, which is one of the best and most trusted online steroid sellers.

  1.      Focus on quality over quantity

You need to value quality over quantity and thus ensure you do each exercise the right way, instead of incorrectly repeating an exercise many times. For example, it is irrelevant how many pushups you can perform in a minute if you are not doing a single one the right way.

  1.      Connect with your real motivation

To remain on course with your fitness goals, find the real thing that motivates you and you will not skip a day. For example, instead of getting fit to slip into your favorite jeans, you may do so to have healthier and stronger relationships with your loved ones, as you will be better able to take care of yourself.

  1.      Mind your portions

At dinner, forget the measuring scoop and get a standard plate. If you can place food items on the plate without any one touching the other, your portion size is appropriate.

  1.      Make the rope your friend

You may not be aware, but the jump rope is one of the best training tools you are not using. The beauty of the rope is that it is cheap, portable, and you can use it almost anywhere. With the rope, you can burn 200 calories in 20 minutes, enhance your cardiovascular health, and tone the body.

  1.  Focus on achieving daily goals

Although long-term fitness goals are vital, they may make you feel overwhelmed and hopeless.Avoid thinking about how many waistline inches you want to have lost in six months, and instead concentrate on small,everyday successes. For example, have a goal for today—to eat breakfast, drink enough water, and do a workout. With your attention on the present, the future will certainly be successful.