How to Protect Fair Skin from The Sun

If you have fair skin or have children that do, you will know how hard it is to protect your skin from sunburn and just how easy it is to burn. Fair skin is more at risk in the sun than any other skin tone and burns the quickest. This is due to a natural substance found in the body called Melanin. The more Melanin you have in your skin, the darker your skin tone is. Those with fair skin have little Melanin, which helps protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Here are a few ways to protect that fair skin next time you are going out in the sun.


The most important part of protecting our skin is ensuring that we have a reliable sunscreen with a strong factor. For fair skin, factor 50+ is the best way to ensure that our skin is protected from the UV rays and that we reduce the risk of sunburn. The SPF of a sunscreen can be confusing to many people and we shouldn’t assume a factor 50 sunscreen means it can last all day. Understanding what SPF means and how it relates to protecting the skin from sunburn is important in understanding why we still need to reapply it often.

Experts suggest that we should still reapply sunscreen every 1-2 hours. You do not need to lather yourself until you stick to everything in sight. Ensure your skin is covered evenly as layering will not make it any more effective. As we sweat, we will lose the effects of the sunscreen and, therefore, that is why applying every 1-2 hours keeps us safe from UV rays. This is especially important if you are using the pool or sea, as even waterproof sunscreen will eventually come off. Apply sunscreen around 20 minutes before going out into the sun, so that your skin has time to soak it in and reap the benefits. Every person with fair skin may have different skin needs. There are sunscreens for those with oily, dry, or combination skin, which can give you the best skincare whilst protecting your skin from the sun.

Using Hats/Umbrellas

Just because you are wearing sunscreen, it does not mean your fair skin is fully protected from the sun. A prime target for UV rays can be your scalp, as chances are you have not used sunscreen here as your hair provides cover. Unfortunately, your hair doesn’t completely protect you from sunburn and the best way to avoid a dry, sunburnt scalp is a hat. If you are not a fan of wearing a hat, there are many alternatives such as scarves or caps. If you are sunbathing, it is best to stay under an umbrella to avoid the UV rays, especially if you are prone to falling asleep in the sun.

Treating Sun-Damaged Fair Skin

If you have damaged your skin in the past, you may have permanent sun damage or age spots from doing so. The Dermatology Center in Plano offers a variety of treatments for sun damaged skin, including face peels that help your skin to go back to its original healthy self. Dermatologists can advise you on the best products for your fair skin to prevent this happening again. If you have recently damaged your skin and are suffering from sunburn, there are ways to promote the natural healing process and stop the pain that can come with sun damage. Take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling that sunburn can cause. Check the packets to ensure you know when and how to take pain relief effectively and safely. Cool water can soothe the damaged area if freshly burnt. Do not use freezing cold water as this temperature change can make you feel worse. Aloe Vera gel is a great natural healer, especially when treating sun damage for all skin types, especially fair skin. Applying this in a circular motion will encourage blood flow to the area and soothe the upper layer of the skin. Do not expose your skin to the sun once it is damaged, as this can cause further pain and damage to the area and will prevent healing from the beginning. Once the skin is damaged, it does not have any natural protection from the sun and, therefore, can be damaged even more easily.

Benefits of The Sun

Although the sun can be damaging, especially to fair skin, this shouldn’t stop you from getting those sun rays. The sun is responsible for increasing our vitamin D levels, a vitamin that plays a vital role in helping us to have healthy bones and teeth, it supports the natural defense system in the body, which helps us to fight infections, and it supports lung function. We need sun exposure to prevent illnesses such as scurvy, but we just need to know how to best protect ourselves whilst reaping the benefits. Skin damage can cause many problems, so those with fair skin need to be extra careful. Getting out in the sun can also increase our physical activity and reduce the risk of obesity, and it can improve our mental health.

Just because you have fair skin, you do not need to be worried about missing days out. Sunscreen is there to protect those with even the fairest of skin, and reapplying throughout the day and going into shaded places will help reduce the risk of any sun damage or sunburn. Sunlight exposure increases our serotonin levels, which is involved with our well-being and our general mood. The sun can increase our general happiness and is a great mood booster.

Protecting your skin is important no matter what skin tone you are, but those with fair skin need to take extra precautions as they are the most at risk. Promote this from an early age with your children if they have fair skin, and if you are swimming, apply waterproof sunscreen regularly to avoid skin damage.

Use the best Tanning peptide to get the golden tint on body

The craze for having a sun kissed body with a golden tint is found in almost all the lovers of dusky skin. This is the reason people spend hours sitting under the sun to get the naturally tanned body, and if you are one of these people, here is a word of caution. The sun tanning that you might think to be effective and natural has a lot of negative effects and disadvantages that can cause you some serious health issues. Reports have revealed that people who are exposed to the sunrays more than needed may end up with skin problems and diseases like skin cancer etc. This is because the harmful UV rays come in contact with the skin directly and damage it more than you can ever think. So, if you are looking forward to a suntan to get a bronze body think twice.

Though the sun rays are very important for human body, its exposure in excess can turn out to be really harmful. But thankfully, there are various ways in which you can get the perfect tanned look without having to face the sun. But before moving on to the safe solutions of getting a tan, here are some of the negative effects of tanning from the sunrays.

Negative effects of extra exposure of sun

Use the best Tanning peptide to get the golden tint on body couple in sun

  • The heat may break down the elastic tissues of the skin making it look old. You may look older than your age.
  • It may dehydrate your skin causing wrinkles and freckles.
  • It may cause pain, redness as well as swelling in the skin.
  • Skin discoloration is another worst effect of tanning
  • The Harmful rays may lead to the development of cancerous cells.

If you do not want to suffer from all these problems, then get rid of the thought of getting under the sun. There are a lot of other smarter ways to get the faux tint to your body without damaging the cells of your skin. There are various products and solutions in the market that can get you the kind of tint you desire. The best part is that you can get the intensity of the tan as per you want. You can decide whether you want a deeper tan or more of a glittery look.

Ways to get the perfect tan without getting under the skin

Use the best Tanning peptide to get the golden tint on body woman in tanning bed

Two of the most easy and effective way to get the darker shade is the use of cosmetic or using the tanning peptide. But to get the tan in the best manner, you have to take care of some of the prior and after steps to avail the best results. Here are some of the steps; precautions and ways that will help you to get the perfect dusky tint to the body.

Exfoliate your skin-

Before you move on to the tanning part, it is necessary that you scrub your body and face to get the best results. Try not to use the chemical scrubs, use homemade or organic scrubs to exfoliate your body in the best manner. Make sure that you scrub each and every part properly including your hand feet and face.

Use the self tanner-

This is the most commonly used way of getting the artificial tan in the most effective way. The self tanner is kind of a lotion that can be used to get the tanned effect to the body. It gives the perfect tint to your body and in the most natural way. All you have to do is to apply the tanner generously all over your body and wait until it dries on your skin. Apply it daily if you want the natural look and want your skin tone to last long. But make sure that whichever tanner you use it must be of good quality and reliable. If you choose the product without making a study about its reliability, you may end up with product that does not show good results and may stink after sometime. Therefore, try to use organic and branded tanners.

Use of the tanning peptide-

All the other methods like the tanners and sprays are tedious and time taking. The effectiveness of tanning peptide has made it one of the most popular tanning methods with having to bear the heat and sunrays. The difference between tanning peptide is that it gives you a more even and long lasting tan. The concept of tanning peptide is that it comes in the form of a powder which has to be diluted in distilled water.

Then it has to be injected under the skin. The peptide spreads evenly throughout the skin automatically. It is an effortless and smart way to get the skin tone you want. Also, you can vary the intensity of the skin color you want by injecting a limited amount of peptide as per your choice. There are various brands of peptide available in the market, and one among the best is the Melanotan 2 peptide which is available here online. It comes in best quality and assured result.

Use the spray tan-

The spray tan is undoubtedly the best way of artificial tanning, but it demands much maintenance. If you are going for this method, then make sure you keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated throughout.

There are several more ways like the dry oils, the bronzing powders etc. which can give you the desired faux skin tone but the best ones are stated above.

You must not take a chance with your skin and its health. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the products wisely for the best result. However, maintenance of each of the above is important. You must keep in mind certain things like, not going out in the sun, etc. you must not overexpose your skin, as this will damage the sensitive tissues of the body. If you are using the tanning methods like the self tanner etc., you have to keep yourself well moisturized all the time but make sure that you do not look oily or sticky. So try out these safe ways and get the goddess like golden glow to your body.