Benefits of tea tree oil on face: Everything to know about it

The benefits of tea tree oil on the face have become extremely popular, mainly because of its natural impact. However, it has become one of the most popular alternatives for conventional treatment. 


Tea tree oil can be extremely beneficial in the long run for treating various skin conditions. You should know how to use tea tree oil on face in the long run to get maximum benefits.


Tea tree oil is best used topically. Many use tea tree oil for skin whitening. Not only does tea tree oil help to lighten skin, but it also helps to treat the symptoms of skin damage. Furthermore, it also boosts nail and hair growth. Tea tree oil can be effectively used as mosquito repellants, mouthwash, and even deodorant. 


What are the benefits of tea tree oil for face?

The topical application of tea tree oil on the face can help get over various risks. It helps to promote healthy skin and ensure better healing. However, whenever you’re using tea tree oil, it is advisable to follow caution. 


● You should never apply tea tree oil directly over your skin. You can dilute tea tree oil using other oils like almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.

● As per the general rule, you should pour twelve drops of carrier oil for every one or two drops of tea tree oil. 

● Be very careful while applying tea tree oil around your eyes. Direct exposure of eyes to tea tree oil can increase the risk of irritation and itchiness. 

● Every skin type is different, and tea tree oil is best suited for dry skin. However, it would be best to consider doing a patch test irrespective of your skin type before applying the tea tree oil. This will help you find the perfect way to use tea tree oil for skin whitening. 


Some of the main benefits of applying tea tree oil on the face include the following.


Dry skin and eczema

Tea tree oil can have a soothing impact on dry skin. It can play an essential role in reducing itchiness and irritation. Studies have shown that tea tree oil is better than clobetasone butyrate and zinc oxide for treating eczema. 


Always make sure to use tea tree oil with a carrier oil. The mixture should be applied only to the affected areas. It will help if you prefer applying the mixture at least once a day. However, if you dry and flaky skin, you should consider using the same more than one time a day. 


Itchy skin

If you have excessively itchy skin, you should consider using tea tree oil. The tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help get over the discomfort caused due to itchy skin. Tea tree oil has soothing properties that can quickly heal infections caused by itchy skin.  


Tea tree oil can be extremely beneficial for lowering the risk of itchy eyelids. However, it would help if you were careful with the usage of ointment. There are several tea tree oil ointments available in the market. However, if it’s not, you should consider mixing a few tea tree oil drops in the moisturizer and carrier oil. 


You can also make up a moisturizer on your own. You should mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a carrier oil and apply it to your face. If you want to get rid of itchy skin, you should consider using ointment at least a few times per day. 


Oily skin

Tea tree oil can play an essential role in getting over oily skin. The tea tree oil contains natural antiseptic characteristics that can be beneficial in the long run. Applying tea tree oil on your skin for 30 days can significantly impact removing excessive oiliness. 


You can create a natural tea tree oil mask. The best pair would be toner, sunscreen, and moisturizer. It is beneficial to add tea tree oil to bentonite clay as well. You can apply the mask to your skin depending on the oiliness of your skin. 


Infection, cuts, and wounds

The antimicrobial property of tea tree oil makes it one of the best wound healers. As per a study, tea tree oil can help kill bacteria that may cause these wounds. As per reviews as well, nine out of ten people recommend using tea tree oil. You can add a drop of tea tree oil to your ointment cream. Make sure to apply it every day before going to sleep. 


Moreover, if you have cuts and wounds, you should consider reaching out to expert doctors to find the best solution. Since tea tree oil can have counter effects, you should be careful about how you apply it. 



Acne is prevalent. However, apart from helping skin whitening, tea tree oil can be beneficial for treating acne. The anti-inflammatory nature of tea tree oil helps to soothe antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Acne helps treat swelling, redness, and even inflammation. Regular tea tree oil application can also help reduce acne scars, thereby bestowing you with smooth and clear skin. You should always use diluted tea tree oil. It is advisable to use tea tree oil as a toner for maximum advantages. If not natural tea tree oil, you should consider using spot treatment creams, face wash, and moisturizers that contain tea tree oil. 



Yes, tree oil can be beneficial for treating psoriasis as well. However, there’s very little scientific research which is why there are so many complications. Nonetheless, topically applying tea tree oil can help soothe all symptoms related to psoriasis. It treats various infections and inflammation while helping to boost immunity. 


Take away

The innumerable benefits of tea tree oil on face have made it one of the most popular choices. Applying tea tree oil on the face can play an essential role in treating the symptoms within a few days. However, the duration of healing may vary depending on conditions. 


It is advisable to regularly use tea tree oil to prevent the symptoms from reoccurring. Moreover, it would help if you considered consulting the doctor before applying tea tree oil all over your face. Also, make sure to follow a proper skincare routine. 

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Registered Behavior Technician: Everything you need to know

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board decides Registered Behavior Technician or RBT training. This certification is rolled out to meet professional requirements such as behavior analysts, consumer behavior analysis, and governmental organizations.

If you are interested in Applied Behavior Analysis and want to work with patients and clients in the same behavioral development field, you need to have enough experience for it. Besides, It is essential to know how to become a registered behavior technician before applying for the program. You don’t need to be a part of college programs or get high-level degrees. Just a basic knowledge of the course would be sufficient for RBT.

Who is a Registered Behavior Technician?

A registered behavior technician needs to supervise the patients struggling with mental health conditions closely. They need to assist patients with emotional abuse, substance abuse, emotional and physical trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are various registered behavior technician jobs available across the US with high-paying salaries. The supervisors keep a check on the jobs of the technicians.

What does the registered behavior technician do?

The RBTs need to appear for various behavior analyst courses and seminars. They need to develop a specific skill set to assist people with autism and various mental disorders.

In one of its articles, Forbes applauded registered behavior technician jobs to be one of those professions that help make the world a better place. Another group highlighted that 60% of registered behavior technicians have had a positive impact on the world.

The Registered Behavior professionals need to perform the following tasks.

Assist in developing social and life skills

For people suffering from mental health disorders, it is tough to cope up with day-to-day life. Younger individuals must acquire sufficient skills to be a part of mainstream education.

Apart from that, a registered behavior technician also helps people develop the necessary life skills. They act as a guide or navigator to enable individuals with activities they’re unable to do. As a result, their main job is to help them develop social skills to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Train for employment

There’s a broad spectrum for mental illnesses, and autism is only one of them. Well, RBT professionals need to understand the complications associated with it. The RBT professionals need to learn the necessary skills to play an important role in helping them learn the skills.

The RBT individuals need to train mentally challenged and ill people to deal with the corporate environment’s complexities. Therefore, they need to train them to be skillful enough for employment.

Behavior Reduction

As the name suggests, the registered behavior technicians need to work with people who have behavioral issues. These behavioral issues further page the way for misbehaving.

As a result, the registered behavioral technicians help these individuals cope and reduce these behavioral issues. However, this is exceptionally challenging because the technicians need to identify the complications associated with it—the technician and the individual need to work on ways to reduce the behavioral problems. In advanced conditions, the harmful behavioral temperament requires complete elimination.

Offer Behavioral Family Guidance

People suffering from mental health issues have a tough time coping with the public and family as well. Nonetheless, it becomes tough for the family too to deal with individuals suffering from mental health issues.

The Registered Behavior Technician can offer guidance on developing a healthy protocol for coping with these problems. They offer role-playing and empathic training, which further helps create a space of open communication. As a result, one of the primary roles of RBT is to change the behavioral issues into a more accepting and caring environment.

How to become a registered behavior technician?

You need to complete a course to get certification to become a registered behavior technician. Everyone needs to follow the same path to become one. You can apply for online as well as offline certifications. However, there are no rigid educational background criteria you need to follow to become a registered professional.

It is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria to enroll for the certification. These include the following

Age and Education

The applicant should have a high school diploma or relevant educational background. They should be above eighteen years of age to apply for the course.



The applicant shouldn’t have any criminal record in his name in the past six months.


To become a registered behavior technician, the applicant should undergo the 40-hour training program.


The applicant should appear and clear the competency assessment test as conducted by BACB.


To get the certification, the applicants must pass the RTB certification. However, to appear for the examinations, the candidate should meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.


The applicant should meet the RBT Ethics Code to get a professional pass. They should meet the decorum of the following.

  • Responsible Conduct
  • Responsibility Towards Clients
  • Competence and Service Delivery

There are various certification programs across the world for becoming a registered behavioral technician. However, to complete the course certification program, one must comply with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s standards. If you appear for the competency program online, you will need to be present in person. However, you can also opt for the online mode, which requires more than one session for completion.

The applicant must perform the 12 different tasks, which the assessor will monitor. It is advisable to check the various certification course programs available on the internet. One of the best benefits of doing the certification course online is that these are extremely affordable.


By becoming a registered behavioral technician, not only do you contribute to a better world, but you also earn a significant salary. Bedsides, you can either charge per hour basis or on an overall basis.


Becoming a registered behavior technician is a challenging task, but it can cater to your needs. Moreover, this is one of those jobs that help you change the world. However, make sure to choose this job as a career option only if you are ready to take responsibility.

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What Are The Changes In Women During Menopause

So the first question striking one’s mind would be, what is menopause? Menopause is basically a point in a woman’s life at around 40-50 years of age when her menstrual cycle comes to termination. During this time, the ovaries stop ovulating and the estrogen levels start falling. This decrease in the estrogen level lowers the bone mass and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Usually it strongly advisable to consult the best specialists like Victorian Bone & Joint – Knee Specialist in Melbourne for the easy-drifting of this phase, to take care of your health and body conditions during this episode. Here are some symptoms and changes in a woman’s body and nature when she reaches her menopause:

  • Insomnia:

When a woman is about to reach menopause, she has difficulty sleeping. Either her sleep schedule gets messed up and she craves the mid-day off-hour sleep, or she cannot sleep at all and feels tired all day, basically called insomnia.

  • Joint pain:

One of the most ignored issues is joint pain. People usually consider this condition as something that happens to everyone, regular joint pain due to excess work and tiredness. Well, it is very important to focus on this during these ages in a woman and to be taken care of. 

  • Hot or cold flashes:

While busy with her daily chores, if a woman gets a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads all over her body, it is called a hot flash. Another symptom could be night sweats or cold flashes. This, if repeated, should be taken into consideration sincerely and should be thought about. 

  • Mood swings:

If you or a lady in your house gets easily irritated one minute and gets emotional the other, gets pleased one minute and angry the other, this could either indicate that she is going through her menstrual cycle or, if repeated, could mean that she is reaching menopause.

  • Bone or calcium deficiency:

So as we talked about earlier, the hormone estrogen starts getting secreted at a low pace causing the bone mass to fall off and leads to its deficiency. The most advisable suggestion here would be getting calcium tables, and the food rich in protein and calcium. For extreme conditions, one should not refrain from consulting a doctor and getting proper medication.

  • Irregular menstruation:

Another noticeable change during this transition period would be irregular menstrual cycles. There could actually be a whole lot of judgments for this change but once it starts getting too noticeable and the irregularity continues, it directly points towards menopause. The cycle can also be comparatively heavier or lighter than usual denoting the same.

  • Weight gain or loss:

The women reaching menopause have a lot going on in their bodies. Hormonal changes, physical and emotional changes, all can have adverse effects on the body and have consequences on weight. In some cases, a gain in weight is observed whereas, in most of the cases a gain in weight is observed. Stress and irritation due to all these changes can also cause weight fluctuations.

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Why Should Dentists Attend Postgraduate Dental Courses?

Postgraduate courses for dentists are in high demand these days, for professionals in this field know how important it is for their careers to further their education and to master the latest treatments. Dentists have a lot to learn during postgraduate dental courses and they have the possibility to select the type of course they would like to attend based on their specific requirements and their current specialization. Post graduate clinical training is a necessity for those that want to excel at their job. Therefore, the orthodontic course London is quite popular, and this is because of the numerous advantages it brings. 

Why Are Postgraduate Dental Courses Useful? 

Individuals who look forward to starting their careers as dentists should be aware of the fact that this is a challenging but also rewarding job. Whether dentists join a practice or open their own practice, they have to provide the best dental care to their patients and to master procedures such as root canals, cosmetic procedures, restorative care and others. Dentists can either perform general dentistry or they can select a specific field of expertise such as orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry. Depending on their area of interest, they can search for suitable postgraduate dental courses. 

Postgraduate classes are available to those who are interested in a certain specialization but also to those who want to perform general dentistry. Although a postgraduate program is not mandatory for dentists that have completed their education, it should be considered by those who want to obtain more experience. Postgraduate training is meant to enhance dentistry skills and knowledge, to help dentists become familiar with advanced practices such as oral surgery, restorative dentistry and others. Dentists that want to develop their skills so that they know how to handle dental emergencies should attend postgraduate dental courses

It is worth mentioning that the curriculum for such courses varies greatly based on the chosen program and so do the number of lectures available. Postgraduate training is valuable for it is meant to bridge any gaps students have when they join a private practice. Mistakes can help their careers and this is why dentists should make the most of advanced clinical training. Those who benefit from relevant, additional training will become more confident when delivering treatments and they will obtain better results. It is recommended to make the most of dental training in order to have a successful career in this field. 

How Can Orthodontic Course London Make a Difference?

Unfortunately, there are still many dentists out there that lack the skills and knowledge to deliver the best care to their patients. This is mainly because they are mediocre and the training they had during university is not enough so that they can excel at their job. Orthodontic treatment has a great impact on the quality of life of patients, on their self-esteem and confidence. Patients who can finally smile without being ashamed of their teeth will feel much better about themselves. 

Orthodontists have a bigger power than they imagine, they are the ones that can transform an ugly smile into a beautiful one; orthodontic course London offers them the knowledge and the skills they need to do a better job when it comes to treating their patients. 

At present, dental practitioners have the possibility to attend online courses according to their own schedule. This means that they can run their practice and attend classes without changing their schedules. Orthodontics is a challenging field, one that it is not easy to succeed in. Dentists that want to deliver the best treatments need a professional orthodontic course London that will help them excel in their line of work. Professional postgraduate dental courses provide deep knowledge into orthodontics or other dentistry branches. There is a major deficiency of professionals in orthodontics and this is because this branch is too complex and it is not easy to master. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that numerous dentists attend professional classes whenever they have a chance in order to:

  • Stay up to date with the innovations in this field
  • Enhance their skills
  • Learn how to deliver better and less invasive treatments to their patients. 

What Makes Orthodontic Course London a Necessary Investment?

The best dentists are the ones who understand that in their field there is always something new to learn, some new skills that can acquire or new technology they can use to treat their patients. Orthodontics is a challenge for most dental practitioners and the most successful ones are those who attend professional orthodontic course London on a regular basis. Numerous dentists that run a practice have graduated a long time ago and they have not done anything to improve their skills ever since. 

Patients are informed, they do research online before they go to a dentist, they inquire about the latest treatments and so on. There is nothing more embarrassing than not being able to answer a patient because of the lack of information. Therefore, postgraduate dental courses are designed to help dentists keep up with the changes in this field, to offer them the information they need to make smarter decisions and to deliver better treatments. There is a great difference between dentists that invest in their education and dentists that don’t and this can be seen in their number of patients, in their overall success. 

The good news is that dental practitioners have the possibility to attend postgraduate dental courses online and thus to save time and money. According to an interesting article in Forbes dentists should differentiate themselves from their competitors so that they become more successful “Don’t compete. Differentiate…. Become the best in one procedure, and charge double the prices for much better service. It is the unique set of skills for each dentist that enables them to have an edge over their competitors and to become the first choice of patients. Dentists should be realistic when it comes to what they can offer and they should not be afraid to market their practice in order to attract more patients. 

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Tourist Places in Kerala For Your Next 2021 Vacation

2020 was indeed a challenging year when all of us had to be locked in our houses. But, hey, 2021 isn’t the same, for it brings the ray of hope. There are several tourist places in Kerala, and it depends on how you want to go and where you want to go. 


Kerala is popularly known as God’s Own Country. Tourists from all over the world visit the place to explore forest tourist places in Kerala and more. Once you’re here, you will be surprised by the commercial cities, hill stations, backwaters, and so much more. Apart from that, the rich heritage and culture of the place will attract several tourists. 


Once you step in here, there’s nowhere else you would want to be. You can check out the tourist places in Kerala with pictures, and honestly, they will be spell-binding. Visiting Kerala can indeed become a cherished memory. Kerala is also the home to houseboat cruises, tree houses, and so much more. You can also indulge in the pampering of Ayurveda and explore the ancient culture.  

Tourist Places in Kerala to Visit

If you’re visiting Kerala for the first time, let us give you a list of places you should be visiting. 


The tourist places in Kerala will appeal to you. Once you understand the place, honestly, there isn’t going to be any other place you would want to be. Kerala is indeed one of the best tourist destinations. If you’re here for the first time, let us give you a hint of some of Kerala’s best tourist places with pictures. 


 tourist places in kerala
Credit: seoimgak

If you want to explore the beauty of backwaters, then Alleppey is the place to be. Apart from natural beauty, it has houseboat stays. It’s the beautiful backwaters and houseboat stays that attract several tourists all around the world. Lord Curzon had rightly called Alleppey to be the Venice of the East. 


Since it is one of the many forest tourist places in Kerala, Alleppey should be on your must-visit list for Kerala. A stay of one night and two days is enough in Kerala. It is advisable to visit the place from September to mid-May.  


 tourist places in kerala

When you’re visiting Kerala, you cannot avoid the beauty of Kumarakom. It is one of the few places in Kerala that is exceptionally famous for its beauty. It has the taste of authentic beauty with fresh air, Keralites’ warmth, and delicious coconuts. You can also go boating and cruising in Kumarakom and enjoy a luxurious stay in the Kumarakom stays. 


Moreover, it is on the top list for some of the best places. Some of the beautiful destinations you can come across include fresh paddy fields, decorated lakes, waterways, and coconut grooves. Moreover, when you stay in the Kumarakom houseboats, you will also get a lot of privacy and solitude. The serene and mesmerizing stays of the hotels will surely appeal to you. If you’re a nature lover, you should visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary to watch the birds. Moreover, the resorts here conduct Kathakali performances that you should not miss out on. 


Some of the major attractions in Kumarakom include Kumarakom Backwaters, Juma Masjid, Vembanad Lake, Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Pathiramanal Island, and more. It would be best if you visited the place from September to May for better results.  

tourist places in kerala- Wayanad

Wayanad is one of those places that is also known as the land of heavenly trails. You can explore the rich paddy fields here. Moreover, it is one of the many famous tourist places in Kerala with pictures. 


Wayanad rightly proves the fact that Kerala is God’s Own Country. Apart from the rich culture, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in natural beauty. Wayanad brings the perfect balance between nature and human-made architecture. The waterfalls are spread all across the lush green vegetation of the place. It is one of the most beautiful forest tourist places in Kerala. 


A stay of one night and two days is ideal for living in Wayanad. You should set out on your journey to explore Wayanad via cycle. But that’s not all; there are several fun activities you can indulge in in Kerala, like bamboo rafting at Kuruva Island, boating at Pookode Lake, and camping across the hills of Wayanad. 


Some of the popular tourist attractions of Wayanad include Thirunelli Temple, Lakkidi View Banasura Hill, and Padinjarathara Dam. 


 tourist places in kerala

If you’re a wildlife lover, Thekkady should be on your list of must-visit places in Kerala. Thekkady has thick forests and wild vegetation that paves the way for several wild animals to roam around. When you’re here in Thekkady, you can easily spot tigers, bison, boars, lion-tailed macaques, boars, and deers.


Want to give your adrenaline a rush? It would help if you headed out on a trek from Moozhiyar to Thekkady Gavi. Boating and wildlife safari should be on your list. 


Some of the familiar places to visit in Thekkady include Deepa World Spice, Periyar Tiger Trail, Mudra Cultural Center, Vandanmedu, Chellarkovil. It is a very easy-to-reach destination, and you should visit the place from November to early May.  

tourist places in kerala- Kovalam

Credit: tripadvisor

Visiting Kerala and not experiencing the beauty of the beaches? Well, you’re doing it wrong. Kovalam is indeed one of Kerala’s most beautiful places, and the popularity is all because of the beautiful beach. 


Kovalam is hailed to be one of the most romantic beaches of Kerala. You can indulge in various activities in Kovalam like sunbathing, parasailing, and so much more. The coastline of Kovalam is filled with fun things to do. Kovalam is a major attraction to people from all countries. 


The best time to visit Kovalam is from September to May. Whenever you’re in Kovalam, you should spend one night in the boathouse. But there’s more. There are several other things you might want to do in Kovalam. However, some of the best places to visit in Kovalam are Samudra Beach, the Lighthouse, Rock Caves, Valiathura Pier, Karamana River, Kovalam Jama Masjid, and so much more.  


There are several tourist places in Kerala, and it’s ideal for visiting them during the winter. If you want some relaxation from the noise of the city, take a break and visit Kerala. 


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Places to visit in Mumbai on your next vacation in 2021

Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in the world. You can witness a hustle at any place if you visit Mumbai. If you don’t live in Mumbai and plan a trip to Mumbai, you need to know about the best places to visit in Mumbai. Visitors see Mumbai differently as compared to the residents in Mumbai.


This article will help you in knowing about unique places to visit in Mumbai. There are certain places on the list that you can’t miss seeing. You should plan a visit to Mumbai for at least 10-days so that you can know about the true beauty of Mumbai.


The list of places to visit in Mumbai will include the best sites for couples, friends, and family trips


Think of this article as your guide when you plan a trip for your next vacation in Mumbai.


Top 8 places to visit in Mumbai


Marine drive

Credit: tripsavvy

Your Mumbai visit won’t be complete if you miss a trip to Marine Drive. Mumbai is all about Marine drive. You can get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful when you visit Marine drive. The chai-wallahs and chaat-wallas will let you know about different stories about Mumbai at the Marine Drive. You can visit this beautiful palace with your partner, friends, family or anyone you want. Try to spend a beautiful evening at Marine drive. The street lights make the place look like a necklace with stunning diamonds. So, don’t miss a trip to Marine drive when you visit Mumbai.


Gateway of India

Just like you can’t miss visiting India Gate in Delhi, your Mumbai visit won’t be complete unless you see India’s Gateway. Gateway of India is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mumbai. The area shows the architectural beauty of the British government. You can always see some foreign tourists taking pictures at Gateway of India. You can click beautiful pictures, have bhelpuri, and enjoy the company of lots of tourists at the Gateway of India.


Colaba market

Credit: static.india

For all shopping buffs, a visit to Colaba Market is a must. You can find exceptional items at the Colaba Market. Moreover, you can purchase cheap road garments from Vogue boutiques at this place. Additionally, you can buy anything you want in this market. From designer dresses to tote bags and from sandals to beautiful accessories, you can purchase your entire wardrobe at this market. The Colaba market is one of the exciting and affordable places to visit in Mumbai. If you want to shop lots of items at an affordable price in Mumbai, no place can be better than the Colaba Market.


Siddhivinayak temple

Siddhivinayak Temple
Credit: mumbailive

If you plan to visit Mumbai with your family, plan a trip to the famous Siddhivinayak temple. This is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. You can even get a glimpse of a few Bollywood celebrities at the Siddhivinayak Temple. You don’t need to pay any entrance fee to visit this temple. If you are tired of partying and you want to rest for a day, a visit to the famous Siddhivinayak temple will undoubtedly calm your mind. 


Haji Ali

This is one of the unique places to visit in Mumbai. Although Haji Ali is a religious place, even atheists can visit this “Dargah.” This religious place is located in between the Arabian sea. Thus, if you don’t believe in religion, you can have a good sightseeing experience by visiting the Haji Ali dargah.


This 400-years ancient architecture is known for its Indo-Islamic architecture. The local stalls outside the Haji Ali can offer you delicious food. Don’t miss a chance to try yummy food outside the Haji Ali dargah. Don’t miss your chance to see the beautiful view of the sunset from the Haji Ali Dargah. It will be one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life.


Chowpatty Beach

places to visit in Mumbai
Credit: .ixigo

The Chowpatty Beach is one of the best get-together places for youngsters. Thus, if you want to know about a hangout place in Mumbai, Chowpatty beach can be one of the best options. The beach is famous for its bazaars and dinners. You can find many salespeople walking over the shore selling beautiful handcrafted items. You can purchase beautiful home decor items at this beach. 


Try not to miss delicious snacks from Mumbai like Bhelpuri and Pav Bhaji at the Chowpatty beach.


Film city

Credit: mumbairesort

If you are a big Bollywood fan, the Film city can be one of the unique places to visit in Mumbai. The place has lots of studios, and you can find many Bollywood stars walking near Film city. If you are lucky enough, you may also get an option to watch a film shooting. If you want to know how the movie industry works, how a film is shot, and all backstory about film making, try a trip to the film city. This is also one of the best places to visit in Mumbai for couples. You can find many artificial villages, mountains, and sceneries at this place. Thus, you may find it difficult to distinguish between the reality and the artificial things at this place.


Red carpet wax museum

places to visit in Mumbai

You don’t need to visit Madame Tussauds to see lifelike statues of famous people. Wax museum is one of the unique places to visit in Mumbai, and you will certainly like this experience. The museum includes wax statues of people belonging to all walks of life. Some of the prominent wax statues at this place include Amitabh Bacchan, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Shahrukh Khan, and many other Bollywood celebrities. So, get ready to meet your favorite stars without getting an appointment.


Trip to Mumbai and best places to visit in Mumbai

In addition to all these places, you can visit other unique places like Versova beach, Gorai Beach, Shivaji Park, Bandra Bandstand, and many other famous places in Mumbai. So, are you excited to plan your trip to Mumbai? Let us know which one of these places was your favorite.

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Is It Possible to Fix an Underbite With Invisalign?

As iconic as your neighbor’s bulldog is, that underbite doesn’t look quite as charming on humans. Luckily, we now have many ways of treating and eliminating these kinds of misalignments. Traditionally, dentists would solve most of these conditions with conventional braces. Nowadays, Invisalign trays are considered more convenient since they are removable, allowing patients to maintain good dental hygiene.

Even without corrective devices that make it impossible to floss our teeth, having an underbite doesn’t make it easy to maintain dental hygiene. That, on its own, adds many potential problems on top of the appearance of the condition.

But if we want to fix underbite malocclusions, it’s important to recognize that different kinds of underbites require different approaches. While corrective devices can fix some conditions, others may require surgical interventions. So before we talk about treatment options, let’s consider how different kinds of misalignments occur.

Different Kinds of Bite Problems

When we bite down, all of our teeth come into contact at the same time. If the jaw is in alignment and the teeth are where they should be, the upper ones should slightly overlap the lower ones. If the jaw or teeth are distorted, we can develop an:

  • Overbite — wherein the upper front teeth extend forward more than they should
  • Underbite — where the opposite occurs, with the lower front teeth pushing past the upper ones
  • Open bite — wherein the front teeth don’t connect with each other even when the lower jaw closes

Most people will experience one of these bite problems during their lifetimes. But the appearance of their teeth isn’t the worst thing about these conditions. If we don’t treat them, the teeth will only shift further into the abnormal position. So we can pretty much count on the underbite becoming progressively more extreme.

Factors That Contribute to Tooth Shifting

As we have established, most people develop some kind of tooth misalignment during their lifetime. Still, some are more likely to have one than others. For example, if several people in a family have underbites, some of their offspring are bound to have them too. But of course, genetics aren’t the only cause of these kinds of tooth conditions.

Overbites and even underbites can occur as a result of thumb sucking. Additionally, the prolonged use of pacifiers or bottles during childhood could make an underbite worse. Later, some patients help matters along by pushing against the teeth with their tongues. All of these behaviors only further shift the teeth further away from their ideal position.

Various injuries and tumor growths could also affect the formation of our teeth. Even tooth growth can affect the positioning of our teeth. If permanent teeth start growing in while we still have our baby teeth, they might grow in the wrong direction. But really, most of these conditions occur because of a mix of these factors.

With that being said, let’s talk about different kinds of underbites. As we have previously mentioned, the underbite correction procedures we have at our disposal will depend on the origin of the condition.

The Difference Between a Dental and Skeletal Underbite

Determining whether an underbite is the result of dental or skeletal malformations is key to determining a course of treatment. For example, dental underbites are the easiest ones to treat because there’s nothing wrong with the jaw. Rather, the problem is merely the result of teeth growing in an incorrect direction.

Treatment of dental underbites can still require several months, sometimes years, depending on the severity of the condition. Nevertheless, the condition can be overcome with the use of braces, retainers, and aligners. Generally, patients use all three kinds of devices, but in mild cases, invisible aligners alone should do the trick.

Skeletal underbites are significantly more challenging, sometimes to the point of requiring surgery. These conditions are usually genetic — though not all genetic underbites belong to this category. After all, some dental underbites are genetic, too.

But with skeletal underbites, the distortion is in the shape of the jawbone. As you can imagine, that makes this kind of condition especially difficult to fix.

What Happens When We Don’t Treat an Underbite on Time?

We can all agree that having a slight underbite probably won’t be the end of the world. While subtle abnormalities don’t exactly look stellar, they shouldn’t cause any other dental issues. But if we allow the teeth to shift even further, we would be inviting potentially disastrous consequences.

Having an uneven bite could increase a patient’s risk for tooth decay. The lower teeth clash with the upper ones, gradually stripping them of enamel and making them vulnerable to cavities. Moreover, the shifting of the anatomy inside the mouth can also change the pattern of breathing. For some, that could eventually lead to snoring and even sleep apnea.

Dental underbites can also cause the lower jaw to shift and even slip out of the joint. As we might imagine, that comes with a whole host of other problems, including speaking difficulties and an increased risk of developing gum disease. So, much like a deformed jawbone can cause a skeletal underbite, dental abnormalities can shift the jawbone.

Best Underbite Correction Methods

The treatment plan for an underbite would have to depend on all the factors we’ve listed above. Generally, it’s best to begin treatment before we think it’s necessary. For example, if a child is born with an underbite, using a growth modification brace would certainly help the mouth grow in the correct shape.

If an underbite only occurs once permanent teeth start coming in, we might consider the removal of baby teeth. That treatment would make room in the jaw, preventing new teeth from growing in at an odd angle.

Yet in most cases, these solutions aren’t enough. If our teeth are already past the point of no return, braces might push them back in place. And they don’t even have to be the conventional metal ones. Clear braces are much more popular nowadays since they’re all but invisible.

In extreme cases, a dentist might even recommend a reverse-pull device. Rather than being limited to the mouth, these devices attach to the forehead and chin as well. Their purpose is to pull the upper jaw forward, aligning the lower teeth.

Still, that kind of headgear only works on children. Adults with fully set extreme underbites would have to get jaw surgery instead.

How Do We Keep Our Teeth From Shifting Back Into an Underbite

Even when we do our best to correct the position of our teeth, they might want to slip into their previous position. So what can we do after removing our invisible braces?

Well, most dentists would recommend that their patients wear clear aligners overnight. If we’re particularly concerned about the underbite coming back, we might recommend that the patient wears them whenever they’re not eating. A qualified Invisalign dentist would work out a plan of treatment with their patient. So if you’re considering underbite treatment, find the best dental clinic in your area.

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Resume vs CV: Learn the Difference to Fetch Better Jobs

Did you ever think why a British person always goes with a CV to apply for a job? On the other hand, an American will always go with a resume. However, an Australian person may use anyone or both of these. The answers to all of these lie in the concept of a resume vs CV, which you will learn through this article. 

In the discussion regarding a resume vs CV, the first thing you must know is that both are types of application documents. Moreover, you must know where in the world people use which one. In the next section, we will answer all your questions. 

Resume vs CV: details about the CV

CV or a Curriculum Vitae is more like an in-depth account. This document may include two or more pages containing all the big and small details about a person. The word ‘Curriculum Vitae’ is in Latin that translates to ‘course of life.’ Besides, a CV is not merely a person’s career biography.

It will contain a lot regarding your personality, personal and professional achievements, qualification, and degrees. In a CV, you may include your goal in life, hobbies and interest, and personal details. Moreover, many people prefer adding their publications, honors, and awards to a curriculum vitae. Well, that is completely legit! 

a CV format is usually chronological. The main goal here is to include an overview of a person’s overall career in a straightforward sequence. Besides, there is one primary feature of a CV, and it is to be static. 

It means that a person’s CV will not change based on the position he is applying for. However, all the tricks will be in the cover letter that comes with the CV. You will find a good CV template on the internet whenever you want a reference. You will find that the cover letter may vary every time a person wants to apply for a different job profile. 

Resume vs CV: details about the Resume

A resume, also spelled as a résumé, is a compact document that is usually not longer than a page or two. The primary understanding regarding a resume is that the person reading it should not feel bored. Also, a resume is easier, as a job seeker must be aware that an employer is a busy person. So, there is no way in which he will spend extra time on an individual. The primary goal of a resume is to portray uniqueness or stand out in a crowd.

A resume is tailor-made and ensures that a candidate must ensure that it adapts to a job post specifically. Besides, it may change along with the job profile or requirement that you are applying for. 

The usual differences include the list of skills and interests according to a specific set of requirements. Moreover, there is no mandate that a resume should maintain a particular chronology or layout. Also, a resume does not necessarily have to give an overview of your entire career. Overall, it is highly customizable all the time. 

Resume vs. CV: Summation

You must highlight three differential points in the discussion of a resume vs. cv. These are the length, layout, and purpose. All other attributes will revolve around these essential points only. While you already know which document is called a curriculum vitae or CV, it is now time for the Resume. The latter is a summary containing a person’s experiences and skills over a maximum of two pages.

Now, the length aspect is covered because you can clearly understand that a CV comes with more details than a resume. Moreover, when it comes to the purpose, a resume is tailor-made. It means that unline a CV that remains static. The same is not the case with a resume. It usually changes depending on which profile you are aiming to secure. 

On the other hand, when you talk about the layout, the CV is usually in chronological order, and the Resume is not. The content in a resume can shuffle as and when required depending on a job profile. Besides, CV targets to include all essential details associated with your career, education, skills, and background. However, a resume includes selective points, including remarkable achievements and skills only. 

Take a look around the world.

As mentioned in the beginning, a CV and Resume is used differently in various regions across the world. It means that job applicants will carry a CV in some of the places, and in others, people carry a resume. There are regions such as Australia, where you will find job seekers providing both. Overall, a resume is more common in places like Canada and the USA. Canadians and Americans prefer using a CV only if they are applying for a position abroad. Otherwise, they will use a CV only for research or academic-oriented projects.

On the other hand, a CV is standard in New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland. In fact, in these places, people do not use a resume at all. The CV prevails in the majority of the European continent. Moreover, there is a special CV format that belongs to the European Union only. You can find a similar CV template on the internet too. When you are in Germany, the native term for a CV is Lebenslauf, originally Latin. Here, the CV is only one of the several job application documents. 

On the other side of the world, the words CV and Resume are interchangeable. We are referring to Australia, South Africa, and India in this case. In these places, the usual trend is that people use a resume to apply for a private job and a CV for public positions. However, that is not the case all the time and may depend on various aspects. 

We hope that you found this article informative and useful and are now clear about the concept of Resume vs. cv. 

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10 Nutrient-Rich Foods for the Elderly

Nutrition is a vital part of overall health from the day you’re born, and it remains essential as you age. Your body requires many different nutrients (carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats) to sustain proper function, regulate energy levels, and maintain a healthy weight. Believe it or not, your diet has the power to significantly impact the way your body fights off diseases and ailments.

As you reach your senior years, your body undergoes a variety of changes. However, what foods you eat and how much you consume is still a contributing factor to your overall wellness. Below are ten nutrient-rich foods seniors can eat regularly to remain healthy:

  1. Avocados are a high-calorie food that’s an excellent source of healthy fat.
  2. Fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and herring can help deter heart problems and reduce mental decline.
  3. Oats are easy to eat and supply seniors with a significant amount of fibre while lowering blood sugar levels.
  4. Berries like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries harbour tons of antioxidants and are a low-glycemic fruit that can also satisfy your sweet tooth.
  5. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and others are a powerhouse of nutrients, providing substantial amounts of fibre, protein, and healthy fats.
  6. Seeds such as sunflower, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), chia seeds, and flaxseed provide healthy fats and also make for a convenient, nutrient-rich snack.
  7. Chicken is packed with protein, which is important for building and maintaining muscle mass in the elderly.
  8. Dark, Leafy Vegetables like kale, spinach, collard greens, and swiss chard have plenty of fibre, which can help maintain cholesterol levels.
  9. Water isn’t technically food, but it plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy body, ridding it of toxins, aiding digestion, preventing constipation, helping your body absorb nutrients, and so much more.
  10. Dairy products, including yoghurt, milk, and cheese, are rich in calcium, a valuable nutrient that helps keep bones strong and prevent bone loss in seniors.

As always, it’s important for seniors to also engage in routine physical activity. Paired with a nutritious diet, exercise can offer an abundance of health benefits such as improved memory, boosted energy, increased flexibility, a positive mood, better balance, and much more.

Watch Out for Loss of Appetite in Seniors

Have you recently noticed a change in your elderly loved one’s appetite or your own? This is likely due to the natural ageing process or potentially signify another underlying health condition. Fortunately, there are a variety of things that can be done to increase a senior’s desire for food, like finding higher-calorie foods, sharing frequent meals with others, snacking often on nutritious foods, and ensuring foods are easy to eat and digest.

If you are a family caregiver, make sure that you keep an eye on your senior’s food consumption habits and contact their doctor if things worsen. Malnourishment can lead to severe health consequences in seniors, such as depression, diabetes, heart disease, and eating disorders if not treated as soon as possible.

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Gulf Coast Hospital: Health Rumors about Cancer is busted

When it comes to a dangerous disease like cancer, there are thousands of myths and facts. If you don’t belong to the medical field, you may get fearful of all myths. Rumors around cancer can stress a lot of patients. Thus, Gulf coast hospital is here to debunk all myths and facts surrounding cancer.

Does obesity cause cancer?

Obesity causes cancer
Credit: britannica

Obesity means that your body has gained an inflammatory state. Thus, obesity can be the direct or indirect cause of cancer. People who are obese may have chances of being affected by breast cancer, esophageal cancer, gall bladder, bowel, pancreatic, and liver cancer.

Can breast cancer affect only women?

This is a significant myth that you must have heard of. No doubt, breast cancer in men is rare, but breast cancer can also impact men. Breast tissues in men are smaller than in women, but the nature of breast tissues in men is like that of a girl before puberty.

The biggest challenge associated with breast cancer in men is that diagnosis occurs at a later stage. Thus, most men don’t know that they can also have breast cancer. Some of the risk factor associated with breast cancer in men include:

  1. a male relative is suffering from breast cancer
  2. you have a history of radiation exposure in the chest region
  3. If you suffer from enlargement of breasts due to drug use or hormone treatment
  4. If a person suffers from a genetic disease called Klinefelter’s syndrome
  5. A liver disease called Cirrhosis
  6. The disease of testicle known as mumps orchitis
  7. Incidence of testicular injury
  8. Undescended testicles

If you are prone to any of these symptoms or risk factors, contacting Gulf coast regional medical centers can help you get the needed treatment at the right time.

Can mobile phones cause cancer?

As per Gulf coast medical center doctors, most queries about cancer come from people who think that cell phones can cause cancer. The truth is cell phones emit radiofrequency waves. These rays are not the ionizing types, and they do not cause any direct damage to the body. Thus, there is a shallow risk of cancer caused due to the use of mobile phones.

If anyone is suffering from brain tumors, the use of cell phones should have restrictions. But, there is inadequate proof to verify that cell phone use causes cancer.

What are the chances of breast cancer in young women?

Almost 7% of cancer cases can be found in less than 40 years of age. Delays in diagnosis can be one of the significant reasons for fatality. Most people feel that young women can’t have cancer. Thus, ignorance of warning signs is the primary cause of cancer in young women.

  1. Young women need to pay attention to lumps and unusual discharge.
  2. Lumps and cysts in the breast should be a reason to worry.
  3. A breast cancer diagnosis at a later stage can be more aggressive.
  4. Young women have a higher risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

If you face any signs like discharge or cysts, the Gulf coast regional medical center can help you get the right treatment quickly.

Can a Gulf Coast Hospital biopsy lead to the spread of cancer?

No evidence suggests that biopsy can cause the spread of cancer to other parts of your body. When a tumor is removed to get the test, the reverse happens. This means it will help you get rid of cancer cells instead of causing cancer to spread.

Can the Intake of sugar grow cancer cells?

Eating a few cookies and chocolates won’t lead to growth in cancer cells. But, as per much research, it has been found that cancer cells consume more sugar as compared to normal cells. No evidence shows that sugar consumption will cause cancer to worsen or not eat sugar will disappear. Having cancer doesn’t mean that you need to live a tasteless life.

You won’t need surgery if the tumor is solid?

Surgery is always needed. Different treatments can cause the tumor to shrink and get smaller in size. But surgery is the only way that can help you get rid of tumors, as per Gulf coast medical center doctors.

Is skin cancer color blind?

No, this is just another myth surrounding cancer. People with fair skin have a greater risk of developing skin cancer than people with darker skin tones. In addition to this, people with blond and red hair, green or blue eyes, and freckled skin are at higher risk of getting infected by cancer.

Does chemotherapy always have a harmful effect?

Lots of awful side effects may be due to chemotherapy. But, recent advancements in technology and medical research have lowered the risk of chemotherapy’s harmful impact. Even if chemotherapy comes up with several adverse effects, it is one of the best ways to eliminate high growth in cancer cells.

Is chemotherapy painful?

Gulf Coast hospital
Credit: medicalnewstoday

Most patients fear chemotherapy as they believe that it is painful. Chemotherapy is not painful at all. The side effects of chemotherapy are infinite, but infusion in the oral form is not painful at all.

Can pregnant women get cancer treatment?

Pregnant women should visit the gulf coast hospital immediately after detecting cancer in their bodies. Early medical care can offer better outcomes for the mother as well as the baby.

Gulf coast hospital suggests the best cancer treatment.

If you or your near and dear ones are suffering from cancer, you don’t need to worry at all. Even if you are fearful, you will be okay after contacting the best doctors at Gulf coast hospital. The hospital has the best team of doctors and surgeons who can help you eliminate all signs and symptoms of cancer. No matter if you have blood cancer or ovarian cancer, contacting Gulf coast medical center doctors will help you get the best solutions.

Don’t pay heed to these myths surrounding cancer. Take care of your health, and you won’t have to face any of these signs and symptoms.

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