Short-Term Marijuana Withdrawal

Short-Term Marijuana Withdrawal

In reference to marijuana withdrawal, it would be a blatant contradiction to widespread public belief to admit that it even exists. It is easier on the conscious of the public to believe a lie than to accept the truth.

Acknowledgement would go against the grain and disrupt the natural flow of public acceptance. The legislation that legalized marijuana pretty much opened a Pandora’s box that has released a new brand of trouble for many people without government censure.

The strains that are hitting the market are randomly manipulated to be increasingly more potent. There are no restrictions, laws, or monitoring efforts put forth to protect the consumers. You might experience some marijuana withdrawals but they won’t last long. These are some of the symptoms that you will experience if you have been a heavy smoker for an extended time:

  1. User Dreams are common for people that are trying to get away from a particular drug. This is you’re your addict psyche trying to trick you into going back. These dreams are powerful in their effects but try grabbing some ice cream instead of calling your ‘MAN’. They will lessen with time.
  2. Disrupted Sleep is also an effect that you may experience. If it is severe and causing conflict in your life you can seek the assistance of a medical professional or try herbal supplements such as chamomile tea before bedtime. Another thing that will help is to try to set a regular schedule for your bedtime and getting up.
  3. Lethargy and Weakness is another side effect of withdrawals that you may experience. This is a side effect that usually only last a few days so wait it out. Get up and face the day. Isolation is your enemy right now, make an earnest effort to socialize.
  4. Anxiety, Panic, and Depression depending on the amounts that you used and the length of time that you used, these are another possibility during the infancy of your abstinence. You can resource herbal supplements that will help like St. John’s Wart, or you can seek the help of a medical professional.
  5. Imbalance on your Motor Control This is nothing more than being a little clumsy for a few days. It is probably associated with the weakness you may experience. It’s not debilitating just inconvenient. The only advice here is to exercise a little more caution until you return to normal.
  6. Mood Swings for the first days may be an extreme condition, but it will pass. If you need assistance you can seek counseling, a medical professional, or resource some supplemental herbal remedies.
  7. Distractions are not uncommon during the first week or two. Everyone seems to find it a little hard to focus and concentrate. This will pass in due time and shouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks at the most. Try to avoid making any major decisions, and if you have to, seek another person to be in attendance with you.
  8. Appetite Disruption and Intestinal Upset It is normal to not be as hungry as you wee. You can treat this and the intestinal problem by sticking through with healthy food selections and eat them on a regulated schedule.
  9. Snappy Reactions this is nothing more than a side effect that goes hand in hand with the restlessness and anxiety. Given time this smooths out, and you can control it in the meantime. Try some meditation to help you establish your real personality into your persona once more.

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