What Is Involved In Root Canal?

What Is Involved In Root Canal?

If you have ever experienced toothache you will know how valuable a good dentist really is. Many toothaches are fairly simply to resolve but sometimes you will hear those dreaded words ‘root canal’.

For some reason this always conjures up images of intense pain; despite the fact that the toothache is already extremely painful! Fortunately, there is a way to get past this image. You need to understand what root canal is and how your dentist can help.

Choosing the right practice means finding a dentist in Bankstown or elsewhere which has a good reputation and has experience of performing root canal surgery.

The Root Canal

The root canal is the central part of your tooth. In fact, this is a natural cavity with a soft area which is referred to as pulp. Also inside this chamber is a nerve; the one responsible for your tooth ache.

In effect, this is a canal pathway from tooth to nerves.

Why Have Root Canal?

When your tooth has become damaged it will start to decay. This usually happens in the centre of the tooth. When your tooth has decayed significantly root canal is the only procedure which can save you from having it extracted.

Root canal is also the best option when you have a seriously infected tooth.

Performing Root Canal Surgery

Root canal is not actually complicated.   Your dentist will need to remove the decay from your tooth in order to access the pulp and the nerve.

Both the pulp and the nerve are important when the tooth is developing, once it is fully formed they serve no purpose other than to relay sensations; such as hot or cold, to the brain.

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Because the tooth can remain healthy and function without the pulp or the nerve the dentist will remove these and then seal the opening. This will prevent any infection from getting into the tooth and remove all pain!

The whole process can be completed in just one or two appointments and is virtually painless.

Why Have Root Canal

A badly infected or decaying tooth can be simply extracted. However, by having root canal completed you will be able to save the tooth and provide yourself with several important benefits:

  • Your Chewing will remain efficient and effective; a missing tooth can often lead you to chew food awkwardly.
  • Your teeth maintained their natural appearance. This is particularly important if it is one of your front teeth as they are visible when you smile, eat and even talk. If you get an extraction you may find your confidence suffers as you no longer like to show your teeth.
  • Maintains balance in your mouth. A missing tooth will place strain on your other teeth and can cause them to wear unevenly or too quickly.

Although the idea of root canal may appear scary, in fact the reality is that this is a relatively pain free procedure which is performed thousands of times every year. Well performed root canal will last you a lifetime.

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