Three High-Paying, Necessary Jobs That Can Be Stressful

Three High-Paying, Necessary Jobs That Can Be Stressful

Everybody has to work. While there’s a huge difference between a job and a career, everybody is familiar with the ins and outs of daily work. Depending on whether your occupation is one you enjoy or merely tolerate, the burdens of stress can affect you profoundly.

Overall health is impacted by the type of work we do daily. While some people love their jobs, others can’t stand being there. Whether it is stress on a physical or mental level, these problems ultimately add up and can cause plenty of illness and health difficulties over the long-term.

In many cases, high-paying careers may help pay the bills, but they can also rob their occupants of their peace of mind. Today, we’ll discuss three high-paying jobs that can be difficult to handle if you’re not careful.

Healthcare Professionals

Arguably the biggest industry employing workers, the healthcare industry can be stressful on those who help others. Ironic in a sense, considering that this line of work is about making people healthier, healthcare professionals often deal with long hours, dangerous conditions and ample stress.

At the lower rungs of the scale, nurses must deal with a variety of conditions such as exposure to bio-waste and radiation, communicable diseases and long hours. Many healthcare workers clock 60 hours per week or more, meaning lots of standing on their feet and dealing with emotionally and physically demanding situations.

For those who opt to help others by pursuing an MHA degree and work in healthcare administration, the stress of balancing budgets and peoples’ lives can be difficult to handle. This is why top-tier universities offer preparedness online MHA degree courses for those who want to help others, giving them the tools to cope with these situations and pursue their passions successfully.

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End-of-Life Tradespeople

Those in the business of end-of-life services will tell you that the job is not easy. For those who work in funeral homes, crematoriums, coroner’s offices and morgues, the mental stress of these careers quickly takes its toll on people.

In many cases, end-of-life businesses are under-staffed, again requiring long hours from those who choose this line of work. While the pay is often well above the national average, the constant exposure to death can slowly eat away at those who are not prepared to handle it.

Many funeral homes and crematoriums have difficulty keeping employees for this very reason, which makes it a difficult high-paying job for many to handle.

Natural Resource Employees

Last but not least, the natural resources industries employ hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country in a variety of high-paying jobs. Many of those who work on oil rigs and refineries routinely earn six-figure incomes for blue-collar work. With great pay, however, comes great risk.

The injury rate in the natural resources sector is much higher than the national occupational average. In addition to that, exposure to harmful chemicals and hazardous conditions makes the job even more dangerous. Not only does this take an obvious physical toll on the body (many workers in this industry pull 12-hour shifts), but the daily grind takes a mental toll as well.

Ultimately, not everybody experiences substantial stress on the job. If you enjoy what you do and follow the rules, there is a good chance that you can avoid much of what life throws at you while at work. However, some jobs naturally present their employees with more stress than others – and in many cases, the pay is greater because of it. Whether you’re studying an online MHA program or preparing to work in the oil and gas business, remember that there are always trade-offs in life.

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