Factors to Consider While Buying New Medical Lab Equipment

Factors to Consider While Buying NewMedical Lab Equipment

Whether you are thinking of replacing the old obsolete laboratory equipment or buying the best and the latest in technology, it is essential to choose an appropriate one for the right work ambiance including the organization, the patients, and the clinical diagnosticians. Would you be getting high ROI by using cutting-edge laboratory equipment? Will it be justified economically to buy portable X-ray equipment? Do you think there is enough space in your lab to place a floor model centrifuge or would you rather buy a tabletop model?

Adequate and effective due diligence would be needed before making important buying decisions. You must keep in mind that the perfect equipment for your organization is somewhere out there; all you need to do is diligently research and homework for identifying it.

Here are some important tips or factors to keep in mind when you opt for purchasing new laboratory equipment.

Price: While buying new lab equipment, the price would always be an important consideration and definitely a major concern. You need to examine not only the current price but also the maintenance expenses and costs over its lifetime. You must do a comparative estimate with some other reputed brands and popular models. You may consider doing a side-by-side evaluation and comparison of various models for simplifying the purchase decision.

Easy Availability of Parts: The advantages and drawbacks of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified parts or new consumables as compared to refurbished parts or consumables require thorough assessment. Compare the prices and checkout if refurbished or brand new parts & consumables costs and prices are within the prior chalked out maintenance budget. Go carefully through the fine print in your service contract.

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Service Contract:Firstly, you must determine the exact duration and validity of the concerned manufacturer warranty as it actually varies from one manufacturer to another. Once the warranty period expires, what are the terms and conditions that are available to you? Will the service contract include an auto-renewal clause? You must understand clearly what would be the cancelation fees and if there is a fixed response time.  Before signing the contract, you must clearly understand what exactly you are signing.

System Updates & Tech Support: It would be beneficial to you in the long run if you negotiate system updates and technical support at the very beginning of the purchase of this expensive equipment. You should be able to easily access the technical support by dialing a toll-free number. Moreover, system updates must be provided at obviously no extra cost as their key objective is elimination and rectification of a manufacturer malfunction and enhancing the overall performance of your laboratory equipment.

Eco-friendly: If you are placing prime importance onenvironment-friendly equipment then you must understand that the selection of green laboratory equipment is actually limited. Moreover, the product features would or would not fulfill your wish list specifications or requirements.

Usage: You must determine exactly how often and precisely in which environment the laboratory equipment would be used. It depends on the specific circumstances in which the laboratory equipment would be used for determining the precise product features necessary for getting the job done.


You must identify the exact model, make, and the precise product features that would best serve your purpose and organization, patients, and the clinical diagnosticians. Take your time and make a wise choice. Never be in a rush while buying such important and expensive equipment. You must ultimately, opt for the right laboratory equipment that fulfills the majority of the requirements in the wish list prepared by you and is certainly most advantageous to everyone concerned or involved.

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Author Bio: Ramona Atkins is a lab technician and an avid blogger. She loves to share her knowledge and experiences with her fans and readers. She offers important solutions and tips for the layman.

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