Can Modafinil be purchased legally over the counter?

Can Modafinil be purchased legally over the counter

If you are asking this question, it means Modafinil has not been prescribed for you by a medical doctor. For individuals whose doctors have prescribed the famous smart drug for, all you need to do is visit any pharmacy and present the prescription. You do not have to worry about a thing if you have a prescription for the drug.

Modafinil was once a non-famous drug that was only meant for people suffering from a specific sleep disorder. It is a prescription drug that was mainly used by people with narcolepsy, apnea and other such sleep disorders. However, the smart drug has become a well-known and sought-after drug by people for different reasons. Modafinil’s specific benefits are associated with mental energy, wakefulness, and alertness. It is designed to help people who find it hard to stay awake during the day to live normal lives.

However, there are many people who have discovered other uses for the drug but are unable to buy it over the counter because it is a prescription drug. These people have found other ways to purchase the drug and the most used platform for purchase is the online pharmacies. Countries like Mexico and India offer Best Nootropics Smart Drugs Modafinil Armodafinil Nootropil Provigil even without prescription. This is basically because there are no strict measures put in place over product legalities. Although, it is easy to purchase Modafinil from these sources, but it poses great risk to the user in terms of fake and substandard drugs. Users must be very careful when purchasing Modafinil or any other drug from online pharmacies.

It is important to know that you do not have to go through the risk of ordering for the smart drug online. All you need is to get appropriate facts on how to safely get the extraordinary cognitive enhancer. So how can you get Modafinil and other nootropics from over the counter without any issue?

Before discussing how you can get the smart drug from over the counter, it is important to know the history and the original uses of the drug.

History of Modafinil and its Original Uses

Modafinil was first manufactured in the year 1976 by Jouvet Michel. The drug was developed for a French pharmaceutical company called Lafon Laboratories. Some years later, the company was sold off to Cephalon, who still manufactures the popular brand of the smart drug, called Provigil.

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Modafinil was first tried on animals and the indications showed that it increases alertness and loco-motor activity in the animals. Subsequently, the drug was tried on individuals who were suffering from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder where patients experience extreme daytime sleepiness. People living with narcolepsy often fall asleep randomly and uncontrollably throughout the day. Since it was first used on humans, numerous studies have been conducted on the drug and it was discovered that Modafinil indeed reduces daytime sleepiness significantly.

Modafinil is now been prescribed for people with a sleep disorder to improve their wakefulness and alertness so that they can function optimally during the day. Specific sleep disorders that the drug is usually prescribed for are obstructive sleep apnea, work-shift sleep disorder, and narcolepsy. The Food and Drug Administration has officially approved Modafinil as a prescription drug for the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleep disorder.

Usage of Modafinil for other Purposes

Over the years, many other usages have been discovered for Modafinil. As of today, the smart drug is regarded as the ultimate drug for cognitive enhancement. There are many reports that have backed the fact that Modafinil is a wonder pill for the enhancement of cognitive abilities. Almost everyone in college and workplace now uses the drug to keep up with the demand of everyday life. Interestingly, Modafinil does not show addictive potentials like other stimulants. Based on some studies, Modafinil has shown significant effects in the enhancement of brain functioning. It is therefore not strange to see that many students as well as executives in workplace rely on Modafinil to help them cope with the demand of everyday living.

The mechanism of how Modafinil works is not fully known. The only thing that is known however is, it helps to release CNS histamines in the human brain. This, in turn, excites the action of important neurotransmitters in the brain.

Sales of Modafinil over the Counter

AlthoughModafinil is imbued with amazing benefits for enhancing cognition, it is unfortunate that you cannot walk into a pharmacy to buy the drug over the counter. The drug is a controlled substance labelled Schedule IV narcotic. An individual will need to have a prescription before they can purchase it legally in the United States. The only way you can get the drug prescribed for you is to be diagnosed with narcolepsy or any other sleep disorder condition. There are some exceptional cases where medical practitioners prescribe Modafinil for off-label purpose. It is important to note that doctors only prescribe the drug for off-label purpose if they think it is necessary and safe for the user.

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Is it legal to purchase Modafinil from Online Pharmacies?

Many online pharmacies sell Modafinil without prescription because it is allowed in their country of residence. However, it is illegal to purchase the drug without prescription in the U.S. If you purchase the drug from an online pharmacy and it is shipped to you in the U.S., it can be confiscated because it is illegal in the States. Other countries that have the same legal stand about Modafinil are the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Alternative to Modafinilthat you can purchase over the Counter

It can be quite exasperating to not be able to purchase the smart drug without the prescription after hearing so many great things about it. Well, the good news is that there is an alternative to Modafinil that can be purchased over the counter. If you want the same cognitive enhancing effects that Modafinil offers; you can opt for Adrafinil. Adrafinil is a legal, non-prescription nootropics drug that is a direct alternative to Modafinil. You can purchase the drug from some U.S. online pharmacies. It is also available over the counter in the U.S. You can be sure that Adrafinil has the same effect as Modafinil.

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