Learn Something New About Synthetic Urine Today!

Learn Something New About Synthetic Urine Today!

There are many compliance tests that we have to take and pass in our professional lives. One of these is the urine test. Also known as a urinalysis, it is a test where a sample of your urine is checked for disease indicators or illegal substances. Urine tests are performed in the hospital, at the workplace, at sports centers, or in police stations by parole officers. They are used to diagnose diseases early or detect if you have been taking illegal drugs. Some people like to enjoy illegal drugs for leisure purposes. Such individuals would prefer to pass the urine test and hide their habit. For such as these, there is a fluid known as synthetic urine. Discover more about it below.

What is synthetic urine?

This is an artificial fluid that is manufactured such that it is able to duplicate the appearance, composition, and chemical makeup of human urine. This fluid was originally invented so as to help in calibrating the equipment used for screening urine in laboratories. However, synthetic urine is now used by many people to pass urine drug tests illegitimately.

Synthetic urine contains the same materials that are found in regular, natural urine. Examples of these are:

  1. Creatinine
  2. Uric acid
  3. Phosphates
  4. Urea
  5. Ammonia
  6. Sulfates

In addition to having an identical composition with natural human urine, synthetic urine has the same pH level. It also has the same specific gravity level. Some manufacturers of this fluid add contents such as vitamin B12, color, and hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen to make the synthetic urine appear real.

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Due to its nature, synthetic urine is used to pass urine drug tests. These assessments are normally performed to ascertain if an individual has consumed illegal substances such as marijuana, steroids, cocaine, or other drugs. Metabolites from these substances can be found in the urine. As such, individuals who have consumed them and would not like to be found out use synthetic urine.

Why does the synthetic urine kit work when applied in drug tests?

This fluid works in this case because of its composition. It has the same chemicals and nutrients as regular, natural human urine. Those who use it also have to keep it warm before submission to the testers. The required temperature in this case is 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic urine normally comes in a kit that contains a heat patch. This can be applied to the fluid before submission so as to keep it warm. As such, it is able to perform like the real thing when tested.

A main reason why synthetic urine works is because the individuals who perform urine drug tests do not perform genetic analysis on the fluid. This is too tedious to perform for many people at a sports arena or an office. Therefore, they only use composition tests. The synthetic urine therefore passes as real and the individual being tested is regarded drug free.


Despite having been developed for calibration, synthetic urine is now used by many to beat urine drug tests. It can be bought in a kit. There are online retailers providing this product.

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