Royal correspondent Julie Montagu

Royal correspondent Julie Montagu

The flexi foodie, aka Julie Montagu, will be adding a new string to her bow this May. The blogger, foodie, yoga expert, TV star and member of the aristocracy announced in January that she would be the BBC’s Royal Wedding Correspondent this spring.

Prince Harry will tie the knot with American TV actress Meghan Markle at a ceremony in Windsor Chapel on May 19th 2018. Announcing the big news, Montagu told her Instagram followers: “They’re getting married and I’m officially signed by the BBC to cover the royal wedding. I’m actually weak in the knees and even feeling a bit nervous and slightly sick to my stomach with too many butterflies flying around inside of me…..

“I just had to share the news with you guys as my BBC contract came through today and not only will I be there on the grounds of Windsor Castle on the big day, but from 1st April I will be providing journalistic and commentary services for the BBC leading up to the wedding date! Sort of freakin’ out!”

Royal correspondent Julie Montagu

Montagu is no stranger to the upper echelons of society herself; she’s married to a viscount and her full title is Lady Hinchingbrooke; her husband is heir to the title of Earl of Sandwich. Her advice to the latest person to join the royal family? “It’s a bit boring advice, but just be yourself. You don’t have to conform to the English ways. No one wants a boring lady. But if she’s with Harry, no way are they gonna be boring.”

If you’re looking to hire a celebrity with real class, Julie Montagu is the woman for you. After May 19th, she’s sure to have plenty of juicy gossip about the inside story on the royal wedding, too! If you’d like to book Julie Montagu, contact her booking agency MN2S to find out more about her availability.

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