9 Effective Night Time Hair Care Ideas

9 Effective Night Time Hair Care Ideas

Every single woman I know dreams of waking up with studio ready, no mess, no fluff, Hollywood style extension hair. Unfortunately, that never happens; but fortunately, it can if you follow these 9 simple but effective hair care ideas. While these ideas, tips and hacks are not difficult to follow but they need a commitment from your end. So, if you are ready to get thick, strong, actress style hair here is what you need to do.

1.Keep Them Hydrated

There is no study that proves that keeping hair hydrated helps hair growth. However, we know that hydrated hair are less prone to breakage which in turn means healthier hair. Thus, it is a good idea to keep hydrated before you go to sleep. Mix a leave-in conditioner with a decent amount of water and massage your hair before you hit the bed. Make use of essential oils like Rosemary if you have extra dry hair. Rosemary is known to boost hair growth. This mixture can be used on hair twice or thrice a week.

2.Oil the Locks

Organic oils have all the right things that your hair need to be strong and shiny. Therefore, oiling should be one thing that you should be doing at least twice a week. This is even more important if you have ‘very’ dry hair. Interestingly, our scalp generates some amount of oil on its own to keep the scalp and hair healthy; but sadly the rate of generation is very slow and external forces are required to meet the demand of growing hair. Also, over-oiling the scalp every once a month is a good hack, as it acts as a booster for hair growth.

3.Serum, if not Oil

If you are a person who does not like to put a lot of oil in the hair, serums are what you need. These little exotic bottles of hair love contain a solution of organic and artificial agents that coat the hair and make it shiny and strong. The serums were originally invented to remove the frizz out of the hair. However, over time, they have been re-engineered, modified and created for more uses than one. Today, serums are an effective treatment for dry and dull hair plus they can be left overnight to achieve better results in the morning. Although serum is an excellent alternative to using oil, never apply it in the roots as it will then make the hair look greasy and weird.

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4.Softy Cover the Hair

The worst part about sleeping with long human hair is that they break and produce split ends while you are asleep. This happens because of the friction produced between the hair and anything that they come in contact with. The contact surfaces include your clothes, shoulders, sheets, pillows and even your partner. Now since you cannot eliminate everything from your life, the best trick is to minimize the contact. How? Use a muslin clothe. A muslin clothe prevents the friction and hence minimizes the breakage. This reduces hair breakage and eventually prevents split ends.

5.Select a Night Friendly Hairstyle

Your hairstyle when you sleep plays an important role in deciding the growth of your hair. While you sleep, your hair comes in contact with a number of things (as discussed in above point) and sadly you have little to no control over it. A muslin clothe can definitely help but if you select and create a hairstyle that can lock in the as much moisture as possible and minimize the hair loss, the efficiency of your other efforts would drastically increase. Try creating braids or twists. These hairstyles lock in a lot of moisturizer and decrease the area of contact (and thus reduce friction).

6.Eat a Healthy Dinner

It is no rocket science that eating healthy gives you a positive energy. Not only is this reflected on your face, it is equally reflective in your hair as well. You are totally what you eat. A good diet goes a long way. Therefore, it is recommended to have a healthy dinner, probably one filled with minerals, vitamins and fiber. Plus, drink enough water throughout the day. These two things will improve the health of the hair and let you have the best and the most shiny hair ever.

7.Brush Before You Sleep

And we are not talking about the teeth. Brushing your hair can be more effective than you think. First, it removes knots and stuff from your hair making them tangle free and leaving less scope of getting tangled while you sleep (and break). Second, it improves the blood circulation in the scalp. A better blood circulation means that you not only get lustrous hair, you get a healthier scalp and do not have to worry about troubles like dandruff.

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8.Use a Supplement

Vitamin E is one of the top most nutrient that contributes to the health of the hair. White it is present in abundance in the food we eat, not everyone eats the right food. Thus, to make up for the missing vitamin E from your diet, it is recommended that you should either  vitamin E orally (think vitamin and mineral capsules) or mix the ingredients of the capsule in the oil and apply it directly to the scalp. Irrespective of the method selected, it is important that you do it on a regular basis and create a constant supply of vitamin E in your routine.

9.Artificial Products

There are a lot of products available in the market that focus on hair growth. While all of them have ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ written all over them, that is not completely true. All of these products that promise great hair growth and hair therapy contain the enzymes and minerals required by the hair in huge quantities and they are formulated and created artificially. Thus, while they may or may not damage the hair (read review before you buy a hair care product), avoid using them for a long duration.

We love our hair and if there are a few things that can enhance the feel and texture of our hair without putting in much effort, why not? Begin your journey of best hair weave from these handful of steps and you will soon have a dream come true.

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