Some Health Implications of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

Some Health Implications of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

A fulfilling night’s sleep is really crucial for promoting good health and maintaining overall well-being. Sleep matters a lot for Americans and for them, sleep is even more important than romance. The sleep quality actually is reliant to a great extent on the mattress you are sleeping on. Everybody knows that the mattress quality is of prime importance if you want a perfect night’s sleep but very few people take proactive steps to get their old or bad mattresses replaced on time for improving the state of affairs.

When you have a really bad night’s sleep, it is quite natural for you to wake up feeling drowsy and sometimes, with a severe headache. A good night’s sleep would imply automatically that you feel fully refreshed, rejuvenated, and there are absolutely no signs of exhaustion. Your mattress is responsible for making you fall asleep and enjoy a relaxing sleep.

A bad mattress implies poor quality sleep that could over time trigger certain harmful health issues such as respiratory and weight issues, immune system disorders, and a broad spectrum of many other negative health effects. The consequences of sleeping on a bad mattress would be ranging from obesity, allergies to chronic back pain. Let us discuss the health implications of sleeping on a bad mattress over an extended period of time.


Sleep deprivation usually promotes overeating and binge-eating. If you try to identify the root cause of your erratic eating patterns and weight gain issues, you would soon realize that these health issues are associated with genuine lack of sleep and the main culprit could be your old mattress. A bad and uncomfortable mattress could keep you up at night. When you are awake all night, you would feel like munching something but it is possibly the worst time for snacking.

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Weak Immune System

When you are sleeping day in and day out on a bad quality mattress, it would be preventing you from enjoying a good quality rest and sleep. This lack of proper sleep could culminate in the weakening of your immune system. You would be susceptible to cold and numerous other illnesses.


Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is supposed to be a disorder where an individual’s sleep is actually delayed by a couple of hours or more beyond the conventional bedtime. This sort of a delay in ultimately falling asleep may result in difficulty in getting up on time the next morning. For instance, instead of going off to sleep at 10.00 P.M. and then getting up at 6.30 A.M., a DSPS patient would be going off to sleep around midnight and then having a tough time to get up on time for office. Most of these patients are often referred to as the night owls who are most active and most competent during the night or evening hours. A bad mattress is known to trigger DSPS in many cases.

Heart Issues

You could even develop serious heart issues due to lack of proper or adequate sleep at night. As per the findings of a study that was conducted by a reputed European heart journal, people who do not get proper sleep at night would be having 48% more likelihood of developing heart issues as compared to those who are lucky enough to get a good night’s sleep.


Everyone needs their beauty sleep. Poor sleep quality could be resulting in older-looking skin and puffy eyes. You must consider investing in a brand new mattress that is comfortable and of just the right kind to help you sleep all through the night. If you wish to look fresh and beautiful you must get your full quota of daily sleep at night.

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