E-Lighters: Carry USB Fire in Your Pocket

E-Lighters: Carry USB Fire in Your Pocket

Far away are the days when you had to pray your lighter to work when you went outside to have a smoke or start the campfire. New technology has arrived, and it promises to be even more convenient than old-school cool-looking fuel lighters. E-lighters are now here, and they are staying for sure! Keep reading and find out what makes them so unique and innovative!

Why are they called e-lighters

E-lighters are called like that because it is the short form of the electric lighter. They use an electric current to generate heat. These lighters can be charged using any USB port you have in hand. The best thing is that nowadays, everything has a USB port on it. You name it: cars, street outlets, public computers, public hand sanitizers and portable power banks of course.

E-lighters do not consume too much electricity. They are charged in less than two hours in most cases, and it would not take too much from your portable power bank.

What makes them so special?

The thing with electric lighters is that they can work for days after being charged. It only depends on the number of lights you require during those days. A fair average is two hundred lights per charge. And of course, with all the energy they use, you will almost always need one light at a time.

Electric lighters are windproof and humidity proof. Some models can even withstand being poured water over them. After that, they light as if nothing happened! If you use an electric lighter outside, as windy as it may get, it will still light!

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Are e-lighters better than regular lighters?

In many ways they are. E-lighters can provide many things that traditional lighters don’t:

-Traditional lighters are not that hot. Their maximum temperature is (in extreme cases 70 degrees Fahrenheit). E-lighters can reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Traditional lighters can get extinguished with strong winds. You also need the flame to be steady and big enough to light the chosen object. E-lighters are not affected by wind, and you don’t need to protect their surface.

-Traditional lighters can demand a lot of money on them to make them last. You will have to buy fuel, flints, spare parts and other things if you are fond of your lighter.

Why are they so small

They are small because they don’t need a fuel tank. All they have is a circuit and a small battery. This system allows for efficient performance on a small, slick design. You can check USB lighter online and check them yourself.

E-lighters have two electrodes outside its circuit to generate the heat. Those electrodes don’t have any other complicated accessory that would get wet or damaged by shock or the weather.

Having a simpler, smart design makes them less prone to damage and breaking.

Can e-lighters replace old-school lighters?

Maybe people won’t be so fast to adopt them in the short run. This sometimes is because of them being used to traditional lighters. In the long run, however, e-lighters can prove to be more efficient than old-school fuel lighters.

Some of the reasons to use electric lighters:

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-They are very efficient: they perform for a long time with little energy.

-They have fewer parts. This makes them less prone to damage and needing replacement parts.

-They are smaller and lighter. This helps them less awkward to carry on pants pockets and shirt pockets.

-They produce more heat than traditional lighters. This allows them to be used in bigger tasks where larger objects may need to be burned.

What is the best about having a USB lighter?

  1. You can be proud and have a non-traditional tool for a traditional purpose.

People like it when someone has something innovative to share with others. In some places, they are not that common, and it is a joy to light a cigarette for other people in a different way!

2 You won’t have to worry where you are.

E-lighters can work everywhere. You will not care about windy winters, humid places, fuel leakage or flint malfunctions.

3 They look cool

It needed to be said. E-lighters are new and hip, and companies are trying to do crazy new designs every day; you need to choose your own!

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