5 Ways a Toilet Seat Plays a Role in Health and Fitness

5 Ways a Toilet Seat Plays a Role in Health and Fitness

In our day to day life, it is not only important to clean and hygienic from the outside but also from inside. The way we live matters on how we are living it. If we are uncomfortable or we are having problems in cleansing internally then it really affects our body may be not in short span but definitely in long term. In case of defecation, it is very important that discharge should be proper. And it is directly proportional to the way we are doing.

In modern times there are many ways that have been invented for defecation but the most commonly used way is the American style. There have been different shapes and sizes of toilet seat according to the comfort of a person. Nowadays round type toilet seat is the most famous and used on. Besides having many advantages of toilet seats but still, their outcomes have some limitations which create a problem not only hygienically but improper excretion leads to many diseases.

As the technology is advancing in the field of Health and fitness, a new way to sit has come to limelight which is technically called as the raised toilet seat. And it overcomes the limitations of toilet seats which are commonly faced in daily life like too much bending of legs, improper dimension seat, height problem of the toilet seat and many others. All this makes the toilet seat unfit for defecation.

Now, let’s discuss how this toilet seat plays a key role in our fitness and wellness:

  1. Proper discharge – Due to its compatibility in sitting, it provides the proper angle to our hip which helps us to excrete properly. It’s important to have a proper sitting proportion so that uniform pressure may be exerted around the tendon. This pressure in result helps in the appropriate discharge of waste material from our body. There is a proper ratio which is required between the lower part and upper part of our body when we sit on a toilet seat so that appropriate bowel movement can take place.
  2. Fewer chances of back pain – There is always been a height problem when it comes to sitting on a toilet. For a long and tall person, it requires heightened seat whereas for the person with less height it requires to lower the seat. But most of the time, this facility is not available. And constant bending of the spine leads to back pain and because of that chance of dislocation of muscles in old people also arises.
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For the complete discharge of waste material from our body, we require a proper height but when one sits in bending position, the valve of the anus gets blockage because of that the stool can’t pass through properly. But in the case of ‘raise toilet seat’ because of suitable height the path becomes straight due to that it becomes easier for the waste material to come out.

  1. Prevents knee problems – Due to excessive bending of legs while sitting on toilet seat leads to paining of knees. Sitting for long in that position results in jellification of blood in blood veins by that frailty in the lower part of the body occurs. Hence it is equally necessary to have a support system on sides of the toilet seat on which one relies upon. While sitting one requires having a proper movement of its lower and upper part of the body especially for those who carry a newspaper in the toilet. This support system helps one to stretch the lower part like legs and thighs of one is having a constipation problem.
  2. Solves Constipation Problem – Constipation is one of the major problems in adults nowadays. And one of the major reasons for that is the wrong sitting posture while sitting in the toilet. The mechanism of ‘Raised toilet seat’ is so made that it can adjust according to one’s body alignment. And this enables one to ease the movement of waste material out of the body.
  3. Increases Metabolism rate – Proper defecation leads to increase of metabolism rate of the body. The digestive power of the stomach improves. Since the digestion of our body improves, so the appetite. The fervor of a person plays an important role in his/her health. A fit body requires having a proper bowel movement which is enhanced by the raised toilet seat.
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It can be concluded that the proper posture is required to sit on toilet seat although that may seem a less significant thing, it matters a lot. It channelizes the proper functioning of our body and internal cleaning of our body becomes procurable. Health really matters when it comes to excretion. Towards a healthy living and hygienic life, one should choose comfortable options in an efficacious way.

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