The Health Benefits of Gaming

The Health Benefits of Gaming

To be health and vital and to feel and look good are goals of most of us. However, many of us disagree on the means by which to improve our health. One potentially surprising way to improve your health is to play video games, as recent research has indicated that gaming can improve your health in a plethora of ways.

    Amazingly, research has shown that gaming can improve your fitness, your cardiovascular health and your physique. This is because there is a new trend in gaming, called exergaming, in which you play the game by moving you body. Games like Wii Fit and the Xbox Kinect are examples of exergaming, and this type of game has amazing potential. The National Institute of Health conducted a metaanalysis of the research on exergaming, and they claim that exergaming could have a multitude of applications in the exercise and health industry, that it increased activity levels (participants in the research increased their activity levels greatly), and that gaming could even have an impact upon society in general, by reducing childhood obesity and inactivity levels in our sedentary society.

    And this is only your cardio health. Gaming can also improve your health in other ways. For example, it can improve cognitive health: I mean this quite literally, as gaming can increase grey matter in certain areas of your brain, and improve your skills in certain areas, like spatial awareness and planning. As well as this, gaming can help you to return to health more quickly after an illness or accident or trauma, as it quickens recovery and also prevents flashbacks to the traumatic event.

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    You must not see gaming as a panacea, a solution to all of your problems and worries. It is not. What gaming is is fun.  And it may just have some added bonuses.

To find out more about the health benefits of gaming, see the infographic below that has been kindly provided by our friends at Computer Planet.

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