How to Wash Hunting Clothes

How to Wash Hunting Clothes

Importance of Being Scent Free

According to The Deer Hunter’s Almanac, deer haven hunting license? Check. Firearm and ammunition? Check. You’ve even practiced climbing your tree and setting up your blind, but have you thought about how washing your hunting clothes could mean the difference between bagging that buck and walking away empty-handed?

How you wash your hunting clothes and gear plays a big part in the hunting process. Deer and other game have incredibly sensitive senses of smell. You can check off all the necessary items that will improve your hunt but if you forget to wash your hunting clothes properly you will greatly decrease your chances of success. Let’s look at the steps to reduce your scent.

er two-hundred scent receptors in their nose. This means that they can smell you from up to a mile away. The last thing you want is for your potential prized trophy to catch your scent and cost you all your efforts.

There are many products on the market that are used to mask scent, however, scent blockers aren’t your only option. If how you wash your hunting clothes isn’t taken into consideration, scent blockers can’t be used to their optimal effectiveness.

A few practical steps you can take when washing your hunting clothes involves how you prep your washer, what you use to pretreat your clothes, the type of detergent you use, how you dry your clothes, and how you store them. All these steps can create or eliminate scent.

Prep Washer

It all comes out in the wash. This phrase is certainly true when it comes to your washing machine. It’s not just dirt and grime that end up in your washer. All the cleaning agents you use to keep your clothes fresh and clean also leave residue in your machine.

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Prepping your washer before washing your hunting clothes will help to make sure that any scent residue from using regular detergents is removed before you insert your hunting clothes. Using unscented detergent won’t matter much if your washer still has residue from scented detergents or fabric softeners when you wash your hunting clothes.

You can prep your washer by running a few loads through using an unscented detergent that doesn’t contain UV brighteners. Washing with a cycle of distilled white vinegar will also help remove any fragrance residue.

Washing your hunting clothes by hand will eliminate the need to prep your washer. Just make sure whatever container you’re using to wash your hunting clothes, also doesn’t contain fragrances or UV brightener residue.