An Open System

open mri system

If you’ve been given an order to have an MRI performed, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind before you go to the hospital or the imaging center to ease your nerves. An open MRI machine isn’t like an enclosed one. There isn’t a long tube that you’re in, which is beneficial if you are overweight or if you are claustrophobic. If you’re already in a hospital as a patient, an open MRI is beneficial if you are connected to any kind of tubing or if you have an IV because you don’t have to be disconnected while keeping the equipment right beside you while you’re on the table.

There usually isn’t anything that you need to do unless your doctor wants to scan certain areas of your body and prescribes a medication that you have to take beforehand or that will be injected before the scan begins. You should let the technician know if you have any metal in your body or if you have a pacemaker. It’s also important to let the technician know if you might be pregnant. Leave all valuables at home or with someone else if there is another person with you.

A benefit of an open machine is that almost all patients can easily use the service provided including those who are elderly and those who are handicapped. The table can usually be lowered or raised depending on what is comfortable for you. It’s often easier for children with an open machine because there is enough room for a parent or another adult to lie on the table with the child for added comfort. When the scan is completed, the results are usually available within a short time so that your doctor can begin putting together a treatment plan for any injuries or health issues that are detected.

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