Make Moving Easier With These Quick and Easy Hacks

Make Moving Easier With These Quick and Easy Hacks

Most of us have to move at least a few times in our lives. Even if you stayed in your childhood home until it came time to be on your own, that’s at least one move that you’ll have to endure. Luckily, these tips and hacks will make the process a bit easier!

#4 Rent A Moving Truck

It may not sound like much of a “hack”, but this is definitely advice that you should take to heart. Far too many people try to move without renting a moving truck and suffice to say, it’s just not worth it. Even if you have a large vehicle or pickup that you plan to pack to the brim, nothing compares to the large, spacious, well-lit, low-to-the-ground, built-in-ramp-included convenience of a moving truck.

#3 Pack Light

If you find yourself reaching for the biggest boxes because they hold so much, think twice. While big boxes are great for pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and other light and large items, you should opt for much smaller boxes (think under 1-2 cubic feet) when packing clothing and household items.

When packing dishes, books, and heavy stuff, a box no larger than 1 cubic foot should be used (that’s 12″ x 12″ x 12″) to ensure that it is able to be carried with ease. When in doubt, take stuff out and pack lighter. Don’t break your back trying to carry around boxes that are far too heavy. They’re hard to stack, hard to carry, and may bust open.

#2 Prioritize

Go through your house and begin packing stuff up the moment you know you’re moving. Start with the stuff you never use and won’t need in the next few weeks. Generally, this includes out-of-season clothes, books, extra blankets and bedding, sit arounds, decor, etc.

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Prioritize the other items and only put off packing the stuff you will absolutely need up until you move. Dishes can be the last to go, for instance. Just be sure to label everything so it’s easy to organize once you’re in the new place! Color-coded sticky notes taped onto boxes stand out more than sharpies. Write the room name on each sticky so your helpers know where to put stuff.

#1 Buy Lunch, Get Help

The best way to get people to help you during your move is to do everything you can on your own–which usually entails packing up as many boxes as possible–and then buying lunch. Group text all your friends and family and ask if they’d be willing to help you load and transport to your new place. Make sure to let them know a delicious free lunch will be involved, along with beverages, and most people will be happy to come out and assist.

Now, what happens if you read through all these things and you really don’t want to move at all? Maybe you should consider the possibility to hire a moving company who can do the hardworking for you.

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