What is a Self-Cleaning Swim Spa?

What is a Self-Cleaning Swim Spa? child swimming

If you have been thinking about a buying a swim spa, you have most likely heard the term ‘self-cleaning’ but may be unsure of exactly what that means. Self-cleaning swim spas let you spend your time relaxing and enjoying your purchase and not having to constantly worry about cleaning the water, skimming, and vacuuming.

When shopping for a swim spa, remember that not all models are made with the same level of quality for self-cleaning technology. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your model will have these features and make sure to ask your dealer what type of cleaning and maintenance will be involved. As a general rule, high-quality swim spas are easier to maintain than lower-quality models. When considering the overall cost of your swim spa, think about the time that you will save from not having to purchase multiple chemicals and frequently clean.

Is There Any Cleaning I Need to Do?

What is a Self-Cleaning Swim Spa? swimming feet

With self-cleaning systems, you can always rest assured and know that your water will be clean and safe for people to enjoy. While self-cleaning models handle the heavy duty daily cleaning tasks, there is still some maintenance that you will be responsible for to ensure that your swim spa is running optimally. Below, is what is required on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.


  • Top up the chemical dispenser
  • Remove the filter and rinse with a garden hose
  • Add stain and scale controller
  • Remove and clean the skimmer basket
  • Inspect to make sure the proper water level has been maintained
  • Test the water and add shock if needed
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Each month, you will have to soak your filter cartridge in a special cleaning solution and allow to completely dry before replacing. If you don’t want to have any downtime in your swim spa, we recommend purchasing a second filter which can be used while you are cleaning the primary one.

How Self-Cleaning Works

Self-cleaning technology creates more time for you to spend enjoying your indoor or outdoor swim spa. Here is a breakdown of the different components of a self-cleaning swim spa system:

Filtration Jets

Filtration jets provide surface filtration by pushing floating dirt towards the swim spas pre-filter, where it is removed.

Pre-Filter and High Flow Skimmer

These components work together to remove floating dirt, oil and debris and increase filtration by sending dirt into the pre-filter and extending the micro-filter cleaning cycles.

Floor Vacuum

The floor vacuum makes sure that water care products are evenly and efficiently distributed and removes heavy dirt and grit from the bottom.

Now that you understand what a self-cleaning swim spa is and how simple it is to maintain, you can start the fun part of finding the model that is perfect for you.

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