How to get HGH prescribed?

How to get HGH prescribed?

Every person who goes gaga over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles would probably think he’s taking steroids or something right? If someone has that fancy looking big hard muscles the first thing we think about is that steroid is the secret. Guilty, aren’t you? But, little did we know that steroid is not the only key to build up that super hard big muscles. Yes, you read it right because there is this HGH that is rising to fame. If it is your first time hearing this, then it’s your chance to get informed about what is it all about and how to get HGH prescribed.

What is HGH?

HGH stands for human growth hormone. The source of this hormone is the pituitary gland in which if you remember what your biology teacher said, it is the one who prompts every man’s growth especially on the stage of adolescence. Growth is not the only subject when we say HGH because it is also responsible for maintaining our body fluids, body composition, bone growth, fat, sugar, metabolism, and of course muscles.

Can anyone get HGH without a Prescription?

The answer is yes. However, it is not legal to buy HGH without a prescription from your doctor. It is said that every year, there are about 6 million people who uses HGH illegally and athletes are the most examined subject on this issue. Although having yourself charged of obtaining HGH illegally will not make you live behind the bars, the penalties are notable and it differs on the country where you are charged with this crime.

Furthermore, to legally obtain HGH, people must have the requirement which is a doctor’s HGH prescription. To get an HGH prescription there are series of blood tests that must be done by a doctor to take a peek on your health and to see what HGH prescription you really need. Making it a requirement to have a prescription first before obtaining HGH is purely for our own safety.

How to get an HGH Prescription?

A person must undergo a series of blood tests in a legit HGH clinic to obtain an HGH prescription. The following blood tests must be done and it is categorized by gender (male and female).

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Male Female
Chem Panel:

Ø  Glucose

Ø  Urea


Ø  Creatinine

Chem Panel:

Ø  Glucose

Ø  Urea


Ø  Creatinine

A1 C: A1 C:
·         Somatotropine (GH): ·         Somatotropine (GH):
·         Somatomedine: (IGF-1) ·         Somatomedine: (IGF-1)
Prostatic Specific Antigen: Prostatic Specific Antigen:
·         Testosterone: ·         Testosterone:
·         Liver Profile: ·         Liver Profile:
·         CA-125:

After taking these blood tests, the doctor will make a prescription that suits your health needs, your desired outcome, and even your budget.

Factors deciding your HGH Prescription

Everyone is unique and our bodies are also different in its needs. That is the reason why everyone must be examined by a doctor first to get a prescription. Blood tests are performed by the doctor to determine the accurate dosage of HGH that suits you and it is affected by various factors present during the examination of the blood. These factors include the interaction of drugs in your body, your current physique and experience, your weight and the percent of fat present in your body, HGH cycle duration, your health condition, and even your financial status.

HGH prescription can also depend on your specific need like if you are a bodybuilder. Obviously, what you need are strong bones and strong big muscles. The proper dosage of HGH indicated in the prescription plus proper diet and exercise can help you to achieve the results you want. Also, HGH prescription also differs depending on age groups and gender.

The risk of HGH without Prescription

The risk of taking HGH without a doctor’s prescription is not just a legal issue but most of all; it is a danger to your health. Taking HGH without the need of the body for its benefit is more of a poison to the body than serving as a powerful elixir. To be aware of the dangers of getting HGH without a prescription, take note of the following HGH side effects.

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  2. Edema or swelling in the legs and arms
  3. Muscle pain and Joint pain
  4. Increased insulin resistance
  5. Gynecomastia or the enlargement of breast tissue for men
  6. Abnormal growth of fingers and toes
  7. Long Jaw
  8. Prominent forehead
  9. High levels of cholesterol
  10. The growth of tumors that can lead to cancer
  11. Enlargement of the heart
  12. Damaged Liver
  13. Low levels of blood sugar
  14. Nerve damage

Additionally, if human growth hormone is not used properly with the guidance of a doctor’s prescription, the risk of cancer will surely await you. HGH can also result to type 2 diabetes and diseases concerning the heart.

Is it possible to get an HGH Prescription Online?

No, because you won’t even need an HGH prescription to purchase HGH with several HGH sellers online. However, don’t get me wrong because these websites are not legal. They ship their products across borders to skip all legal processes and their products are not guaranteed to be safe. More so, it is wiser to get a prescription first if you want to be certain about the betterment of your health. Click here for more information on an HGH Prescription.

Now, here is a noteworthy bottom line. Human growth hormone is very beneficial. But, it is only by acquiring it legally with a doctor’s prescription. No one must compromise health and safety over purchasing hassle-free HGH in an illegal manner and make themselves exposed to various dangers of unprescribed HGH. What you have to do now is to look for a legit HGH clinic that can help you to determine what is best for the improvement of your health. It is always the hard process that makes everything worth it. Get legally prescribed with HGH, improve your health, and worry not about being charged with penalties due to illegal acquiring of HGH.

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