When Should You Seek Legal Help for a Veterans’ Disability Claim?

When Should You Seek Legal Help for a Veterans’ Disability Claim?

Many veterans end up dealing with health issues as a result of their time in the service. They can suffer from physical illnesses, or mental illnesses, such as PTSD. Unfortunately, many veterans are left unable to work due to illness, and this can cause severe financial stress for veterans and their families. Not only are they suffering from lost wages, due to their inability to work because of their injury, they are also left with the stress of medical bills.

Sadly, many veterans with mental illness don’t get help due to the cost of treatment, and this leads many veterans to end their lives each year.

So, what can veterans and their families do?

Well, the first step injured veterans need to take is filing a claim with the VA to receive disability benefits. There are a few things a veteran need to do in order to file a VA disability claim successfully.

First, there needs to be an official diagnosis of the medical issue from a doctor. For example, if you filed a disability claim for PTSD, you need to have a diagnosis from a qualified mental health professional. Because of this requirement, if you are dealing with an injury due to your time in the service, you need to get medical help as soon as possible.

The reason you need to get medical help is soon as possible is that the sooner you get help, the easier it is to prove that your diagnosis is a result of your time in the service. This is the second thing you will have to show in order to file a successful claim, so make sure you keep your medical records and ask your medical professionals if they will explain that your injury was indeed caused by your service time.

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Lastly, you’re going to need to explain how your diagnosis is causing you loss or negatively impacting your life. As the Dallas personal injury lawyers at Tate Offices explain, generally, this means you will show how your injury is hurting you financially, by providing documentation of your medical bills, lost wages etc. You can also document things like emotional losses as well.

Once you file your claim, you will then wait for your decision. If you win your claim, you will begin receiving your disability payments. If your claim is denied, you can either accept that decision, or, if you think the claim was denied unfairly, you can file an appeal. At this point of the process, it is wise to get some legal help. As John Berry, an attorney who helps veterans understand how to appeal a veterans’ disability case explains, an experienced lawyer can help you understand what could have gone wrong with your claim the first time around, and help you gather the documentation needed in order to make a successful appeal.

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