Stem Cell Therapy for Cats and Dogs

Stem Cell Therapy for Cats and Dogs

Over the years, researchers have regarded the stem cells to be an effective treatment for various diseases. People suffering from leukemia are often treated with stem cell treatment. However, it is also used to treat other problems such as lymphoma, and blood-related disorders. These can also increase the risk of solid cancer tumors. With the advancement in technology, pets too are being treated with stem cells. Experts are of the view that stem cell therapy can help to treat various health disorders in pets too. Stem cell therapy helps to treat osteoarthritis in dogs and various injuries in bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Various researches have also shown that stem cell can successfully treat a dry eye of dogs. Apart from that, it also helps to treat stomatitis – an oral disorder in dogs. Experts suggest that various researches are being done to determine if stem cell therapy can help to treat various chronic disorders.

What is stem cell therapy?

The stem cell is the blank slate that can turn out to be any of the cells. It has the power to regenerate tissue the part of the body where the disease has damaged. This further loosens the overall function. Pet stem cell therapy withdraws the bone marrow, blood from umbilical cord or fat from your animal or others.

The veterinarian injects the stem cell in the areas which have been damaged. These areas usually include being knee joint such as osteoarthritis. The cells usually get transferred from the damaged tissues. This further lowers the risk of inflammation and helps to treat the pain. However, this enhances the new tissue to grow in a proper way. The new tissue looks the same as that of original tissue apart from the scar tissue. This further helps to treat the inflamed area.

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However, stem cell therapy may not be able to treat all the health conditions in pets. You should not believe the veterinarians who say that stem cell treatment can cure all. The price of the injections may usually vary depending on the number of doses. If you’re wealthy enough and want your pet to live longer, you can consider the stem cell treatment. It is necessary that you consult an expert veterinarian. Apart from that, you should prefer clearing all your doubts about whether or not your pet is an effective candidate.

Who is a good candidate for canine stem cell therapy?

The dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia can consider getting canine stem cell therapy done. The dogs may be in good condition but may not respond to the medication. If your dog is in such a condition, you can consider treating this. Apart from this, the dog that is affected due to an invasive surgical process may also undergo stem cell treatment. In canine stem cell therapy, the own tissue of the patient is used. Nonetheless, in this case, the dog should be in good condition. Otherwise, the collected stem cells may not be effective.

How are canine stem cells collected and used?

The fats of the dog’s body are removed to extract the canine stem cells. The regenerative cells are present in the stem cells of the extracted fats. These are also referred to as dog stem cells. The extracted stem cells can serve a lot of purposes. Some of the prominent ones include the following:

  • The canine stem cells help the chemicals of the body to be released. This helps to decrease the inflammation.
  • The canine stem cells transfer the chemicals to the body to enhance the healing cells into the affected areas.
  • The dog stem cells can help to cure the damaged tissues. Basically, these reproduce the tissue similar to the way they were in the younger stage.
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The canine stem cells are not the synthetic cells added to the body. Since it’s the natural healing cells, recovery can be faster. Moreover, the body won’t reject the cells or there won’t be any chances of counter-reaction.

Cats suffering from stomatitis should prefer feline stem cells therapy. It is necessary to consult an expert to enhance the treatment.

Both, canine and feline stem cell therapy is very prevalent. You should consider talking to the experts from Pharr Road Animal Hospital to determine whether or not your pet can undergo the treatment.

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