Shilajit. Nature’s Natural Immunomodulator.


The power of shilajit has been known and harnessed since olden times, with Ayurveda classifying it as a “Rasayana” (rejuvenator) of both mind and body. It is believed to be a gift of nature that strengthens the immune system, thereby slowing down the process of aging. One key benefit of shilajit that is repeatedly mentioned in many studies is its immunomodulatory effects. In this article, we will try to explain what is immunomodulation and how does this positively affect our body.

What is immunomodulation?

Before the immunomodulatory benefits of shilajit can be delved into, it is essential to understand this physiological process. Immunomodulation refers to the alteration of the immune system’s response to harmful substances entering the body, preferably too much higher and stronger levels. In this way, the body becomes more resistant to attacks from pathogens and other alien elements and is thus kept safe from debilitating illnesses. A person who benefits from immunomodulators is in the pink of health and rarely catches any contagious disease.

Testing Shilajit’s Effect on the Immune System

While shilajit has long been known to be a potent cure for various illnesses, it has only recently been put under rigorous scientific studies. One such study was done by Ghosal and contemporaries, focusing on the immunomodulatory effects of shilajit.

The study specifically sought to determine shilajit’s effect on macrophages (white blood cells that engulf and destroy pathogens). After applying shilajit to the test subjects, the researchers found that this produced “greedy” macrophages that more vigorously attacked and digested harmful pathogens.

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In another study by the same researchers, the effect of shilajit on the macrophages of mice was investigated further. The results of this study also bolstered the findings of the previous one. Shilajit changed the morphology of the macrophages, which made them more effective pathogen eaters. Not only were the macrophages capable, but they were also more efficient and quicker.

How does shilajit help?

The studies mentioned and others more confirm the long-held belief in shilajit’s protective power. To put it simply, shilajit is very useful in promoting non-specific immunological defense. In fact, pure shilajit has the same positive effects on the immune system as more expensive modern drugs, minus the latter’s many harmful side effects. Shilajit taken in proper doses helps the body become more resistant to diseases and infections. Shilajit may even help improve the efficacy of drugs.

This amazing ability of shilajit to rejuvenate our immune system cannot be discounted, as there are so many factors nowadays that lower and attack our immunity, such as poor nutrition, stress, pollution, and ever-evolving pathogens that spell various hard-to-treat diseases.

Furthermore, the immune system is crucial in the physiological operation of the whole body. Once our immunity is lowered, there is little else that could help protect the body’s other systems. Hence, immunomodulation is very important in maintaining our overall well-being. It’s no wonder why shilajit is regarded as sacred healing for both body and mind.


It is evident that shilajit is a beneficial natural component of health care. It brings back our body’s youthful vigor, comes directly from nature’s rocky mountains, and is very easy to administer orally. What could be better? Let’s choose to accept this generous gift from nature wholeheartedly.

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Why choose purblack

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