Do You Want to Study? Come to the Town of Bansko!

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All parents are trying to provide their children with the opportunity to spend their holidays in a fruitful and fun way. Sometimes we worry about pushing our kids too much, or on the contrary – we let things a little too much for a period of time as we do our jobs and our daily duties. In some cases, these are school subjects that are not our child’s greatest strength, but these are by far not such a large percentage of cases. In fact, the reason why some kids do not do as well as others is often due to a lack of interest in the material taught. On the other hand, some skills remain indispensable and will remain demanded by employers for many years to come. Don’t feel discouraged, in fact, children’s interest can be triggered much easier than you expect.

There is a summer language school working during the summer months in the town of Bansko, where teachers speak with children in English. This method has proven to be particularly effective over the years as the child is placed in a friendly environment and does not take the classes as a duty or a burden. This is the ideal place to bring children whose parent/s/ is a native English speaker. In this way, the kid will have the chance to improve his/her language skills and the level of communication. The LuckyKids Summer Camp in Bansko welcomes groups of children from June to September at the Lucky Bansko Aparthotel SPA & Relax. There are some things you need to consider in advance when you are about to enroll our child in the camp. It is a good idea, for example, to consult with experts about whether your child is ready to stay on his/her own, though not alone, without you for a week or more. To do this, he or she must already have established habits and a desire to be independent with the help of educators for a while. If the child is nervous, you will probably need to stay close to him/her at least the first time by staying in the same complex so that the child will not be worried about you. If the kid is anxious, you will probably need to stay close to him/her at least the first time by staying in the same complex so that the child does not worry about you. Also, explore the possibility of testing your child beforehand to find out his/her language level, so the child can be enrolled in the right group in order to make adequate progress during the stay.

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But Bansko is by no means a boring mountain town where a child can be sent for the sole purpose of studying and learning a foreign language. If you want your children to learn more about the Bulgarian spirit and get to know the traditions of the past, Bansko is undoubtedly the right place for them. And not just in the summer. In the winter, they will be able to see real kukeri and many other traditional Bulgarian rituals for health and prosperity, as well as the heritage of Christian values. Many houses in the town have been preserved in their authentic appearance since the Bulgarian Revival Period and have the status of historical and cultural monuments. For example, the museum house of Neophyte of Rila is part of the list of the Hundred National Tourist Sites, compiled by the Bulgarian Tourist Union, as well as the Permanent Icon Exhibition and the “Nikola Vaptsarov” museum.

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If you and your children are interested in winter sports, you will certainly not find a place more suitable for this purpose in the Balkans than Bansko and it could improve your mental health. The town has one lift of the gondola type, two lifts with six seats, six lifts with four seats and one lift with two seats, as well as several ski tows, including a children’s ski tow. The ski runs start from the slopes of Todorka Peak, and the children’s ski run is 510 meters long with a displacement of 155, and a difficulty level suitable for beginners.

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The nature in Bansko is unique and has something to give your children during all seasons. Here the kids can practice football, tennis, mini-golf, join a bike hike for children, swim and explore the vast and majestic slopes of Pirin Mountain. This will be a great way for the kid to rest while learning with ease, refining his/her knowledge and putting it into practice.

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