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Online Slot Player

If you want to play slots to win, knowing the terminology associated with the game is very important, especially if you are a new player who is still looking around to find the best slots. Reviews are a great source of information on slots at King Casino you want to try out and more often than not they used slot terminology. It would thus be in your best interest to familiarise yourself with these terminologies for the online slot player. This blog will tell you about Online Slot Player Terminology.

Credits: The unit that coins are converted into, once they are inserted into the slot.

Bet Max: The amount of credits that a player can bet per spin on a slot machine.

Bet One: When a slot player bets only one unit or credit per spin.

Betting Units: Also known as credits, they refer to the units used to place a bet. This is determined by the slot machine that you are playing. Betting units are the same as credits.

Basic Slots: Also known as straight slots are slot machines with only one single pay line and jackpot that remains the same.

Big Hit: When a player hits the jackpot combination on the slots.

Bonus Feature: Features beyond the basic. They include wild cards or symbols and free spins.

Cash back: The rewards players receive.

Certified Slots: Slot machines; with a guaranteed payout of 98%-100%.

Cold Slots: Slot machines that rarely pay out.

Collect: The button or option on the slot machine enabling the player to convert credits into cash.

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Console Slot Machines: More ergonomically designed slots. The machine is usually angled down towards the player.

Doubles: Symbols that double or triple the winning amount when they come up two or three at a time.

Fixed Value Slots: Slot machines; with fixed betting amounts and coin sizes. These machines are one coin per spin and one denomination.

Free Spin: Literally a free spin. They are usually offered as a bonus feature.

Hammer A Machine: When a player plays the same slot for a long period of time.

Hit and Run: When a slot player plays a single pay line slot at max bets for just a few spins, quickly moving on to the next one it doesn’t payout.

Hit Frequency: How often a specific slot machine pays out.

Hot Slots: Slot machines that pay out more often than others.

Near Miss: When a player just misses a winning combination. E.g. one symbol off.

Jackpot: The top prize that a slot machine pays out.

Linked Progressive Jackpot: When the progressive jackpots of plus 2 slot machines are linked.

Loose Slots: Slots that pay out regularly.

One Armed Bandit: Slang for a slot machine.

Onesies: Slot players; who plays just one coin or credit per spin.

Pay line: The line on which the winning symbol combinations need to land in order to win the payout amount.

Multi-line Bonus Slot Machine: A slot machine with more than one pay line. Some can have as many as 50.

Multiplier: A bonus slot machine feature that multiplies payouts.

One Liner: A slot machine for online slot player that has only one reel and where players only need to line up 3 symbols in order to win.

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These are just a few of the online slot player terminology that new slot players need to familiarise themselves with.

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