How to Get Mirror Glazed Skin

Mirror Glazed Skin

dGlowy skin is a very popular trend. Ladies are skipping the matte and cakey look and putting the accent on the natural skin glow and mirror glazed skin. In this blog, you will know about How to Get Mirror Glazed Skin.

Mirror glazing is the process of covering pastries and donuts with a thin and shiny gelatine coating. It will give the deserts a shiny and smooth appearance. Mirror glazed skin is all about achieving the same effect. The beauty trends are now more oriented towards natural skin glow. For oily skin women, this means that they can embrace their natural shine. Since they were already born with mirror glazed skin, all they need to do is maintain their skin glow. But ladies with dry or normal skin should put a little more effort into achieving the healthy glow. 

Do you want to know how to get glowy skin? Read on and find out more!

glowy skin

Double cleansing

Your skin needs to be smooth and even. This means that you should clean every last residue of makeup and dirt that lies on top of the skin. It will prevent clogged pores, which will create small bumps on your skin. The double cleansing method includes dissolving your makeup with oil first. Gently massage your face with oil and then rinse with warm water. This will wash away any residues of sebum, makeup, and dirt. Follow up with a gentle natural face wash to finish. 

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Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin two times a week. Use a gentle product that isn’t too harsh for your skin. Once you remove the dead skin cells, a new layer of healthy and glowing skin will be exposed. 

Use a glow toner

One of the must-have glowy skin products is a good glow toner. It will provide your skin with enough moisture and restore its pH. Pick a good hydrating toner that leaves your skin glowy, without feeling sticky. 

Nurture with a face oil

Oil is your skin’s best friend in the journey to achieving mirror glazed skin. Oils are packed with healthy nutrients for your skin. Even ladies with combination or oily skin can find the oil that works for their skin type. Lighter formulas will give your skin the needed glow, without making the skin greasy. For normal and dry skin, you should get a rich formula that will give your skin the glazed glow. Take some time to check the different products available. Check some reviews to see if it suits ladies with skin type like yours. Some ladies like to mix a few drops with the foundation before applying it. This can make your final makeup look extra glowy. 

Spray face mist

Face mists are excellent products that you should add to your regular beauty routine. The hot weather or dry indoor air can dehydrate your skin. This will make you lose the glow and end up with dull skin. Keep one bottle of a hydrating face mist in your bag. During the day, you can spritz your skin if you think that it gets dry.

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