A Round for Your Health: 4 Surprising Benefits of Playing Golf

is golf good exercise

When you think of golf you probably think of people riding around on golf carts and occasionally getting off to hit a ball. How could you possibly get any exercise from that?

Shockingly, golf actually has tons of amazing health benefits for you mentally and physically. You may also be asking yourself is golf good exercise?

The answer is yes! Golf is a sport that uses your entire body whether you’re walking the course, taking a swing, or just focusing on the game itself.

Even when riding in a golf cart, you can still get a great workout from playing golf.

Keep reading for our guide to four surprising benefits of playing golf.

1. Improve Your Physical Fitness

There are many ways that you can improve your physical fitness while golfing.

Obviously, if you opt to walk the course instead of ride in the cart you will get plenty of steps in. You can also carry your clubs around the course instead of using a pushcart.

All of these can help to increase your heart rate and blood flow. In turn, you’ll have a healthy heart, enhanced brain stimulation, and improved balance.

2. Strengthen Your Muscles

Adding to the list of amazing health benefits of golf is swinging the golf club. When playing a round of golf there will be many times that you will have to swing the club.

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The motion of swinging will help to strengthen muscles as well as your core.

Your swing can also take a lot of practice outside of just being on the golf course which can help burn calories.

If you’re looking for a new set of clubs for a better game of golf, then check out TaylorMade Golf. They have amazing new technology to improve your golf game.

3. Reduces Stress

One of the major benefits of golf is that it can help to reduce stress. When you golf it means that you get to spend the afternoon being outside. Getting fresh air and vitamin D is a huge stress reliever.

Another great reason to golf is that you get to spend time with people who have the same interests as you. Meeting new people who also enjoy playing golf can help to reduce your stress.

Golf is a social sport meaning that you can play with people you know or people that you just met. There have been many business deals made over a game of golf as well.

4. Help You Sleep at Night

When you spend all day exercising and getting fresh air, then it’s a given that you will get a good night’s sleep.

Spending all day golfing can help you fall asleep faster and possibly even help you be in deep sleep longer. This is why golf is such a great sport to play no matter what age you are.

Is Golf Good Exercise For You?

Overall, when deciding is golf good exercise for you, then the answer is yes. It’s why people start playing golf at a young age and continue until they’re much older. Golf is a game for everyone as long as you have a love and passion for it.

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The many health benefits that come from playing golf are just the added perks of the game.

If you’re looking for more ways to be healthy, then keep scrolling our blog!

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