Are Premium Funeral Services The Right Way To Go?

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Burying a loved one is often the most difficult thing a person goes through in their life. Not only is it a time of immeasurable sadness and grief, but there is also plenty of confusion and chaos involved. It’s important to work alongside a funeral service that can provide you and your loved one with the type of send-off that they truly desired. One way that this can be achieved is by investing in premium funeral services, which includes anything, and everything needed in a single, comprehensive package.

What Is A Premium Funeral?

The terms “premium” and “unaffordable” do not have to be synonymous, though there are some funeral service providers out there who would like it to be that way. Instead, you should consider premium to mean “the best” because that is the entire objective. Investing in premium funeral services for a loved one simply means you want to give them the best and you want to provide them with the highest imaginable service standard.

Of course, a premium funeral is not a “one size fits all” type of package. It can vary from one service provider to the next and is going to differ depending on what individual services you want to be included. You decide which aspects of a premium funeral are important to you and these services are then combined in a single package.

There are some common examples of services or features you can expect with a premium funeral. This includes hygienic treatment, the use of a limousine and hearse, floral tributes, high-quality printings for the Order of Service, an announcement in your local paper, and crematorium fees. You can consider these features the core of a premium funeral, though you may additional services to this list.

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Are Premium Funerals Popular?

Absolutely. We are living in an interesting time where the overall cost of funeral services is declining in many areas. This also means that many of the features and services that were once out of reach to some people are within an affordable range. More people than ever are investing in premium funeral services for their loved ones.

In some areas, roughly 20 per cent of customers are choosing premium services. Many funeral service providers have reported that between 7 and 15 per cent of customers are choosing the premium route. These percentages have increased noticeably over the last decade.

Should You Use Premium Funeral Services?

Only you can decide whether these additional services are right for you or your loved ones. There are undoubtedly cases where personal finances prevent spending extra money on services like a limousine or high-volume prints. There is absolutely nothing wrong with relying on standard and traditional funeral services when that time comes.

However, for those interested in investing a little more to improve the experience and the service, premium funerals are an excellent option. The modular nature of the features and add-ons will allow you to fine-tune the package to fit your budget and your personal desires. As you work with an open and honest funeral service that doesn’t try to slip in any extra fees or unwanted add-ons.

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