What Does Cold Press Mean?

Cold Press Mean

Juicing is all the rage lately! However, unless you’ve become a juicing expert overnight, you might not be totally familiar with all of the terminology involved. The first thing that you should know is that not all juices are created equal and that methodology matters! And when it comes to methodology, cold press is where it’s at. But what does cold pressing actually mean, anyway? This blog will tell you what does cold press mean.

What Does Cold Pressed Mean?

Cold pressing is a method of juicing – and the best one, in our opinion! Cold press juicing does not involve any heat, which means that it does take longer but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Other methods of juicing, like centrifugal juicers, involve heat and oxidation in the process. While this might not seem like a big deal, the introduction of heat into the process can actually affect the nutritional value of the ingredients in the juice. Different vitamins and compounds have different makeups and react to heat differently, so not all the nutritional value is destroyed by heat but it can affect things like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and more.

Cold pressed juicing, on the other hand, doesn’t involve heat at all and instead uses a hydraulic press instead of an electric one to get the juice out of the fruits and veggies. The first step in the process is to shred the produce. The second step is to compress the shredded bits between two hydraulic plates at extremely high pressures – called high-pressure processing or HPP. This method results in maintaining the highest amount of liquid and nutritional value out of the products as possible leaving you with extremely high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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What Are the Benefits of the Cold Press Method?

While we have already touched on some of the benefits of cold pressed fruit juices, let’s go more in-depth so that you can really see how amazing this method is:

  • The cold press method of juicing produces less waste than the centrifugal method since the entire product is crushed and turned into juice instead of just shredded.
  • The cold press method of juicing really gives you the most bang for your buck. In fact, some of the best cold press juices include up to four pounds of fresh produce in a single small bottle!
  • The high-pressure processing method is able to kill potentially harmful pathogens without heat and increase the shelf life of your juice so that you have plenty of time to enjoy it!

 Where to Get Cold Pressed Juice?

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is getting into the cold pressed juice trend. So with all these choices, how can you find a great place to get your juice? While everyone has different requirements and qualifications for a good juice, here are some key things to look for when considering juice sources:

  • Look for juice that is sourced through environmentally-friendly methods with minimum transportation involved
  • Look for juice that is made from produce grown from independent farmers who maintain the highest quality in their products
  • Look for juice that comes from a company who disposes their waste in proper ways and recycles as much as possible
  • Look for juice that offers delivery as well as curbside pickup so that you can get your fix quickly, easily, and safely
  • Finally, look for juice that uses the superior HPP method of juicing so that it’s 100% healthy, tastes good, and lasts
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Now you know everything you need to know to hop on the juice train and start enjoying some delicious, healthy, and ethically-sourced juice! We promise that it totally lives up to the hype and is worth checking out.


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