Top 3 Reasons To Consider Getting Coolsculpting


If you’ve been looking for ways to improve the shape of your body and meet your physical goals, you may have been wondering whether trying nonsurgical fat-freezing technology Virginia Beach would be right for you. This technology is also sometimes called coolsculpting, and can help get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that haven’t gone away through diet and exercise alone. Before you book an appointment, however, there are a few essential things you should know that can help you decide whether it’s worth it for you.

1. It’s Needle-Free

Unlike some other fat-reducing procedures, coolsculpting is entirely needle-free. In fact, it’s not a surgery at all, but simply a noninvasive procedure. Instead of using needles, your doctor will find the area you want treated and hold it between two cooling paddles. These paddles will remain in place for about 30 to 75 minutes, during which time up to a quarter of the fat cells in that spot are destroyed. While you might not see the full results of the treatment until a couple of months after, some changes should start to be evident within a few weeks following treatment. This is because it takes time for your immune system to clear the now-dead fat cells from your body.

2. It Can Be Used on Several Body Parts

While common areas for targeting fat cells include the stomach, thighs or upper arms, there are several areas of the body where coolsculpting can be used. For instance, if you want to target excess chin fat or cellulite on the buttocks, this is a possibility with this treatment.

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3. There’s No Recovery Time

Finally, if you’re concerned about having to take time off of work to get the procedure done, you’ll be happy to know that coolsculpting doesn’t come with required recovery time, because it isn’t a surgery. In fact, you can even drive yourself home from the session! This means you won’t have to worry about taking vacation days or possibly forgoing wages and arranging for care after the treatment. You can simply return to your everyday life and wait for the dead fat cells to be cleared out.

While healthy diet and exercise are foundational to achieving your physical goals, sometimes stubborn bits of fat simply aren’t going away. If this is the case, you may want to consider whether coolsculpting could help you achieve the look you want. Keep these top reasons in mind and you’ll be well equipped to make the right choice.

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