Know the Facts About Face Shields

protective shield-19

These are used for many different reasons to protect the face from hazards. Potentially infectious materials, road debris, flying objects, and debris and sparks are all considered hazards. Whether it’s a medical, transportation, military and police, or a construction environment, face shields are an important form of protection.


The medical application of it has received much attention recently because of the current pandemic. Medical professionals wear them to guard against being exposed to potentially infectious agents while performing professional procedures. Variations on shields have grown recently and some, such as protective shield-19 are available for everyday use.


In transportation, face shields also play an important role. For those traveling on a motorcycle or other motorized vehicle where the head, face, or other parts of the body are exposed to the environment, a shield protecting the face is necessary. Road debris can cause serious injury to those traveling in this way by directly striking the face or by impacting the vehicle and causing an accident.

Military and Police

Military or law enforcement environments generally use two different types of face shields, including ballistic and non-ballistic. Ballistic face shields are made to protect the face and eyes from ballistic threats in combat. They are also used in bomb suits to deflect or stop blast fragments from the wearer.

A non-ballistic face shield is typically designed to protect against low-velocity impacts such as those caused by thrown objects or punches. While a non-ballistic shield may protect the wearer from rocks, glass bottles, and punches, it provides no protection from projectiles shot by firearms.

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These are a common sight in construction areas. They are recommended for use with many cutting tools and those used in working with metal such as metal chop saws and welding equipment. When used in construction work, the face shields are designed to protect workers from debris or sparks.

Protecting the face is crucial in many situations faced by people each day. Protective face shields for medical professionals, as well as those available to others for everyday use, may be the most talked-about for the moment. However, face shields are an integral part of worker safety in many different environments. Preventing accidents and serious injury while traveling, keeping those who protect others safe from ballistic and non-ballistic threats, allowing construction to continue while keeping workers safe from the tools they use and other hazards make face shields an important topic on any day.

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