All Inclusive Maldives Resorts for an Exotic Vacation

all inclusive maldives resorts

Who wouldn’t want a dreamy vacation near crystal clear water and sandy beaches in the Maldives? But, finding the best all inclusive Maldives resort can be a challenging task. You have to consider different factors like location, budget, and travel plans while choosing the best Maldives resort. To make it easier for you, we have a list of the best all inclusive Maldives resorts. Please go through this Maldives resort list and let us know about your experience.


All Inclusive Maldives resorts for the best holiday experience


Resort on the marine migration route

One of the best Maldives resorts is the Constance Moofushi. This resort will offer one level higher luxurious stay. The resort includes special touches like the house champagne and afternoon tea at the beach. You can watch the crystal clear sky at night, and it will seem like a heavenly stay. Some of the significant activities that you can enjoy near this resort include snorkeling and diving excursions. Once you are back on the island, you can enjoy delicious food items given on the menu. One of the biggest highlights of this Maldives resort is the Wildlife and nature view from the private beach.


Diamonds Athuruga Beach and water villas

If you are on a romantic vacation with your partner, this can be one of the Maldives resort list’s best choices. This all inclusive Maldives resort is an ideal choice for couples who are looking for an intimate getaway. This is a beach bungalow that offers the most comfortable and luxurious stay. Modern rooms in this resort include beautiful white and turquoise decor. The evening buffet on the reserved table is another major highlight of this resort. When you stay in this resort, you can go for a guided snorkeling tour of the coral reef.


Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

This resort tops the best Maldives resort list. The resort includes all beach facing rooms. You can also choose a bungalow and spacious suits as per your choice when living in this all inclusive resort. The resort offers the right balance between lots of exciting activities and relaxation. Thus, you can go on a dolphin cruise, and you can also have friendly games and a spa at the resort. You can also enjoy traditional Maldivian dishes at the in-house restaurant at this resort. One of the biggest highlights of this resort is the separate outdoor area for kids to enjoy different outdoor activities and games.

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all inclusive Maldives resorts- Hotel Vivanta

The hotel Vivanta is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives. The hotel is present on hembadhu island. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will love the diving experience near this hotel and resort. The private outdoor shower at the villa deck is one of the biggest highlights of this resort. 

Most rooms at this resort have thatched roofs, and it includes beautiful decor from the interior. You can have plenty of dining options at this resort, and you can enjoy delicious meals at the eateries at the hotel.


all inclusive Maldives resorts-Lily beach resort


Families with young children will love the Lily Beach resort. The resort includes a beautiful Turtle kid’s club and a separate pool with a kids’ buffet area. The outdoor jacuzzi tub can offer an excellent time to kids as well as their parents. You can let your kids play near the pool area, whereas you can sip tasty wine at the jacuzzi with your partner and friends. Thus, if you are looking for a place that can offer you the best holiday experience with your family, your choice should be the Lily beach resort. 

One of the biggest highlights of this resort is the fitness classes it offers. The fitness complex provides you options for tennis and volleyball games. In addition to this, you can also enjoy Zumba classes.


Centara Grand Island Resort

If you are a big-time foodie, the Centara Grand Island resort can be the best place to stay. The resort offers lots of exciting activities and dining options for visitors. While staying at this resort, you can experience the magnificent marine life by taking up the shark tour. The banana boat ride is another major highlight of this resort. The natural, breezy room at this resort will help you to have the best holiday experience, as you get to sleep as much as you want without worrying about your alarm clock. One of the biggest highlights of this resort is the complimentary spa treatment, where you can indulge in Thai foot massage and mini facials.

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all inclusive Maldives resorts- Kuredu Island resort

If you are looking for a gold plus package for a resort, try to visit the Kuredu island resort. The resort offers seven different types of rooms. Thus, you can choose rooms as per your needs and preferences. If you want to spend your holiday in a serene and secluded spot, you can select the Bonthi Beach bungalows. These bungalows have lush green foliage all around. One of the biggest highlights of this resort is the 60-minute spa treatment. The spa treatment session will help you to rejuvenate yourself, and this is free of cost.


Kihaad Maldives Island Resort

This is one of the best family-friendly resorts, and it offers beautiful villas with spacious overwater suites. Gardens on all sides surround the villa, and thus, you will get a heavenly feeling while staying at this resort. Moreover, the Malaafaiy restaurant offers amazingly delicious coffee for coffee lovers. One of the Kihaad Maldives Island resort’s biggest highlights is that you can enjoy volleyball games, sunbathing, and barefoot strolling near the resort.


So, check this Maldive resort list and let us know which of these all inclusive Maldives resorts you loved the most. Therefore, the next time you plan a visit to the Maldives, you don’t have to worry about your staying place. besides, All these best Maldives resort lists have been prepared after going through lots of reviews and recommendations. Thus, you can rely on this list for choosing the best all inclusive Maldives resort.

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