How Is Enrichual Different from Other CBD Products?


Everyone these days knows that a plant-based lifestyle can be a way to lead a healthier lifestyle. And when it comes to plant-based products, it goes well beyond food. Using plant-based wellness items brings the power of nature to you. Enrichual products was created to provide plant-focused care that inspires you to nurture yourself from the inside out. 

New Herbalife Nutrition Enrichual Products

To help nourish your body, there is Enrichual Hemp Relief Balm. This balm is a soothing blend of plant-based oils and hemp cannabinoids. It also includes essential oils to give you that spa-like scent, as well as the soothing aroma of these plants. It also contains both camphor and menthol to add a cool, soothing touch. The 1,000 mg of cannabinoids are derived from the hemp plant. The hemp extract is broad spectrum so that you get the full power of the plants, but without THC,  which naturally exists in little amounts in hemp, but has been reduced to indetectable levels. 

Another helpful CBD product is Enrichual’s Hemp Facial Serum. This product uses 250 mg of hemp CBD that is broad spectrum and includes antioxidants. The formula is made to be lightweight but highly moisturizing. Using plant oils and antioxidants, this serum helps nourish your skin and leave it soft and radiant. It also has no detectable THC. The hemp oil is both hydrating and soothing to the skin, and it protects it against the elements. 

Other products with CBD often add a toxic mix of parabens and synthetic oils that may be bad for your health. Enrichual products are formulated without parabens or sulfates and include

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many natural, plant-focused ingredients used to soothe the skin and help improve its health and appearance. 

Reviews of Herbalife’s Enrichual Products

Herbalife reviews for these new products take note of the wholesome ingredients, including CBD. Enrichual products have been safety tested by dermatologists. Reviewers are also touting the products’ amazing smells, thanks to their natural essential oils. 

Some Herbalife reviews have stressed the protective aspect of the Enrichual products for the skin. They also note that they have been tested in third-party labs and meet all of the requirements for undetectable THC levels. 

Are Hemp CBD Products Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp, and all parts, federally legal in the United States. This has opened the doors for scientists to research hemp’s potential health benefits. The Farm Bill defined hemp as having less than 0.3 percent THC. For comparison, cannabis typically has 10-20 percent THC, which is about 30-60x as much as hemp. Since hemp has so little THC, it doesn’t impart the psychoactive effects that cannabis does.

Hemp has been grown for centuries for use in a wide variety of products, and now, you can get it in products that are clean, THC free, and plant focused for your wellness. Enrichual products draw on the latest scientific studies into CBD and strive for helpful products that will enrich your life and allow you to take better care of yourself. 

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