Everything you need to know about CBD


Everything you need to know about CBD.Over the last ten years, the oil market for CBD has exploded, reaching $2.1 billion in sales by 2020. In the health industry, oil becomes increasingly popular and helps users manage everything from acne to neurological conditions. Nevertheless, the regulators strive to maintain high quality with new CBD companies sprouting. It means that producers are under pressure to ensure that their products are safe if they want the market to grow further.

This helps regulators to rest assured that CBD products in health product shops are truly needed on the market. The quality and results from the beginning were provided by Cibdol. Cibdol is the only company producing pure CBD oil. We don’t mean that for nothing we call our “golden” CBD oil.”

They are unique as they exist outside the body, and if they were consumed, can influence a large receptor network. CBD belongs to the compound family known as cannabinoids.

Continue to read what CBD is, and how it works, precisely.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of more than a hundred biological compounds found inside hemp plants, which is shortened to CBD. Cannabinoids, which are known as cannabinoids, help plants create enzymes and deter pests along with smaller molecules.

But something truly extraordinary happens when people consume CBD and other cannabinoids.

A large network of receptors within us all can interact with Cannabinoids. The full extent of this interaction is still being researched but can affect sleep, appetite, mood, and much more.

Fortunately, CBD is also well-tolerated and non-toxic not only to communicate with our body in many ways. Naturally, this beneficial combo led to a rise in interest.

How CBD Works?

One thing is understanding where CBD comes from, but what about this all-important relationship that we are still discussing?

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CBD requires an endocannabinoid system to exert its power. The name can sound difficult, but its function is easy.

In all animals, including dogs, cats, and even non-mammals such as goldfish, the endocannabinoid system or ECE occurs.

The role of ECS in humans is very recently (the early 1990s) discovered, and therefore research is still ongoing, but the importance of such a mechanism should not be underestimated.

The ECS acts as a regulatory system that plays a role in the vital organs, brain, and nervous and immune systems.

The duty is to track and ensure that all these processes operate to receive the services they need. If they do not, for some reason it will see if it can benefit by documenting the release of such biological compounds and enzymes.

The natural power of CBD is utilized by us to flush out impurities and additives in our daily wellness routine and to create the finest and purest golden oils. Cibdol is the leading CBD oil, creams, and supplement supplier in Europe. At our Swiss pharmaceutical facility, every care is made to produce an oil of unparalleled quality from the earliest phases of its development. Cibdol not only claims to have the purest CBD, but we show this through a thorough review of each batch.   We use the latest technologies to generate quality oil using supercritical extraction of CO2.

Swiss quality

Cibdol uses a super-critical CO2 extraction process to ensure that cannabinoids are extracted as cleanly and safely as possible.”We filter impurity products with advanced purification techniques in our Swiss laboratory which ensure that the high profile of an active ingredient remains intact,” he said. “We can thoroughly provide CBD oil, ensuring maximum efficiency with this process and complete decarboxylation. This technique produces smooth, golden oil, not black adhesive from waxes, fats, and chlorophyll.”

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Cibdol will monitor all of its products before they hit the racks. “Our oils pass a rigorous quality control,” says Van Herpen. We are also testing microbacterial substances to remove any adverse effects. Cibdol Gold Standard for CBD Oiled maximizes the efficacy of cannabinoids. “We continuously test our products to ensure they don’t contain contaminants or additives. We also test for microbacterial substances to eliminate anything harmful. Cibdol’s gold standard for CBD oils maximizes the effectiveness of the cannabinoid. “We continuously test our products to ensure they do not contain contaminants or add-ons.


The potential success of Cibdol according to Van Herpen will be focused on educating consumers about the qualities of CBD oils. ” The items in CBD carries according to country and have many different guidelines,” he said. Some of our consumers know little about CBD, and they don’t know what consistency is because there are a great many different oils on the market and we hope to teach them.” 

Hope this article will help you to clear your all doubts related to CBD products.

Stay tuned for more information about CBD and its products.

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