Tourist Places in Kerala For Your Next 2021 Vacation

tourist places in kerala

2020 was indeed a challenging year when all of us had to be locked in our houses. But, hey, 2021 isn’t the same, for it brings the ray of hope. There are several tourist places in Kerala, and it depends on how you want to go and where you want to go. 


Kerala is popularly known as God’s Own Country. Tourists from all over the world visit the place to explore forest tourist places in Kerala and more. Once you’re here, you will be surprised by the commercial cities, hill stations, backwaters, and so much more. Apart from that, the rich heritage and culture of the place will attract several tourists. 


Once you step in here, there’s nowhere else you would want to be. You can check out the tourist places in Kerala with pictures, and honestly, they will be spell-binding. Visiting Kerala can indeed become a cherished memory. Kerala is also the home to houseboat cruises, tree houses, and so much more. You can also indulge in the pampering of Ayurveda and explore the ancient culture.  

Tourist Places in Kerala to Visit

If you’re visiting Kerala for the first time, let us give you a list of places you should be visiting. 


The tourist places in Kerala will appeal to you. Once you understand the place, honestly, there isn’t going to be any other place you would want to be. Kerala is indeed one of the best tourist destinations. If you’re here for the first time, let us give you a hint of some of Kerala’s best tourist places with pictures. 


 tourist places in kerala
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If you want to explore the beauty of backwaters, then Alleppey is the place to be. Apart from natural beauty, it has houseboat stays. It’s the beautiful backwaters and houseboat stays that attract several tourists all around the world. Lord Curzon had rightly called Alleppey to be the Venice of the East. 


Since it is one of the many forest tourist places in Kerala, Alleppey should be on your must-visit list for Kerala. A stay of one night and two days is enough in Kerala. It is advisable to visit the place from September to mid-May.  

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 tourist places in kerala

When you’re visiting Kerala, you cannot avoid the beauty of Kumarakom. It is one of the few places in Kerala that is exceptionally famous for its beauty. It has the taste of authentic beauty with fresh air, Keralites’ warmth, and delicious coconuts. You can also go boating and cruising in Kumarakom and enjoy a luxurious stay in the Kumarakom stays. 


Moreover, it is on the top list for some of the best places. Some of the beautiful destinations you can come across include fresh paddy fields, decorated lakes, waterways, and coconut grooves. Moreover, when you stay in the Kumarakom houseboats, you will also get a lot of privacy and solitude. The serene and mesmerizing stays of the hotels will surely appeal to you. If you’re a nature lover, you should visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary to watch the birds. Moreover, the resorts here conduct Kathakali performances that you should not miss out on. 


Some of the major attractions in Kumarakom include Kumarakom Backwaters, Juma Masjid, Vembanad Lake, Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Pathiramanal Island, and more. It would be best if you visited the place from September to May for better results.  

tourist places in kerala- Wayanad

Wayanad is one of those places that is also known as the land of heavenly trails. You can explore the rich paddy fields here. Moreover, it is one of the many famous tourist places in Kerala with pictures. 


Wayanad rightly proves the fact that Kerala is God’s Own Country. Apart from the rich culture, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in natural beauty. Wayanad brings the perfect balance between nature and human-made architecture. The waterfalls are spread all across the lush green vegetation of the place. It is one of the most beautiful forest tourist places in Kerala. 


A stay of one night and two days is ideal for living in Wayanad. You should set out on your journey to explore Wayanad via cycle. But that’s not all; there are several fun activities you can indulge in in Kerala, like bamboo rafting at Kuruva Island, boating at Pookode Lake, and camping across the hills of Wayanad. 

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Some of the popular tourist attractions of Wayanad include Thirunelli Temple, Lakkidi View Banasura Hill, and Padinjarathara Dam. 


 tourist places in kerala

If you’re a wildlife lover, Thekkady should be on your list of must-visit places in Kerala. Thekkady has thick forests and wild vegetation that paves the way for several wild animals to roam around. When you’re here in Thekkady, you can easily spot tigers, bison, boars, lion-tailed macaques, boars, and deers.


Want to give your adrenaline a rush? It would help if you headed out on a trek from Moozhiyar to Thekkady Gavi. Boating and wildlife safari should be on your list. 


Some of the familiar places to visit in Thekkady include Deepa World Spice, Periyar Tiger Trail, Mudra Cultural Center, Vandanmedu, Chellarkovil. It is a very easy-to-reach destination, and you should visit the place from November to early May.  

tourist places in kerala- Kovalam

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Visiting Kerala and not experiencing the beauty of the beaches? Well, you’re doing it wrong. Kovalam is indeed one of Kerala’s most beautiful places, and the popularity is all because of the beautiful beach. 


Kovalam is hailed to be one of the most romantic beaches of Kerala. You can indulge in various activities in Kovalam like sunbathing, parasailing, and so much more. The coastline of Kovalam is filled with fun things to do. Kovalam is a major attraction to people from all countries. 


The best time to visit Kovalam is from September to May. Whenever you’re in Kovalam, you should spend one night in the boathouse. But there’s more. There are several other things you might want to do in Kovalam. However, some of the best places to visit in Kovalam are Samudra Beach, the Lighthouse, Rock Caves, Valiathura Pier, Karamana River, Kovalam Jama Masjid, and so much more.  


There are several tourist places in Kerala, and it’s ideal for visiting them during the winter. If you want some relaxation from the noise of the city, take a break and visit Kerala. 


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