What Are The Most Common Workplace Injuries For Nurses?

Workplace Injuries For Nurses

People working in the medical field have one of the essential jobs in the whole world. They provide vital services for patients with various needs. Many times, this service is what makes the difference between the life and death of their patients. But careers in the healthcare industry are not for those faint of heart. They are demanding and often dangerous for those working in this field. In this article, you will look at some of the most common occupational injuries among nurses at the workplace.

Injuries With Sharp Objects

One of the primary responsibilities of a nurse involves performing regular injections or blood draws. All these actions involve the use of sharp and dangerous objects such as needles. Not only can these needles accidentally cut through nurses’ skin, but they can also carry infectious diseases from the patients they have been given to. To avoid this type of accident, the hospital has to ensure that the medical staff is adequately trained to use sharp medical utensils and adequately dispose of those that might possess a biohazardous threat.


Another common injury factor among nurses is stress. A various number of factors can cause this. From working multiple shifts to dealing with patients with special needs, nurses are always fighting against stress. Burnout and stress among nurses can have a high impact on their lives and work performance and can lead to various other injuries.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

For the most part, a nurse’s job is quite repetitive. And while some of the actions required by their job require more precision and attention than brute force, the latter is not excluded. On the contrary, a nurse will often find herself in a position where she needs to lift the patient and transfer the patient to a different location. Depending on the patient’s age and weight, this process can be very strenuous to the body. If this action is performed repeatedly and over an extensive period, the side effects will not hesitate to appear. The most common such injury that has been reiterated in personal injury cases is the musculoskeletal injury.

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Healthcare workers long know violent patients and their families. For most of them, violence is just their body’s natural response to stress and grief. Violence can also be encountered among patients with special needs, those going through rehabilitation, those with psychiatric disorders, and the list.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are common injuries among personal injury claims, and nurses are no strangers to them. Whether the floor has not been adequately cleaned or the products used have not been chosen enough, slip and fall accidents can appear as a result, and many times the nurses are the ones taking the fall.

Finally, these are only some of the most common work-related injuries that nurses suffer every day at work. More that are just as important, and with the help of a personal injury attorney, compensation for all these injuries can be received.

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