3 Common Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder

As chronic diseases, substance use disorder, also known as addictions, is a disease that interferes with an individual brain and memory functionality. It only starts with usual experimenting, mainly in a social setting, and then later develops to frequent use. Identifying someone with an addiction is not easy, especially if there is no direct indication. The sign and symptoms of addiction vary according to the type of drug, personal issues, and family history.

However, it is vital to seek immediate medical assistance if you can recognize the signs and symptoms. The three common signs and symptoms of addiction include behavioral, psychological, and physical effects.

Physical Effects

Recurrent alcohol and drug consumption easily affect the body function of an individual. You can start noticing some weird changes in the victim’s physical body, such as shot red eyes, flush skin tone, and dental problems. Other symptoms include 

Change in Physical Appearance

Substance disorder alters the physical appearance of an individual. It leads to poor grooming, changes in hygiene, bad health. For instance, you’re eating habits may change, leading to weight loss. 

Altered Appetite

Changes in appetite are an indication of addiction. It may lead to weight loss or gain. Cocaine lowers the appetite while cannabis increases.

Sleeping Disorder

Substance use disorder leads to sleeping disorders like oversleeping or staying up late. Stimulants such as ecstasy lead to poor sleeping habits. You may spend several days without sleeping.

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Behavioral Changes

Substance use disrupts brain functionality and alters an individual behavior. It affects how a person socializes with families, friends, or colleagues. An individual develops signs and symptoms like attitude change, overdosing, denial, making poor judgments, becoming more sensitive, violent, defensive, and involved in various criminal activities. Other indications include:

Neglecting Hobbies, Talents, and Normal Activities

An individual can lose interest in doing what he/she loves doing. For instance, tobacco consumption affects someone who initially enjoys playing football will stop going to the field or attending the training session.

Financial Situations

Most addicts will sacrifice everything, even if it means cutting the family budget to ensure they have a good supply of the drugs. The drugs are pricey, forcing them to spend more money. They end up facing financial difficulties like bankruptcy after draining the bank accounts.  

Change of Friends

As the saying goes, “birds of feathers flock together” An individual will spend most of the time with unhealthy friends with similar habits. Some spend time alone in their rooms. They may develop a habit of locking their room when entering or leaving.

Psychological Effects

Substance use disorder can affect an individual, leading to psychological effects like:


Recurrent consumption significantly leads to obsession. An individual cannot be comfortable if they have not taken the drugs. They spend the most time looking for drugs and ensure they get them. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

An addict will find it hard to stop taking drugs or reduce the consumption rate. In case of an abrupt stop, they may experience withdrawal effects like nausea, anxiety, headache, constipation, seizure, or diarrhea. Also, they may experience more complicated withdrawal symptoms like Delirium Tremens (DTs) that leads to hallucinations.

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Taking Risks

If you become an addict, you experience more cravings that may force you to take any risk as long as you satisfy the need. However, financing the drugs is not accessible due to their high prices if they lack finances; they steal or indulge in sexual activities to satisfy their needs.

Addiction comes with countless signs and symptoms. The effects depend on the drug type and the rate of consumption. Some are noticeable, while others take time. However, if you notice them early, it is vital to seek immediate assistance from experts. Visit https://www.infiniterecovery.com/ and work with experts to ensure your road to recovery is successful.

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