Lose Weight and Gain Muscles Fast with These 4 Simple Tips!

Lose Weight and Gain Muscles

Nowadays, Instagram models and bodybuilders are taking everyone’s attention by storm when they share those crazy fit photos of their abs. We all admit that everyone envies them. However, one might wonder how in the world are they able to lose all that weight and gain muscles so fast. The answer simple; exercise and the right diet.

Such combination is called by a few personal trainers as “body recomposition”. With the help of these experts, you will be able to optimize your body’s muscle-fat ratio to a new threshold where it would give you the body that you’ve been always dreaming of.

What is body composition?

Your body’s fat to lean mass ratio is what is called a body’s composition. Body shape and body fat percentages are also used correspondently, but the fat mass percentage is just one aspect of the total body composition.

Lean mass means the total difference between body weight and the total amount of body fat. Anything that isn’t body fat includes muscle, bones, ligaments, tendons, lungs, other tissues, and water. Water can appear as its percentage depending on the formula you use to calculate your body composition.

Body recomposition is about losing unhealthy fat, it’s not about just losing weight. In this program, your body might even maintain or gain more weight.

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It means that your physique is adjusted through physical recomposition. You may see alterations to your body along the way of your body recomposition’s plan, such as a steadier appearance. At the end of your body recomposition program, you might gain weight, however, your physique will look smaller and fitter.

Top 4 Best Ways to Burn Fat and Gain Muscles

Many factors help you lose weight and gain muscles through a perfect diet and we’ll list just a few:

1- Follow a High-Protein Diet:

Including protein-rich types of food in your diet is good to lose more of your unhealthy body fat. It also helps preserve your muscle density during weight loss.

2- Strength Exercise

Strength training requires you to clench your muscles against resistance. It builds muscles and increases your power. Many studies have shown that continuous strength training exercises that spanned over 12 consecutive weeks combined with aerobic exercise were more than efficient at reducing unhealthy body and belly fat than depending only on aerobic exercises alone.

3- HealthyFat

Increasing your body’s intake of healthy fats may help prevent weight gain by making you feel full.
Fat takes a long time to digest and can serve to delay stomach emptying, which can help to suppress appetite and hunger. Avocado, coconut oil, almonds, and other healthy fats are great examples.

4- Drink Healthy

Drinking healthydrinks increases fat burning, thus, you should always considersteering away from drinks that are saturated with sugar.

For example, drinks like sodaare filled with calories and offer no nutritional components.
Instead, you should opt for beverages that have no calories like water or green tea.

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How to Get Started in a Body Recomposition Program?

If you are a beginner, you should start with the above steps for at least 12 weeks and then you could monitor the changes that happen to your body and see what you need to change in your workout routine. Do not forget to eat enough protein and try not to do extensive cardio so you could maintain your muscle bulking process. The previous steps will help you reach your goal very shortly and should help you move up the ladder in terms of your training routines.

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