3 Benefits of Eating Organic Food

organic food

Conversations about organic food can quickly become heated. What makes food production such a controversial topic? Whichever side of this issue you find yourself on, it’s important to understand the facts from all angles. Consider a few of the top reasons many people strongly support organic food sourcing.

1. Take Care of Your Health

Raising certified organic produce generally involves the use of much fewer chemicals than conventional farming. While many modern farmers use potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides to protect their crops, organic farmers use natural techniques such as crop rotation, traps, and natural herbicides and pesticides. Additionally, conventional farmers use hormones and broad-spectrum antibiotics to bring up livestock. By not using these treatments, organic agriculturalists avoid contributing to antibiotic-resistance and human hormone-related problems.

It is also possible that organic produce and dairy products actually have more nutritional value than their conventionally raised counterparts. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and other minerals may be present in higher quantities in organic food.

2. Protect the Environment

Organic agriculture is believed to impact farmland less adversely than does conventional agriculture. Organic farmers prioritize crop rotation, tilling, and other practices which may slow down the loss of topsoil. On top of that, there are fewer risks to animals and water sources when the use of pesticides and herbicides is limited.

3. Treat Animals Well

Finally, organic farmers often aim to raise animals in healthy living conditions. This may involve keeping livestock outside, providing adequate space, and feeding them according to their natural diet.

While supporters of conventional farming may argue that organic food is more expensive or spoils more quickly than other food products, there are certainly a number of compelling reasons to look for organic items on your next shopping trip. Consider whether making the switch to organic meat and produce is right for your family.

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