How to Prevent an Addiction Relapse

addiction relapse

A big concern during the recovery of addiction is the possibility of relapses, and it is a genuine concern. Your support worries about it, you worry about it, because the relapse rate is 40 to 60 percent. At the same time, addiction centers like and others across the nation know that approximately 75 percent of people recover from their addiction and can even achieve full remission.

A perfectly normal life where you succeed and are happy with your life is possible. To get there, understand the ways to prevent an addiction relapse and lean on support when it is there.

Get More Sleep

Countless studies have shown that we make poor decisions when we have not slept enough. Get more sleep when you are trying to prevent a relapse, and you will find you have the clarity you need to make good decisions most of the time. Don’t worry if you make a bad decision or two during the day. Every human makes a wrong turn once in a while.

It’s important to not just try and get more sleep. Make a point to establish a sleep routine so that you never worry about whether you will sleep enough. Stick to that routine as much as you can. When you have this routine set in your life, you will see the difference it makes for yourself, and feel healthier by the day.

Practice Saying NO

You have to say no to people when you are in recovery and trying to avoid a relapse. You know you do, and part of you might not be worried about that. You might be worried about how to say no and how awkward it’s going to be for you. It doesn’t have to be awkward.

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You don’t need to explain to anybody why you are saying no to invitations or drinks. Get ahead of that stress by avoiding that explanation altogether. You also don’t need to lie, say you have to work tomorrow, or need to drive home, either. You can, but you can also just practice learning how to say no.

The first few times you do it may seem strange, especially if you are saying no to people that are used to you saying yes. Make jokes about being the only sober one there, keep the conversation short and simple, or find a way to say no that makes you feel comfortable.

Keep Support Around You

This is the most common piece of advice for people that are looking to avoid relapse, because it works. Your sober friends or support systems don’t need to be the ones you met in rehab. They can be friends or family that know what you are going through and will be there when they need to make a call.

The key is to be around people that want you to do well and be well. Isolating yourself during this time is going to lead to negative emotions that may trigger a relapse. Surround yourself with social support, and don’t be afraid to make the call when you need to.

Avoid Relapse

You can avoid relapse with the right amount of support around you, and the tools that you need to succeed. Centers such as say that it is your mindset that will win this for you, and it will be you that turns the key to this success. You’ll do it. You’ll avoid relapse because you want to, and you’re in control now.

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