What Services Should You Expect From an Orthodontist?


Handling dental issues can prove hectic. It is vital that you seek quality dental care and treatment services to handle the issues properly. While going for a regular dental checkup in the local clinic is essential, some conditions call for specialized care. An orthodontist is the dental care specialist that you should look for and get quality care and attention. But what services do they offer, and what should you expect from an orthodontist?

Treatment of Malocclusions

You will experience malocclusions when your jaws don’t align. A dental clinic such as Aurora Orthodontist has specialists with skills and experience that help treat malocclusions and reposition your jaws. This is among the crucial services that you should expect when you visit a dental clinic. You will also get help in treating crossbites, overbites, and underbites, which can be dangerous in severe cases. Your orthodontist will determine the type of malocclusions and provide a treatment that includes the use of braces and aligners for repositioning and straightening the jaws and teeth.

Maintaining Space

After losing their baby teeth, most children experience overgrowing teeth, making the spaces to be less. Your child needs to get space fillers to avoid neighboring teeth being overgrown and maintain space. An orthodontist will provide the space fillers and help the teeth grow properly and with the right spacing. You also get advice and guidance on oral and dental hygiene that will help your child’s teeth grow well and with the right spacing. It will also be easier for your child to maintain a healthy smile.

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Diagnose and Treat Overcrowded and Misaligned Teeth

Diagnosing and treating dental anomalies such as oral cavities, overcrowded and misaligned teeth, and malocclusions is the primary job for orthodontists. A reputable orthodontist will provide the right diagnosis advice on treatment and help get dental appliances that will help realign your teeth and jaws. An orthodontist recommends using ceramic braces and Invisalign that put pressure on the teeth and the jaws and enable effective repositioning and alignment.

Lip and Cheek Bumper Treatment

Apart from fixing jaws and aligning teeth with braces and Invisalign, an orthodontist also provides lip and cheek bumper treatment. As much as they are rare cases, the patient’s lips and cheek can pressure teeth when they protrude to an abnormal extent. This experience is always painful and causes a lot of discomfort. By seeking the help of an orthodontist, you will get bumpers that make the lips and cheeks not get in contact with the teeth. With time, it will reduce that abrasion, pain, and discomfort.

They Provide Retainers

In most cases, braces and Invisalign are the main devices orthodontists provide to help handle dental anomalies. But in severe cases, you may need more specialized dental devices such as retainers. Retainers are vital as they help keep your teeth in position without necessarily including other forms of dental or orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist will help you find and use retainers that will, in the long run, make it possible to maintain a healthy smile.

Adults and children experience dental issues. It is essential to find the right clinic with the right dental care practitioners for effective treatment. However, in severe cases, you will need special care from an orthodontist and meet your goals. When you understand the services provided by such specialists, handling your dental issues becomes easier.